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Spoilers below (even tho I think most of us know this already)


You Owe Me

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. You guys wanted a part two to Let Me Help and so I delivered ;)

Word Count: 1,811, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex, Wall Sex, Just sex in general tbh.

A/N: So I seriously don’t know whether this is good or not lmao, I tried my hardest. I was listening to Feel It by Jacquees whilst writing it and just oh my god if you haven’t heard it please listen to it. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!

After you managed to catch the UnSub that was disfiguring women and stabbing them in the chest you and the rest of the team were heading back to Quantico on the jet. You sat down in the comfy, creme coloured chair and closed your unrested eyes as you heard the rest of the team load onto the jet. You hugged your form as the air conditioning pumped throughout the plane whilst getting ready for take off. You felt someone sit opposite you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to open your eyes. You were so tired from the long nights and the constant moving around that you just wanted to relax for once.

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Dating Billy Hargrove would include:

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~ He asked you out a few times

~ and your response was “No way Hargrove, I don’t date bullies”

~ He really liked you and that hurt him so.. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT TIME!

~ Yes, he was still a mullet wearing douche but you could tell he was trying

~ You asked him out


~ He is a big teddy bear

~ So romantic

~ Loads of hugs and cuddles

~ Driving around in his car

~ Drive in movies!

~ Car sex

~ Nearly public sex- he is a risk taker

~ Showing you off

~ Fun fair dates

~ Beating him in a ‘test your strength’ game

~ “Whatever the game is old”

~ Overall he is a great and supportive boyfriend



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Got7 reaction to their s/o loving skinship and being clingy? 💕

they’d honestly all enjoy it!​

Mark - He’d find it absolutely adorable. He’d love how much you love skin ship and it’d give him even more of a reason to hold your hand and smother you with hugs and kisses. Mark would find your clinginess endearing, it wouldn’t annoy him one bit.

Jaebum - He’d like it as well, he generally wouldn’t show you a bunch of skin ship though. He’d enjoy holding your hand from time to time and would give you hugs frequently as well as enjoy cuddling. However, when he notices your clingy behavior and catches on that you really love skin ship, he’ll try his best to show you more affection.

Jackson - Honestly, being a little bit clingy and loving skin ship would be one of the probable requirements for Jackson’s partner because he loves it too, so much?? If his partner was like this, he’d love it so damn much because he could engulf you with loads of hugs and cuddles without worry and it’d bring him joy knowing how much you love it. He’d also find your clinginess very cute.

Jinyoung - He’d be so touch knowing how much you love him and always crave his soft touches. Jinyoung would spoil you in return, constant back hugs and reaching for your hand. He would really enjoy having a partner who loved skin ship and wouldn’t mind if they were a bit clingy.

Youngjae - Youngjae would really love this traitt, if his partner had it, he’d find it comforting after a while. Even though if the relationship was new to him, he’d be a bit caught off guard and shy about your clinginess and how you always wanted to do skin ship, but Youngjae would get used to it fairly quickly and would absolutely love it. It’d be his favorite to hold your hand and cuddle.

BamBam - Similar to Jackson, it’d be best if his partner was pretty clingy and loved skin ship because this boy will show a ton of that himself. He’d constantly if not always hold your hand, hug you, cuddle you, kiss you, or just be touching you in some way. He’d also be a tad bit clingy, so it’d make him happy if his partner was the same: it’d make him feel loved.

Yugyeom - He would enjoy it! He’d find your clinginess and your love for skin ship absolutely adorable, it’d make him super shy in the beginning though. Yet, he would love it and it’d bring him so much joy. To him, your clinginess shows him how much you love him and never want to lose him which is something he appreciates.

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Okay so I personally have sensory issues and i was wondering if you could write HCs of Richie having some sensory issues and like maybe him liking Eddie to lay on top of him for weight cuz it feels nice and stuff like that (omg does that make sense?)

Hi I absolutely love this idea!! It took me a while to answer because I was trying to research it in order to get it right. I hope this is all accurate!

- From when he was really little, Richie dealt with sensory processing issues. He was hyposensitive to touch, hearing, and taste. This means that he often under responds to stimulation.

- Because the sensory processing of his muscles is slow, he often has bad posture. He usually also prefers leaning on things when he’s sitting and standing.

- Richie is a total sensory craver, and wants a lot of stimulation all the time.

- Because of this, he loves touching people. The other Losers know that Richie’s impaired sense of personal space isn’t really in his control, and that by touching others and receiving that back, it’s a sense of comfort for him.

- Beverly will give him loads of hugs, Bill will high five him, Eddie will hold his hand when walking, and Mike will sometimes even carry this kid piggy back (especially since he’s still so lanky and thin, he’s not so hard to pick up).

- It gets better as he gets older, but Richie often bumps into things without realizing. When he’s younger he also had some trouble keeping track of his limbs, especially as he grew and got taller.

- Richie is very fidgety and has trouble staying in place a lot. Running around and being active helps him get a lot of energy out, so when he joins the track team in high school it’s really beneficial for him in dealing with his hyperactivity. 

- Richie also sleeps with a weighted blanket that also helps him deal with his hyperactivity. Any time he sleeps over at one of the Losers’ houses, he brings it.

- One time he made Eddie sleep on top of him because he forgot his blanket and Eddie didn’t have that many blankets for Richie to sleep under. At first Eddie was confused and thought Richie was fucking with him, but then he saw how much it comforted him and now Eddie loves doing it. Sometimes Richie will forget his blanket on purpose.

- He’s also a total thrill seeker. He drives his car fast, loves going on roller coasters, and it’s part of the reason he gets himself beat up– he has trouble controlling his mouth because he doesn’t think he’s scared of being beat up by the Bowers gang

- Another part of why he isn’t as scared is because he under responds to the feeling of pain. When he gets hurt, he feels it, but not as much as others would. To him it’s not that big a deal.

- Richie shakes his legs and hands all the time. It annoys the shit out of Stan. Sometimes Eddie will hold them to stop them from shaking, which Richie is really thankful for. 

- He loves really spicy and sour food because for him a lot of the time, food tastes more mild. Eddie has to make him stop eating Warheads because he’s burning the taste buds on his tongue and doesn’t even notice.

- Richie loves loud music and always blasts music at home and in his car. Concerts are his absolute favorite place in the world.

- Richie has a tradition with Eddie in which Eddie reads their school reading books aloud to him. Sometimes Richie loses his place when reading, so it’s a bit difficult to him. He’s able to focus better when Eddie’s reading to him, so they always enjoy acting scenes out and reading together.

- Richie never really gets treated for his SPD, but as he gets older he learns what’s more acceptable behavior and it gets easier for him to deal with it!


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Move aside, Armand. - Mixed media. 

Brave handsome Knight Treville. Damsel in distress Armand. Dragons. There be lots of dragons.

An epic piece @tatzelwyrm suggested me months ago and upon which I bled and cried during half a century. It’s not done, I just declared it so.

im rereading loaded march and honestly it is to date the most impressive fic i’ve ever read like the author basically wrote a 1.2M word fanfic in 16 parts over the course of 4 years it was absolutely wild we’d have a 100k part drop in august and then a 200k part drop in november like it wasn’t updated chapter by chapter we just waited for the next part and it was always super fucking long like!! it was wild!!

like this is a fic i started reading in 2013 and it ended in 2015 and i remember absolutely losing my /mind/ when the 200k part dropped TWO MONTHS after we’d just had an update…. like… it was absolutely insane i remember checking the LJ to see the progress of the next chapter constantly… i miss the merlin fandom it was good times…