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How do hands work???

Idk why you’re askin me of all people but here are a couple of things I do know!

1. Use Shapes! You won’t have to use as detailed of a skeleton after a lot of practice, but it helps to break up the shape a little. (See the pink lines in the image) The palm is generally a trapezoid that’s smaller at the wrist and larger towards the fingers, with the fingers themselves being either boxes or ovals. The joints on fingers are at the knuckle, halfway up the finger, and below the finger nail, but you can generally get away with just the first two if the hand isn’t in a really stressed pose. Play with what shapes you use! This image is a pretty bad representation of variety, as I tend to default to long, boxy hands, but don’t be afraid to use different shapes!

2. Use a Line of Action! The LOA is the line that brings the hand together into one smooth shape. It can be on either side, but generally it will run from the wrist to either the pinky or the pointer fingers. (See the blue lines in the image) The LOA is most prominent in relaxed hands, but it’s still important to have one strong curve on one side of your hand to guide the eye. The LOA is something you should explore in other body parts too like legs, feet, arms, and hair. (And the spine of course)

3. Simplify! Using a LOA will already help to simplify the hand, but you can simplify it even more. I like to cluster 2 fingers together at a time and draw them as one unit with the fingertips following the same line (see the black lines in the image) Draw a line between then and bam! Two fingers for the price of one! Grouping fingers together helps you guide the eye the same way as the LOA, and it just makes drawing hands easier.

4. The most important step: Ignore Everything I Just Said! If there was anything listed above that resonated with you, then by all means, please try it! But if there was anything that you didn’t quite agree with or can’t quite sync up with your style, then forget I ever said it! Like all aspects of drawing, hands are up to interpretation. They aren’t limited to a specific anatomy (I myself am a sucker for fat wrists and waaaay too long of arms) and every style has a specific charm that sometimes doesn’t match with how I draw. Never take any advice I give ya as solid unbeatable Art Truth™ because it isn’t. Take a look at your own hands and just…make ‘em look good! I’ve told you the rules that I like to live by, now go make your own!

Fic: The Trade

When Oliver and Diggle don’t return from their mission to save Malcolm from the hands of Ra’s al Ghul, it is left to Felicity to get them back safe and sound.

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Felicity followed two men, dressed head to toe in black, down a poorly lit tunnel. Her heart pounding so loudly, she was sure their footsteps echoing off the cold stone walls was barely drowning it out.

This was a terrible plan. A proverbial suicide mission. There was no algorithm or mathematic equation that could tell her the probability of this panning out well. It was life or death. The flip of a coin.

In retrospect, this was probably a bad idea. More than bad, really. Like, the worst.

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