Remember, I promised to show you my AU? If no - it doesn’t matter. (There are only 6 pages of 8 or 10). “Our guys are nearly 25 years old. The Avatar team has never existed, and Zuko is just good Fire Lord, who ended a war, brought balance to the world, but although there many people, who still hate him. Sokka is tribal chief of Southern Water Tribe, and he wants to offer Zuko some trade deal. After their meeting (the first page) Zuko first noticed Katara, but when she noticed him, she became very angry, cause he is “f*cking firebender!” (i’m sorry).”

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hey for all i knew you couldve been doing like a full lp of all the routes BUT ANYWAYS HOP ON THE BUFF TALL SNAKE LADY TRAIN WITH US NPC AND MELT I NEED HER NEXT STORY ASAP

Tbh aside from the puppy I’ve very little interest in the other male love interests? And the pup-boy tried to push his paperwork on me the second he met me so no. I mean if he’s already trying to use me to do his work in our first meeting I give it 2 weeks before I’m doing his laundry and having to pay his overdue bills for him.

If you sit in a gathering where backbiting is taking place, you must leave if you cannot stop it.

If you stay, you are sinning.

[Shaykh Ibn Bāz | Fataawaa al-Mar'ah (v. 22, p. 298)]

In the book of al-Tirmidhi it is narrated from Abu’l-Darda (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: 

“Whoever protects the honour of his brother, Allah will protect his face from the Fire on the Day of Resurrection.” [Al-Tirmidhi] 

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There is a tendency to believe that something has to change before you can feel differently. And that is such a fitful, fruitless, futile feeling, because that means circumstances and events and what others are doing are controlling the way you are feeling. When you come to realize that the way you feel is a product only of what you choose to give your attention to, then you begin to realize that under any and all conditions, you can feel good. You also begin to realize that as you control the way you feel, you control the way you are flowing energy. And as you control the way you are flowing energy, you literally align the circumstances and events that create your experience.
—  Abraham-Hicks