Ok I’m bored so ima tell y’all a wild ass story that happened to me first semester of my college experience; the story of when I got laced by a wild thot with some CRACK. Let’s get into the tea gorls

So I went to art school for communications design. I dont go there no more because it was hella racist, but a different story for a different day. The campus I went to was way up north, in Utica. Never heard of it? Didn’t think you would. Just imagine if the worst neighborhood in Detroit was an entire town with like no people and cows. I don’t know about y’all but at my school we had this thing called late night where we get snacks and shit in the cafeteria after dinner. I was one of 6 black boys in my entire school so it was always dry. So this particular late night I had got a pink wig and started fucking around and giving these crackers some life to entertain myself. My extra ass being who I was did stand-up for the entire night. Since it was early in the school year tho I aint really have no solid friends, so the people who I was gonna go smoke with finished their food and left me like some fucking snakes. When I was done I was deep in my feelings lol because bitch…..you gon spark up…..without me???

I was like “y’know what idgaf, I don’t need you niggas” because I’m likable, right? I could talk to anyone I wanted and make friends. That’s what my dumb ass thought even though I knew damn well these all were some back woods ass white people from Cousin Fucker Nowhere. So I’m standing in front of the dorms like “ok, if I was a white person who loved giving free weed to negroes, what would I look like?” and as though Satan himself heard me, this girl wearing dem Jerusalem B.Cs (you know what I’m talmbout) and a bright jacket that had to be from the thrift store because it smelled like pickled dick and horse radish extract walked past. I was like DING DING DING, gotcha Becky!! So I was like “omg hi sis, I always see you in class and I think your style is so cool blah blah” and all that fake shit. Naturally Linda felt gassed af and immediately offered to let me smoke with her. Yeah, yah boi got it like that.

But mama ain’t raise no fool and I seent Get Out so I don’t go nowhere with a white person without at least one other poc with me. So this couple I’m good friends with now was walking out of the dorms, we just gon call them Peanut & Jelly. They were quiet and both shy people so they didnt hang out much yet. They were also native and latino which was good enough for me so my loud ass was like “Aye, y’all smoke??” it’s 2017 so of course they smoke and I invite them to come smoke some of Margret’s weed. Consider it reparations. Since they ain’t have no friends they were happy to come join us. Smh y’all if you see this I’m so sorry I got y’all into this lmao. Anyway Trisha was like “Super duper the more the merrier, let’s go :))” with her wild ass. But I remembered I still had some of my own weed left so we ran to my room and got it, but I ain’t have no bag to carry it in. So Ingrid said “Oh, I have a bag you can put it in” and pulled out this ashy ass ziploc bag. RED FLAG NUMBER ONE. But my clueless ass thought she just had some plaster or some shit in there before since we went to an art school. Smdh.

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Shortly before we depart Peanut and I are getting everything together and making sure there’s no smell. While this is happening Jelly watches Rebecca spread some “dust” on her gums. RED FLAG NUMBER TWO. This nigga thought it was candy dust or something. No one in this equation is particularly bright. But anywhore, we started making moves to this parking lot/roof that we usually hung out at. I was hoping my friends fake asses would be there so I could ditch Jill’s ass. Peanut & Jelly I ain’t mind because they were cool once you got them to talk. I could tell they weren’t feelin Harriet tho lol and tbh neither was I but would your ass turn down a completely free spark up??? Didn’t think so. We get to the roof finally and I start checking my jacket to find I forgot my mini bong in my room. So Elizabeth is like “Oooh awesome we can smoke out of my pipe!” and I’m like lol you bougie ass bitch just call it a bowl. But my fake ass just said “Litty gorl, load that shit up!” thats exactly what I get. She starts loading her “pipe” up and I notice both my weed and hers lookin a lil ashy. AND THATS RED FLAG NUMBER THREE

It’s like 11 at night tho and we only had street lights so I didn’t wanna call Susan out and end up lookin a fool if it was nothing. So I just let her do her thing and pull out my lighter so we can make it do what it do ya feel? So we smokin and I’m having a pretty good time. I feel proud of myself and shit for scamming little Mary Ellen and getting a full spark up after my niggas rolled out on me. I’m like “haha bitch you did that and you high as fuck”. Me being the funny nigga I am in my head, I make myself laugh. Then I realize for someone who smokes pretty regularly and only had two hits, I was already shmizzed for some reason. I look over at Peanut & Jelly and both them niggas lookin like

“Already??? Huh, that’s weird”, young nigga Kam thought to himself. But once again it was free weed so I shut my Nancy Drew ass up and let it go. Debra passes the “pipe” to me and I hit it harder this time because I ain’t pay for it so ima get mines. Because I hit it so hard I kinda taste it and bitch, that shit tasted like Mary J. Bliges leather boots and plastic. So I’m like “yo Amanda, what’s good with your bowl the weed taste weird?” And it ain’t like weed has a particularly good taste but I know it damn sure don’t taste like that. Emily proceeds to say “I don’t think anything’s wrong with the weed, might be the other stuff tho” As soon as she said that shady shit Peanut and I’s heads snapped to look at her like “Bitch….what other stuff??”

