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Mega64 shot and killed every single YouTuber during their last podcast.



I did  a bunch of art for this Loading Ready Run video, check it out! I had a blast drawing the character illustrations for them!

Nek and Neck

Thanks to Command Zone and Loading Ready Run for the recent Gameknights episode bringing attention to Breathstealer’s Crypt. Because it triggers whenever a player draws a card, Archmage Ascension lets you get around the trigger by simply putting a card into your hand. Nekusar decks love making players draw many cards and hurting them for it, so this can be a great addition!
(Honorary mention: Teferi’s Puzzle Box)

Hey everyone. I don’t make a lot of posts on this blog that are just me talking, as I prefer to let many dumb screenshots do the talking for me, but I have a new LRR-related project I’m considering and would like your feedback on it.

As many of you are likely aware, LRR recently reached a huge milestone with their 500th Crapshot, and their trademark mini-sketches are about to hit another big round number (in binary) with Episode 512. What’s so special about 512? Well, it’s a power of two, and any power of two is the ideal number for a complete, byeless, single-elimination tournament bracket.

That’s right. 

Inspired by The Magic Bracket, a single-elimination tournament featuring (at time of creation) every Magic: the Gathering card ever printed, this considerably less ambitious project (which I’m tentatively calling Cream of the Crapshots) will pit the first 512 episodes in 1v1 combat until only the greatest Crapshot of all time remains, powered by the polling of all of you. 

Have questions? Concerns? Well, so do I. This is still in the planning stages, so I’m open to suggestions and feedback. How many matchups should occur per week? How should the bracket be seeded, if at all? What sort of polling websites/software should I use? Is someone else already doing something similar, and I should just plug them instead of stealing their idea? Is this even a good idea in the first place? All questions. If you have answers or ideas, I’m open to hearing them. 

Appreciating that I’m still getting new followers to this thing,



This is it, the purest distillation of my sense of humor.


For random giggles for everyone. An LRR throwback XD