People will visit a Web site less often if it is slower than a close competitor by more than 250 milliseconds (a millisecond is a thousandth of a second).

“Two hundred fifty milliseconds, either slower or faster, is close to the magic number now for competitive advantage on the Web.“


For Impatient Web Users, an Eye Blink Is Just Too Long to Wait” by The New York Times

Something to think about when you are focusing more on pixels than overall performance.  All those extra graphics and mountains of front-end scripting could be sending your traffic over to your competitor’s website.

Mystic Messenger v1.0.8 Update

Login server is unstable(503, 500). We will provide compensation for this tomorrow.


The followings have been fixed/updated.

  • Guest login error
  • Delete Account bug
  • Network error will be shown when the chat data is not saved properly
  • English loading message translated
  • Speed on loading chalets is faster now

*We are still fixing guest->account convert issue. It will be fixed with the server.

*We are in the process of fixing text message bugs