Jelly at this point is checked the fuck out, like this nigga is walking through space or some shit. That might just be him tho cause that nigga always acts weird when he high smh. That ain’t the point tho. This raggedy Ann ass hoe starts giggling and laughing like someone said something fuckin funny. I’m sitting there confused and high as shit still got the fucking pink wig on, Peanut got her ass riled up and with good reason because we both know we just asked ole girl a question. So Peanut says one more gain “Did you put some shit in the fucking weed?”. By now I think Amber realizes the joke is nay and she’s close to getting stomped out. Here comes the climax of the story y’all. This bitch gon roll her eyes like we being extra and say “lol it’s fine, we just smoked out of my crack pipe and I haven’t cleaned it yet” When I tell you the entire world went silent, I heard SZA wheezing into her microphone miles away. My ass, Peanut ass, and even Jelly incapacitated ass was all like


Jelly just started laughing like he just heard the funniest thing ever in his whole life. Peanut was staring at Tina like she was preparing her alibi for the police when they find that lil girl’s body. And me, you ask? I was just thinkin bout my girl Whitney. Like sis, is this how it started for you? I was looking at Rachel all hurt. Et tu Becky? All a nigga wanted was some weed and now my ass sitting on a roof high off crack. Suddenly time returns to normal and the only thing my faded ass can muster is a “Pardon me???” Helen continues to chuckle like she Tiffany Haddish up in this bitch and tells us that she smokes crack and weed out of that bowl sometimes, and that we had placed the collective weed in her coke bag. Jelly stupid ass still in the corner laughing to keep from crying because I knew that baby voiced nigga was scared. I’m so astounded at this point that I can’t even drag this wild ass bitch. Peanut however, is not me. Lort I never seen anyone but my momma yolk somebody up so fast! She smooth slid across that asphalt like

Grabbed Ellie, and said “BITCH HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?? ARE YOU SERIOUS??” and started shaking that bitch like she was tryna give her shaken baby syndrome. Jelly managed to get himself together enough to try and keep his girl from going to jail. What was I doing? Well I knew I had a choice, I could help Peanut throw Taylor off the roof, or I could help Jelly keep our good sis from catchin a charge. So I chose the smartest option. MY ASS STARTED TO HIT FOOT.

That shit wasn’t none of my business no more!! Bitch the link up is over! The deck is DONE. I could already hear my momma belt whoopin my crack head ass in my mind, no thank you ma’am! My black ass was done for the night. As I’m running back towards campus I hear footsteps behind me. I turn around to find Jelly running behind me, dragging Peanut along by the hand. Chloe however, is nowhere to be found. I ain’t stop running tho. Was it fear, was it anger, was it the adrenaline pushing me to run? Nah I was on crack so it was prolly that lol. We run until we’re two blocks away from campus and I’m finally too tired to run, which surprised me because I always assumed crackheads were just like the enegizer bunny. So we’re catching our breath and I’m tryna keep from falling over because I feel hella whoozy, but I manage to ask “What happened to Bobby?” Peanut proceeds to tell me she took one good fist, and dropped Katy like a bad habit. I was proud of sis too because she’s twig thin and I thought she was meek af. We start walking back to the dorms and all 3 of us are just silent. Ain’t nobody got shit to say bitch we on crack. Peanut and I lived 2 doors down from each other so they go in her room and I go in mine after we say our good nights. I go in my room and my roommate is there with his boyfriend. Immediately my roommate is like “lol you’re high af” and my overly trusting ass gon tell him “This girl laced the weed with crack”. This cracker ass bitch gon look at me and say “oh really…..are you ok?” like I just got into a small argument. Like nigga….I GOT LACED WITH CRACK DO I LOOK OK???

