loading screen artwork

Tera Valkyrie loading screen contest jurisdiction.

I was surprised that my entry was perceived as photoshop effects and a screenshot. Disappointingly I initially wanted to give the most similar Tera feel close to their official loading screen artworks because I really loved their concept arts because Ive always wanted to be a concept artist but the result was the opposite.

Thank you for the ones who supported my art. It really meant a lot.

It’s alright, they already apologized for the false accusation after I sent them an email after they mistook it as a screenshot during the stream. In all honesty I wasn’t upset about not winning,

I was more excited to hear their critique on my entry since they were people who are in the entertainment industry and was hoping that getting their insights and critiques I could improve more and grow, but instead of a critique it took a different turn.

But regardless of the misunderstanding the experience was still fun overall.