Massive thanks for @skateslate for featuring me on their most recent cover, Late Summer 2015/ Issue 25. It’s a huge honor! Be sure to pick up a copy (or a subscription) at a bookstore or SkateSlate.com.
The mag features an interview by @the_papa_les where we discuss the Northeast scene and my roles as a sales rep, event organizer, small business owner, sponsored rider, team manager, marketer and apparel manager, plus features on the 2 VT events I co-organized.
📷: @maxdubler at #DHThrowdown
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Hutton Richardson is a robot, precisely and consistently dialing out technical tricks. If you have seen ‘The Road Never Ends’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBJT9GcrLnM you got a good glimpse of Hutton. In Centripetal Force he steps it up. He is rocking the new Balut wheel in some of the shots as well as the Loaded Proto-Free-ride/DH board along with the LBL Penguin. Hope you all enjoy. Jon and I had fun playing with twixtor.