So I sit down and start watching videos on my laptop to try and distract myself from my anxiety because a nigga was SHOOKT to the core. My roommate and his boyfriend were just watching me like I was a good ass episode of something. I don’t blame ‘em tho, I looked wild af. I was twitching, teetering, and sweating like shit even though it was late September in upstate New York. Now this fake ass bitch gon take a snapchat video of my crackhead ass trippin and put it on his story for everyone to see. Needless to say after that day ain’t nobody fuck with Molly ever again. One good thing did come out of it tho, Peanut, Jelly, and I became real tight after that. And what became of Becky you ask? She made sure to steer clear of all 3 of us and my friends lol because they threatened to cut that hoe. Moral of the story children? Don’t trust white people.

Guide to Smoking Meth-WITH TORCH LIGHTER

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Why A Torch Lighter Is Ideal:-Your product liquifies, then smokes, almost instantly
-It is MUCH easier to control the direction the meth flows, as well as what is receiving heat
-You can get MUCH bigger hits
-You can avoid burning it so much easier than with other flames
-No flickering flame
-Butane refills are cheap as fucking shit (I got a hairspray-sized bottle of Zippo butane for the price of 2 disposable lighters)
-Don’t burn your thumb as much
-Sessions can be initiated and/or finished faster

Downsides-If you don’t pay attention, you can burn the shit out of your product, or yourself. BE CAREFUL, PAY ATTENTION, AND BE PATIENT
-Smoke through your stash quicker
-Possibly worse burns because its hotter than a bic

How to smoke meth with torch lighter for beginners:
1)First ensure that your pipe is clean.

For the ice to smoke properly. DO NOT load fresh product in a pipe with product that has been smoked, burned, or otherwise heated. If you load fresh on top of a still smokable bowl, the new and old will melt/smoke at different speeds/temperatures (can’t remember which is which right now, but I think old smokes faster), ensuing that it is very difficult to evenly heat the product. Then you get spots where part of the crystalized mass liquifies and will move with the flame, but some of it needs more heat, and for me at least, some always gets burned or darkened, and has a bad taste. If you load fresh product in a pipe with burnt shit in there, IT WILL TASTE LIKE SHIT. It will often also not melt/smoke right, AND your new stuff will taste like burnt stuff, which is THE WORST taste in the world (IM0). (FYI-I’ve heard that blowing cigarette smoke through a oil pipe (like you were going to hit it, but exhaling smoke through it instead) removes the taste. I have tried with pot smoke and it didn’t work, but have read many people say that cigarettes work.

How to Clean the Inside of A Pipe-If it is not clean, a very easy method is to fill a microwavable container (like a coffee mug) with 50% water, 50% bleach, and put the pipe (bowl facing downwards) in the water.
-Put it in the microwave for 4 minutes (yes, seriously that long-I tried after 1, 2, and 3 minutes and it didn’t work. May even take 5.)
-Let cool. Once cooled, remove from mug and drain all water.
-Using Q-tips, insert through carb hole and “mop up” the stuff left in the bowl. This may take several qtips depending on the bowl. If there is still black/brown stuff in the bowl, apply more pressure
(be careful not to break the bowl by pressing the q tip too hard on the sphere, OR accidentally pressing on the side of the carb when trying to reach around inside with q tip.) If there is still stuff in there, I have read that small bits of Magic Eraser stuffed in, and manipulated with a pole (like a q tip) work wonders, but also have not tried.

How to Clean the Outside of a PiPE
-Using a wet rag, or balled-up wet paper towels/toilet paper/napkins/etc, rub the outside of the bowl. This should cause the stuff on the outside to transfer onto the paper.
-If this doesn’t work, steel wool may work.

Handling/Prepping Product

-Dont handle meth by hand. It’s bad for your skin, and little amounts will dissolve. Instead, use:
Ideally: a 7/11 straw (this is a straw whose last inch or so is a scoop, sometimes used for slurpees or w/e those frozen drinks are; these straws I have found to be ideal for handling all sorts of drugs).
Realistically: Normal Straw: Straw been sealed on one end (tape, seal it with flame), and on the other has a 45 degree angle (45 degree is diagonal; if you cut a square in half diagonally, the diagonal line is 45). This allows you to scoop small fragments out of a bag, tin, or other carrying device easily, as the angled mouth scoops up crumbs, especially in corners of bags; while the sealed back prevents any from accidentally spilling.

