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Is there any weight to this theory she who must be named is fucking with them? I really need these theories to stop because it's getting my hopes up.

Ummm…well I’m not sure what you mean by any real weight? I mean they’ve had both of them confirm that they have had sex and I might have to eat my words but I think there are plenty of reasons why the Theory™ still lives. Or it’s possible they did have sex and it’s just the baby thing that is a total load of crap.

1. I grew up on American soaps and had to live through storylines like these. So having for her to pull a 180 and it turns out she is just angry because she didn’t get what she wants and is now a woman scorned would be just another day on here. It would also be far more interesting.

2. I just tend to be more jaded than most? The harder you try to force something on me the less likely I am to believe it and they have been pushing this victim narrative a little too hard for me to trust it. How am I supposed to believe she is some weak victim and sympathize and want to cuddle her from big bad Robert and then still somehow ship Robert and Aaron??? Plus, Friday’s episodes really rang false to me. Really pushing villainous Robert to hard. Then my head really started spinning after that final scene. She was just pushing Aaron too hard. Especially after saying the day before that she “was done coming between them”. Then when Aaron confronts her she takes no blame in her actions and instead everything she said felt very manipulative to me. Again maybe I’m seeing what I want to see but I’m just not buying her innocence routine. Oooops!

3. Everything about this has been SHADY AS FUCK since the very next day. The fact that she left instead of staying when she assumed they would now be together. Her calling him on the phone and saying things got “intense” and then telling Chas that “she didn’t, she couldn’t” betray Aaron. She never really seems sure of anything until Aaron gets brought into it and then her hackles get raised and suddenly she is most definitely without a doubt or a doctor’s visit pregnant with Robert’s baby? Because these are obviously things you just know even though you have been sexually active with more than one person and are apparently not on birth control. But hey it’s a good thing that all forms of contraception are 100% effective and therefore there is NO WAY AT ALL that Ross could be the father. Do not get me started on the numerous issues I have with the pee stick knew I was pregnant but this building full of medical professionals can’t say for sure. The “forced” pregnancy that was then apparently the right thing to do at the time but that she suddenly felt was oh so necessary to tell Chrissie about? Why to garner more sympathy? Oh so that’s why you just have to keep this one? Then of course I’ll support you against THE BIG BAD ROBERT. But here’s the real kicker for me. When Robert was telling Aaron about what happened and he said I guess I passed out because I woke up and she was gone. Ummm…excuse me? You don’t even remember? You have no recollection of what happened after talking her into bed? AND THE THEORY™ LIVES TO SEE ANOTHER DAY!


Midoriya Izuku ⟺ Bakugou Katsuki color scheme swap (insp.)

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Oikawa Tooru | Seijou’s Grand King |
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Y o u   m i g h t   b e l o n g   i n   H u f f l e p u f f …

Scarf v. Crabot, Docket No. 3838

Citizens of the jury. Check this shit out.

Before I show you this shit, I would like to remind you all what brought us here today. Exhibit A:

That’s right. This beautiful, good man. But more specifically, this, Exhibit B:

What exactly the hell this is has teased inquiring minds for years, one can safely presume. There have been theories and inquiry into the neckwear of antiquity. But this man’s fashion sense has eluded precise articulation. The prevailing theory is that it is a cravat, but a Google Image Search shows otherwise. Exhibit C:

A cravat seems to be like an extra puffy necktie scarf thing. It certainly does not flutter to that extent, being tucked inside the shirt.

An alternate, but equally doomed theory arose–that of the jabot. Exhibit D:

A more likely option, with the layers and the fluttering, but, please observe again Exhibit B:

See how the collar is a few inches tall, with dimples in the cloth, around his neck, and how the fluttery layers seem to come out from the top of it and down? Here’s an image of him in his daily asskicking duties to compare as well, Exhibit E:

Well, it clearly doesn’t have the thin collar and flat lay of the jabot, because the fluttery front comes over the top of the collar, not attached to the bottom like the jabot.

I too was resigned to ambiguity, until I was sitting on my bedroom floor writing fanfiction one Sunday afternoon and my mom brought me something. She had been cleaning out her closet and found something interesting from her Los Angeles department store days in the 1980s. It is a booklet guide from Nordstrom on how to wear scarves. The booklet, Exhibit F, is in such a state due to Dog:

Cute, wholesome, etc. But the true revelation waited inside. Citizens of the jury, my decisive evidence, Exhibit G:

[Transcript: 6 SQUARE SCARVES 1. Take a square scarf and make accordian (sic) pleats from top to bottom 2. Wrap around neck and flip one end over the other. 3. Fan out pleats and wear off to the side or in front.]

