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Trailer for Werner Herzog’s ‘Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World’


Lo-Fi tech performance art by @sondraperry01 uses tft-fitted goggles to emphasise eyes and their non-verbal communication during a conversation:

Suzanne Collins is the incredibly successful author of the Hunger Games book trilogy that is now going to be the Hunger Games movie trilogy. She’s pretty good with words, but no one ever told her or whoever designed her website what to do with space.

A lot of people say “simple is better,” and that’s true, but a lot of other people also say “that doesn’t mean it should look like crap. You’re a professional, it’s 2012, step your game up.”

(I don’t know for sure that a lot of people say that.)

Collins isn’t about loading her page with badge after badge of news links and blog links and store links, like George R.R. Martin; she just wants to focus on the essentials. Which is why it’s even crazier that you can’t actually buy her books anywhere on her site.

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