-Make sure your product is all of the same consistency. I find it best to use one crystal, preferably large (but not to large). I find the size of a tic tac, or slightly larger, to be ideal. Also, cubic or rectangular is best possible shape IME. I will often break long, skinny crystals because they dont burn as well as more square ones, and broken into small squares, they will smoke more evenly.
-While you can load bigger crystals with smaller bits/shake, I generally find it is best to load similar sized rocks. That is, load all shake, load two or three crystals of equal size, or put one crystal in there (usually a big one).
-If you need to break a crystal into smaller bits to make equal sized crystals (or to make odd shaped crystal more square), place a sanitary, nonabsorbent material on top of/around the crystal (no dollars bills here, printer paper works great.) and either snap it in two, or push against a surface. If pressing, you can use a finger, debit card, whatever, just slowly apply more pressure so you can crush to consistency of your liking. If you crush it all the way, you have shake(aka powder).

Differences Between Methods
Single Crystal (often large): Crystal will slowly lose mass as it melts, evenly becoming a pool (as long as you thoroughly spread it around the bowl).
Multiple Little Ones: If you evenly heat them: Will slowly melt into each other. Will be left with a very spread-out puddle, possibly multiple spread out ones.
If unevenly heated: There will be areas meth of varying thickness, accompanied by uneven melting and probable darkening/burning,.
Shake: Will liquify very quickly; little bits that haven’t yet been heated may go to weird parts of the bowl when you begin twisting, so you end up with tiny blotches and a single large or a few smaller puddles.

Loading Product
-Using straw, scoop your product into the chamber. Keeping upright, grab oil pipe and tilt at an angle so that the carb is pointing sideways, or angled down slightly. This will allow you to insert straw opening into carb before tipping the straw, ensuring you don’t miss the hole and lose any.
-Once inserted, twist pipe (while holding onto straw of course) until carb is once again pointing up. Tap straw to get all the little bits into the pipe (if meth is still sticking, use a scraper of some kind).

Now that you have a loaded pipe, ensure that you are ready to begin. Suggestions include
(lots of it!!) Both meth and smoking dehydrate you, and the more dehydrated you are, the more you will suffer from dental damage and brain damage (neurotoxicity). A large amount of methamphetamine neurotoxicity (and most dopamine toxicity) is temperature-dependent, as it often induces hyperthermia (This is similar to MDMA, aka XTC, Molly, rolls, etc). Water cools your body.
You should be urinating with irritating frequency, and should be voiding clear urine, otherwise you are already dehydrated (unless taking assloads of vitamins or something).
I can’t even describe how much music enhances the experience of smoking meth. It synergizes well-the meth makes the music sound insane, and in turn the music intensifies the high, making me feel even more intelligent/strong/attractive/cool/special. This is the part of the high I crave, and it rarely occurs (at least with the intensity I like) without music.
-Spare lighter/butane refill
When smoking meth, you are always running out of fuel. The spare lighter is also useful because lighters get really hot when ignited for long periods of time (like when smoking meth) and you can swap them out.
-Wet (but not sopping) rag or bundled tissues/paper towels/toilet paper/etc
This is to set the pipe on when not using it (a hot pipe will burn fabrics, fucking up whatever its on as well as the pipe), and to cool down the pipe after a hit. The pipe stays hot for a while, and if you don’t hit it, drugs are being lost/wasted. If you cool the pipe, it will stop heating the drugs faster (duh). Do not do this immediately after getting the pipe really hot-heat and cold on glass can break it. Wait for it to cool slightly, then use it.
When you use the rag to cool underneath liquified dope, it will emit a lot of smoke while crystalizing I read somewhere that the meth actually vaporizes/produces smoke when it hits cooler surface, but I don’t know the validity of that. I do know that cold makes it smoke more though.
-Salt Water
Swishing and gargling salt water while smoking meth (ie after a hit, and definitely after a session) will help prevent canker sores, help kill bacteria (which will inhibit meth mouth) clear mucus in back of throat (which will build up from smoking ice, and may possibly absorb some of it), and prevent sore throat. Its really easy-just add table salt to water (not too much). Some people say to use hot water, but there is more bacteria in hot water pipes, so I use cold.
-Biotene Products
These are oral healthcare products designed to combat dry mouth. There is an oral gel that you kind of spread in your mouth and coats it to act like a artificial saliva. It tastes kinda bad (not awful) and feels weird, but it beats dry/cracking skin, and is good for oral health. They also make alcohol-free (alcohol makes dry mouth worse) mouthwash that I find makes me produce a bnch of saliva for like 10-30 minutes, which can be helpful. They have toothpaste, but that is only to not irritate dry mouth. Finally, they have oral mouthspray, which is apparently the best, but I have not tried yet.
Weed makes meth smoking more fun I find. Its hard to describe. Go slow as you may have negative anxiety reaction