BROS DO U SEE THIS RN??? This shit has the exact same features that were missing in the cravat and jabot, and is identical to the Chest Kleenex on this beautiful man. Once more, Exhibit B:

Conclusion: He’s been wearing a specially folded square scarf this whole time. The prosecution rests. *mic drop*

*hasty scrambling to pick up dropped mic* The prosecution takes official notice that there are three layers of ruffle in every official art, not two. The prosecution saw that just now and has no idea how that could be but stands behind its argument. Okay, thanks guys. *puts mic back into stand*


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
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you’ve met one another, right?

words: 4337.

or the one where everything is still the same: even and isak still do happen. but it’s observed under sana’s watchful inspection. on even.

(or the one where ten times, sana sees even, as even and isak happen.)

canon compliant, but, with a little bit more. this wasn’t meant to turn into a full blown fic but, oh well, no can do.

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Ily loads!!! I hope you’ve had an amazing day and enjoy these dumb kids being dumb<3 You’ve definitely become a quick and close friend of mine over the past year (??? or longer?? im so oblivious to time periods) and I’m so happy to class you as a best friend of mine :)

Love you loads, and I hope everything’s amazing<3

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Alright here we go I just asked @anarchetypal about this because I am on a Spree™ but I need your take on shithead Ryan. I'm pretty sure you've done this before but I've read all of your everything and I need m o r e

Not sure if you meant just generally or you actually wanted something specific but here we go~

  • Listen, any one of the Fakes would tell you Ryan’s mask is less about hiding his identity than it is about hiding the fact that he is nearly always laughing. It didn’t take him long to realise that with his reputation literally anything he does will be interpreted as threatening and even the most innocuous activities are treated as utterly unnerving. If people knew just how often Ryan was flat out messing with them there wouldn’t be nearly so many desperately worried discussions trying to unravel what depravity the Vagabond is getting up to with a bucket of paint and a dust-buster. 
  • While most of the others find accompanying Gavin as the muscle in a meeting somewhat monotonous and dry (there are exceptions of course, the contacts that Gavin plays ridiculous roles for, or the meetings that go south and kick off, but for the most part its a bit of posturing and trying not to tune out while Gavin does his thing) Ryan always has a ball. Ryan is just about the only Fake who could give Gavin a run for his money in regards to a flare for the unnecessarily dramatic, so when the two of them head off together they invariably go well and truely overboard. Whoever the pair meet with, no matter how well they’ve done their job or how many positive interactions they’ve previously had with Gavin alone will spend the entirety of their meeting tracking Ryan’s movements around the room, absolutely sure they’re about to die. 
  • After watching a few too many episodes of Brooklyn Nine-nine Ryan picks up the habit of making the occasional outrageously out of character confession just to watch people squirm with the realisation that no one will ever believe them if they tell. After all the unspeakable horrors Los Santos has witnessed from the Vagabond none are prepared to entertain for a single moment the possibility that he might also enjoy the Spice Girls, cry in Disney movies or hula-hoop at a competitive level. 
  • Any time the Fake’s accept a new member Ryan tends to silently shadow them everywhere they go for a couple of weeks in full Vagabond get up. Everyone assumes, quite reasonably and with no small amount of blind terror, that the Vagabond is protective, distrustful, and all too eagerly awaiting the chance to kill them off at the first sign of a slip up. In reality Ryan knows just how vetted anyone has to be before Geoff will let them into the family, and just really enjoys toying with their emotions while he can.
  • There’s a narrow window towards the back of the LSPD bullpen - a little unorthodox but the glass is thick and one-way tinted so security isn’t really a problem. What is a problem is the fact that every now and then a member of the force will swear up and down that they saw the Vagabond’s awful skull standing there leering at them through the glass. 
  • Ryan found out, through pure accident, that leaving his mask balanced atop of his hanging jacket is a surefire way to terrify Geoff in the middle of the night. Before it really sinks in he is woken on three seperate occasions by that all-too distinctive shriek; the first incident had the whole crew running guns drawn, the second was met with endless mockery and by the third Ryan just lays in bed, listening to the others thundering into the hallway, and grins. From that point on Ryan just gets more creative about where he leaves his spectre self; the bathroom, the pantry, and on one memorable occasion, suspended right outside Geoff’s door. 

Part 2 

Ahhh thank you again//// im kinda flattered you would ask me for tips;;;;; Well colouring is really VERSATILE and so many possibilities!!! So there’s no right or wrong way to colour//// Here is just some stuff on how I colour, hope it helps!!!


Susanna’s French Verb Masterpost!

Hello! I’ve been inundated recently with messages from lovely studyblrs asking me to post the verbs from my French verb wall - so voilá! I’m really sorry for the delay, I’ve been meaning to get around to it for ages, but what with oral exams, art projects, geography projects, graduation planning and general Head Girl stuff it’s been hectic.

I hope these help a few of you out, I know from experience how difficult it is to find a concise collection of all the French verbs (or certainly those necessary for the Leaving Cert/similar exams). I love having these stuck up on my wall beside my desk, they make French homework an absolute doddle. And by the way, my mum is a French teacher, so you can rest assured that this isn’t a load of ol’ inaccurate baloney!

Hope you all have a splendid day!