lo rez

The problem with the Mercy change is that her survivability is now basically zero.

Invulnerability is gone. The rez distance is crazy small, you have to be standing on top of whoever you want to rez to rez them, and often that’s in a fight. Mercy doesn’t have a lot of health and a lot of the time, going in for the rez means you’re likely to die in turn. Mercy is a HUGE target. That’s not practical. She has no escape other than Guardian Angel which is very hit and miss, it’s assuming there’s someone in range or in LoS. You can’t rez through walls anymore either, and her ult doesn’t last very long, not to mention the rez cooldown is so long.

It’s just impractical to be playing Mercy now. The pick rate is atrocious. Yeah it’s fun to be battle mercy, but Mercy is not meant to be played like that. She, among all the supports, was created to be far more dependent on her support abilities than her pistol. And that’s why I, personally, played her. I enjoyed the more passive role, the quick jumping around, the strategic placements when I had rez, the critical thinking to weigh in whether the 2-3 man rez is worth it in the moment, when to rush in to heal and when to back away. Now she’s more a liability to the team than a help.

If they’re going to make these changes, they have to give Mercy a way to survive rezzing to make the skill worth it. A rez can swing a fight sure, but often times that’s only if the Mercy herself survives the rez. She needs a way to survive or escape or fight back that doesn’t compromise her job, which is supposed to be healing and boosting the team.

Ugh, I really don’t enjoy playing Mercy anymore. It’s really not fun to be dying over and over with no way to counter or get away on her own power; Lucio has the boop away, ana has sleep, zenyatta at least has a discord. Mercy’s escape is entirely dependent on her team being coordinated and often times that’s not the case. Feels more like a chore than a game and that’s not fun.