The pipe will need to be twisted back and forth, so for me, I hold it in the middle of the stem between my middle finger and thumb. This allows me to easily roll the pipe back and forth. The carb is facing the sky/ceiling, and I have the pipe slanted, so the bowl is slightly closer to the floor than the mouthpiece. This allows me to put my index finger over the mouthpiece. so that when I first heat up the bowl all the initial smoke (that you will not yet inhale because it is not super thick and you want to build up a good hit) goes up the stem and is trapped by my finger rather than out through the little carb hole (which it will do when the stem is filled with smoke). Finally, it also allows me to use my pinky to cover the carb (I rarely do this because often the carb is hot).


[Torch] Lighter is held in the other hand, underneath the dope in the bowl. Adjust your flame to lowest setting (if you can). While initially hitting the bowl, since your mouth is not on the mouthpiece, you can hold the pipe in front of you while you heat to gaug distance between flame and bowl, and make sure the flame is under the drugs. However, once you begin inhaling, you have a much worse view (through the bowl), and it is easy to hold the lighter too close (or far, but usually close), or to have it not even under the bowl. Due to poor depth perception (which I assume is from the drugs), or some visual warping from the curvature of the glass, its really easy to do this, and happens a lot. A mirror is helpful so you can see yourself. Another option is attaching flexible tubing (like aquarium tubing) to the mouthpiece so you can inhale through that while holding the pipe in front of you. This will also enable you to make meth bongs (search it).

Philosophy of Smoking Meth
Meth becomes a clear liquid when heated, then vaporizes into a white smoke. The idea is to heat whatever you placei n the pipe evenly so that it all melts down to liquid, then, by twisting the pipe, spread the liquid all around the bowl, so that it doesn’t stay in a hot place for too long and burn. Once liquified, the pipe can be twisted. This allows you to put your flame ahead of the liquid (think of the liquid chasing the flame), so that once the glass is heated, it will fall/roll down the curve towards your lighter and smoke. As you get close carb, you begin to twist the other way, keeping the liquid following your flame. However, with a torch lighter, you can soon twist the pipe without the flame and the liquid will still run for a while, and when it doesn’t is when you reapply the flame.

Quick Info On Torch Lighters
Torch lighters are very hot, much hotter than bics. Their flame is much more intense, and the heat above is much hotter than a bic. Therefore, you must keep much more distance between your lighter and pipe than with a bic. It will vary according to lighter type, pipe thickness, and especially flame size; but my flame is maybe between 1/3 and ½ of an inch, and my lighter stays 1-3 inches away from the pipe; with me increasing distance the longer its lit.
-Also, you do not heat the bowl with a torch lighter for long periods of time like you do a bic. Once it begins to smoke, quit using the lighter, and only reapply once the liquid quits moving when you twist the pipe. Also, be sure to twist pipe while lighting the whole time with a torch lighter, even if it is slowly. You cannot really get away with heating in one spot for a short period of time like you can with a bic.


-Keeping your flame 1-2 inches below the bowl, roll flame in a circle around the perimeter of your product, so the outermost portion begins to liquify. Remember to continue moving the flame.
-As it begins to liquify, begin twisting the pipe back and forth. You want to heat the edges of the product and then the glass adjacent to the edges to make it flow there. However, when reversing the direction of the twist, make sure to heat the inside/middle for a moment as well so that it will melt once the dope bordering it has melted.
-Eventually you will have a puddle of liquid that is mobile-stop heating! COntinue to twist the pipe to spread the stuff around and wait for it to recrystalize (turn back into a liquid). You can speed this up by touching pipe with damp rag/paper towels/etc, but I like to let it cool by itself the first time. Wait for the pipe to cool down-its worth it.

(this is assuming you are covering the mouthpiece and have the pipe angled like I mentioned in positioning)
-Now you should have a thin puddle of clear crystals stuff. Once again, heat with flame around the perimeter (much bigger this time, but it will also melt faster now because its thinner). Once melted, it should soon begin to smoke. Cease lighting once it begins smoking a fair bit and continue to twist.
-Because you have your finger over the mouthpiece and the pipe angled, the hot vapor will travel up the stem, and be trapped. Once vapor begins to emerge out of the carb hole, quickly take your finger off the stem and begin inhaling (do this quick because the stem is filled with vapor).
To Inhale:
You do not need to actually suck most of the time. With the pipe angled, simply forming a seal on the mouthpiece is usually enough, and if you have to inhale, do not suck like smoking. Instead, inhale like you are breathing but VERY slowly/softly. It takes very little pressure and the bigger hit you get, the better IMO.
Use the torch for very brief periods of time. Once the liquid is moving and smoking agian, stop. You can also use more, but never use less once its burned.
Finishing your hit:
If your lungs are full and it is still smoking, cover the carb and mouthpiece and continue twisting. I like to hold my hits for 4-8 seconds, some say blow out right away, but I dont like that. You can also use a damp rag or damp paper towels/toilet paper/napkins/etc and wipe the bowl, to cool it down and make the liquid recrystalize faster (dont do this when the bowl is still super hot because it can break it). This will make it smoke a lot for a second so I like to do it while inhaling.

For Experienced Users:I have found the torch lighter to be far superior to the bic. With the bic, I would experience uneven and slow heating/melting. Now, I have almost instantaneous liquification, followed by thick smoke, and as long as I use the torch sparingly, no darkening of product. The trick is to be patient and methodical:
-Use the torch 1-3 inches away from the bowl
-Move it quickly
-“Encourage” the liquid to trael all over the bowl by leading it with the flame
-Use inward swirling movements, especially during the melting phase
-I recommend using single, squareish crystals for this.


This is going to be the longest cupcake explanation but IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY!!! I just finished the most amazing Fall treat. First, I made a graham cracker crust mixture and packed it into the bottom of a cupcake liner. Second, I filled the liner with a Pumpkin cake batter and baked it.

After the cupcakes cooled I scooped out a little bit of the center. I loaded my piping bag with the marshmallow cream I made yesterday and filled the center.

I added heavy cream and milk chocolate to a sauce pan and made a ganache that I drizzled over the top of the marshmallow I had piped. Then I sprinkled graham cracker crumbs over the top. I threw some big marshmallows under the broiler to toast them.

Finally, after the marshmallow was toasted enough, I placed it on top of the cupcake. Viola! Pumpkin S’more Cupcakes!!!!

Henry and the Ink Machine Part 9

At last, another chapter is here! I have a link to this as Chapter 7 (on AO3 as well), but for you lovely people who follow me only on tumblr you can find the next part below! We’re getting close to the end of Chapter 2 in the game everyone!

Inspired by @thelostmoongazer‘s sketches here and here, and @the-vampire-inside-me’s, here.

Quick Summary: Bendy, having been living in the human world for the past 30 years, received a note from his creator, and is lured back to his once home. But what will he find there? And will he ever leave again?

First Part  Previous Part  Next Part

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Meet Me in the Hallway

The first of my one shot series inspired by each song on Harry’s album! And also, the first piece of writing I’m ever posting - eeeeh! 

Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for future oneshots, you can ask me HERE.

2165 words.

WARNING - Drug use, sexual assault, workplace assault.

Harry sighed softly, rolling his head from one side of his pillow to the other. His torso was exposed, a lightly tanned arm resting on his stomach, with a sheet covering him from his inked butterfly down. His feet were stuck out the end of the light fabric, a habit Harry had developed when he was little. He hated the feeling of being too tucked in, especially in those hotel beds where the sheets are so tightly secured under the mattress it feels impossible to move.

His eyes half opened and then closed again for a few seconds before properly opening, taking in the bare back and messy hair of the girl next to him. He smiled, reaching his hand out and tracing a strong, lean finger up and down her spine. She shivered, snuggling her head against the pillow and subconsciously reaching down to tug up the sheets for more warmth. Harry let out a soft chuckle, shuffling in behind her and wrapping a strong but gentle arm around her waist, his lips pressing a soft kiss to nape of her neck. He breathed in, taking in her scent. He loved her like this, naked and natural, skin bare and hair undone.

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Just part of my tweaker kit. There’s a lot more to it :p

Left to right:
1. a tool used to pick up small screws while working on computers, which I use to pick up shards to load my pipes :P
2. Black short pookie
3. Clear long pookie
4. 3 BIC lighters. Why 3? Because when the first one dies, if I only had one left, I’d have anxiety over the fact that I no longer have a backup. Duh.
5. Dope.
6. Pocket knife.
7. Two small glass vials of powder T to snort
8. Scale.

Avoiding Meth Mistakes

Calling all you amateurs!!!

Thinking back over the years, I have no doubt faltered from time to time when dealing with meth. I, for the most part, learned the hard way for a lot of these mistakes. This is simply because I didn’t really have anyone to show me the ropes. I taught everything to myself through trial and error, practically. The internet has no doubt been a great help to me.

I discovered Drugs Forum 2 years ago, and have been an active member about a year. By the time I found this goldmine, I had already taught myself the proper ways to do things, as well as the things to avoid. I would have loved to have found this site at the start of my addiction.

Anyway, I was thinking about a day ago about the a-many-mistake I would make near the beginning of my addiction, 4-5 years ago. Granted, with all the hits I take now days, I’m still bound to make stupid mistakes here and there. It’s like chewing… Humans are very experienced chewers, yet we still bite down on the fork every now and again. Fuck I hate that lol.

These mistake vary, and all only meet one criteria: They are mistakes, that are related to meth. And also, keep in mind, I am a meth smoker… So I don’t know if any snorting/shooting tips will be listed. Hopefully I can help any new users avoid making some of these in the future:

1) Flickering Flame: This is funny, because a lot of people don’t actually notice this… I remember when I first started, sometimes hits would be easy, and the meth would release tons of smoke. Other times, it seemed as though my flame was half as hot, and the meth slowly, slowly melted and didn’t give off much smoke. After a while I found out why. When smoking meth, make sure that the air in your room is fairly static. By that I mean “still”. If you have any fans, or heaters, or an open window, or even a draft from an open door, I recommend you close em/shut em off. If that moving air hits your bic flame, it will start to make it flicker. The flicker, though small, actually effects how the flame heats your pipe dramatically. Make sure the flame is going straight up, and not moving at all, and bigger, better hits are easier to achieve.

2) Blackened Pipe: I remember my pipe used to get dirty as fuck. I always understood why the inside got dirty, obviously; because the drug melts and heats inside the pipe, and is expected to leave some marks. What I didn’t get, was why the fucking pipe would get that thin layer of black shit over it every time. It would wipe off easy, but is still very annoying and gets everywhere. I discovered that the black stuff is actually the product of foreign matter burning up on the pipe. The oil from your skin seems to be the biggest cause. So, if you want your pipe to not get black on the outside, simply don’t touch the bowl, or at least wipe it with a cloth before you take a hit. Then I wipe it with a damp cloth after my hits for extra cleanliness. I clean out the inside with Q-tips dipped in water and cigarette ashes. The ashes add friction and rubs the black shit off fairly easy.

3) Dusty-Stem Surprise: This happened to me a few times… Sometimes the carb (hole) on the bowl of your pipe is too small, or sometimes, for whatever other reason, you need to load your bowl through the stem of the pipe. I think some people even do this regularly, which is beyond me… But anyway… IF you’re going to load your pipe using the stem, be very careful if the meth you are putting down there isn’t too powdery. Dropping chunks down is no problem, but if it’s powdery or crushed up a bit be careful. Sometimes a bit of the powdery meth can stick to the inside of your pipes walls. The rest of your meth should fall in the bowl… You go to heat the bowl, the meth melts, and you’re ready to inhale. So you go to inhale and then all that meth that got caught in the stem, nice and dry and not melted, is going to be breathed straight into the back of your throat. Goddamn once I did this, and there was so much shit in the stem… My throat was so fuckin sore all night… Ugh it was pretty nasty too. Especially the powder… It shot everywhere… Lol I couldn’t figure out what happened. Also, make sure your meth is melted before inhaling, sometimes you can prematurely inhale, and if its still dry, you can suck back a chunk.

4) Breaking your Pipe: I still haven’t learned to conquer this mistake. Last year, in 2012, honestly I think I went through about 15-20 pipes. Crack, smash, shatter… I fell asleep on a couple lol, rolled over em and broke em. The main way, however, that I break my pipes is when cleaning em. I probably break close to 90% of my pipes during the cleaning process. Don’t scrub too hard with that Q-tip! lol… Also try not to put your pipe on your lap, so you can take a hit in a minute… Because you forget to take that hit, stand up… And physics.

5) Zippers Save Lives: Alright, this one I cannot stress enough. If you are going out somewhere, or are going to be walking around with meth on you, like I’m sure a lot of you… Make fucking sure you have zippers on your pockets. Put the meth in that pocket. Now you zip that pocket. Now keep your busy goddamn fiend hands out of there until you get home! Haha, I don’t know why but I always had such a bad habit of holding the meth in my hand, in my pocket. It was probably just so I could feel it, and know it’s there… There were a couple times meth has escaped my pockets. Once I was lucky. I backtracked, and found it! (luckily the dime bag was bright yellow haha), the other time… I was not so lucky. It was my last bit of cash too. That is not a fun feeling. Keep this is mind, and you will never have to endure that horrific scenario.

6) Keep a Candle: If you’re anything like me, you have poor planning skills lol. Every once in a while, I’m caught with my guard down, and have no lighter…

Oh noes t.t

But that’s okay! As long as you keep a backup candle. I’m sure you can muster at least one way to light it. Once you do, just use it like a lighter, obviously. These are good to have as backup because they are cheap, last a long time, and will always save your ass. I have relied on candle backups many times.

7) Patience: If you use water to smoke the resin from your pipe (which in my opinion is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way) be careful when boiling the water away with your lighter. That boiling water gets really fucking hot, really fucking fast. Lets it boil for a few seconds, then remove the flame. Move it around the pipe to distribute heating. Don’t just hold the flame under until the water boils away. Your pipe can break under all the heat. Happened to me once… I got a boiling hot meth covered shard of glass in my retina AND cornea… Well, no haha, I escaped without a scratch, but there goes my resin bowl t.t

8) Bowls get Hot: Alright, just a simple tip: After you hit the pipe, your bowl is going to be very hot, especially after a few hits. Just be mindful of this when setting it down. A damp cloth to cool the pipe is good to have (be careful not to put colder water on a really hot pipe, unless you prefer shattered pipes?). If you don’t use a damp cloth, just make sure to set your pipe down on a hard surface. Any soft surfaces it can melt that surface and then get stuck on the bottom of the pipe. Careful putting it in your pocket to! Burnt my thigh once… Oh, and this is real important. If you keep your pipe in something like a sunglasses baggie holder, and you keep your meth in there as well… Or if you keep your pipe and meth baggie anywhere near eachother, be very careful not to let the hot pipe bowl touch the baggie. It melts the baggie and if you’re unlucky enough, it will melt all into the meth and fuck it all up. Or it puts a whole in your baggie and you spill meth everywhere.

9) Always Hide that Stash: If you live with people who don’t know of your meth use, or have people randomly stopping by… Make sure you put your meth away every time. I don’t know how many fucking times I’ve been sitting there thinking “gosh I should really put that baggie and pipe in my dresser”…. Then I think “I’ll get to it in a few”… Then I never get to it… Then what do you know?? Someone suddenly is knocking on your door, or walking into your room or whatever… You’re scrambling like a fool trying to hide everything… Pipes a clankin n everything. I know putting of easy simple tasks like this is really hard to avoid on meth. But just force yourself, it might save you.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

If I think of more, which I’m sure I will, then I shall add them. In the meantime, if you think of anything to add, feel free. Notice however, I didn’t include common, obvious mistakes like “don’t overheat your meth”, because there is already mountains of information in threads that discuss common mistakes like these to the teeth. These are mistakes that one (especially newer users) might not have considered before.

Well, hope you’re all having a good long weekend. You’re all such talented, and impressif little creaturez xP
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… :\ I’d do just about anything actually so that advice isn’t going to help anyone very much…

Don’t do anything a responsible person would do!

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On February 19, 2002, 22-year-old Adam Labus (thanks to h4le-bopp for the photo) went on a shooting spree at his former school and place of employment. That morning he shaved his head, dressed in army pants and combat boots, loaded his backpack with pipe bombs and a hand grenade then left in a taxi to the company that fired him for laziness. Armed with a pistol, he entered the workplace in Eching, Germany and killed a manager along with his former supervisor. Labus then got in the same taxi and headed to a business school in Freising where he planned on targeting teacher Herbert Lanzinger. Once there, he soon realized Lanzinger was not at school that day, and it was later reported he was out sick. Instead, Labus set off a pipe bomb, wounded a religion teacher, and killed the headmaster. Shortly after, he detonated the other devices and shot himself in the head.

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i was having such a great time seeing the rebecca hate on my dash too, now all i see is a load piping up about how the hate for her is so extreme, it needs to stop, we are all misogynists, why do you hate rebecca but love robert blah blah fucking blah. she is a fictional character, we can say whatever the fuck we like!!!

Like legit though…she’s not real. People need to chill. None of this is real. If I wanna sit and call her a rapist and hope that she gets murdered in a tragic yet hilarious way then I can. She ain’t real. She ain’t gonna care. And I don’t care, it’s not misogynistic to dislike her, she’s a terribly written CHARACTER who happens to be female. Emphasis on the character there. If we are gonna be called that and called names for hating her then I’m gonna just assume that her fans are rape apologists because that’s what she did, and that’s what they’re excusing 🤷🏻‍♀️