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Hi! I'm going to be an au pair in Spain soon and I was wondering if you could list of few things to say to kids and stuff?

I looked up a page of what to say to a kid to inspire them:)

Things to say to a kid to inspire them in Spanish

  • Confío en ti. I trust you
  • Creo en ti. I believe in you
  • No es sencillo, pero sé que podrás lograrlo. It’s not easy, but I know you can make it.
  • Estás haciendo lo correcto. You’re doing the right thing.
  • ¡Enséñame cómo lo haces! Show me how you do it!
  • Lo haces mejor que antes. You do it better than before
  • Veo que te esforzaste mucho, sigue así. I see you made a great effort, keep it like that
  • Hiciste un gran trabajo. You made a great work
  • Me gustó mucho jugar contigo. I really liked playing with you
  • Estoy feliz de tenerte cerca. I am happy to have you close 
  • Me siento muy bien a tu lado. I feel very good at your side
  • ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta? What do you like the most?
  • ¿Qué piensas de esto? What do you think about this?
  • ¿Te gusta cómo quedó? Do you like how it turned out?
  • Muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Thank you very much for your help
  • Eso me ayuda mucho, te lo agradezco. That helps me a lot, thank you
  • Eres muy buen ayudante. You are a very good helper
  • ¿Tú lo hiciste? Te felicito. Did you do it? Congratulations
  • Creo que somos un buen equipo. I think we are a good team
  • Estoy feliz de tenerte. I’m happy to have you

David curled up to his lover, giving a small hum. He seemed happy, his lips turned up into a gentle smile, his green eyes sparkling with love. He watched Jasper, who was playing Spyro: Year of the Dragon. He was doing very well, and David was actually rather jealous of his skills. He didn’t mind that he was better though, knowing he was better at certian things as well. His gaze flicked to the screen, before his eyes landed back on Jasper. His brows were furrowed, and it was obvious he was focused on the game. “Hey, Davey, can you grab me a soda?” He chirped, seemed distracted. David smiled and have a soft, “Mhm,” walking into the kitchen. He grabbed him a Coke and some Doritos, knowing he’d want something to eat, before hearing Jasper give an exasperated groan. Ah, seems like he finally died. The freckled male walked back out, giving a small laugh at the sight of his boyfriend. He was sprawled out on the floor, his tongue hanging out, his eyes closed. “What are you doing?” He chuckled, kneeling by him. “Dead.” Was his response, and he laughed, gently, the sound bubbly and light. He sat the snacks down on the table, leaning over and giving his silly lover a kiss on the forehead. Jasper opened an eye, raising one of his eyebrows. David gave a chuckle. “Kiss of life!” He chirped, causing Jasper’s face to flush, and a smile to steal across his face. He laughed, sitting up and pulling the ginger in for a hug. “Love, you’re a dork.” He hummed, his voice a chuckle, full of absolute adoration and love. David blinked, his face flushing. Ah. Love. That was cute. He liked the nickname, it made him feel giddy and special. “You’re the dork!” He countered, planting a kiss on his lips, a brief, fluttering thing. They met eyes, both smiling and content. They kissed each other, soft, before pulling away and just holding each other. They felt content together, both head over heels for the other. “I love you, Jasp,” David sighed, looking up at his boyfriend. His response was quick. “I love you, too, Davey.” They kissed, again, and everything was perfect. (It’s rushed,,,,,, and short,,,,,,,,,,,,, and cheesy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I hope you enjoy itt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,)

,,, i think my heart just stopped,,,,,

Tiny Sides Part 3/4 (Tiny Patton)

authors note: this is so bad and I’m sorry for that. i wish i knew how to make it better its just so bad that I’m not sure i can fix it. I’m just so incredibly dissatisfied with it, its so much worse than the others, and im sorry it took so long. Tiny Virgil hopefully wont take as long.


When Logan felt a tug on his shirt he begs to every god, goddess, deity, and object that has been worshiped that it’s not what he thinks it is but when he looks down at the big brown eyes of a tiny Patton and he knows they’re in for it.

“What the heck did you do this time Roman?!” he screamed as he picked Patton up and placed him on the counter.

The yell from the kitchen causes the other two to come running. They walk in to find Patton sitting on the counter giggling and swinging his legs.

“Why does everyone blame me?” Roman cried out.

“Because it was literally you’re fault last time sir sing along,” Virgil comments.

“Touché… sir surly pants.”

“When did I become sir?”


Patton ends up being the hardest to handle. He will only take apple juice in a blue sippy. The first time Logan makes that mistake scars him more than he would like to admit. He turns around and hands him a the blue sippy and Patton takes one drink and his entire face goes red and his eyes begin to fill with tears.

“What’s wro…” before Logan can even finish the boy emits a blood curdling scream and throws the sippy cup across the room before flinging himself down on the ground hitting the ground and kicking his legs sobbing.

Virgil and Roman both run to the kitchen the moment they hear the scream. When they reach the kitchen, they stop dead in their tracks when they see what is unfolding in the kitchen. Logan is standing staring wide eyed at a screaming Patton who is in full blown temper tantrum mode. He was screaming and beating the ground and sobbing.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Roman screamed.

That’s when Virgil saw the sippy cup in the corner. He walked over and picked it up. He picked it up and looked inside before holding it up to Roman, “Grape juice.”

Virgil went to go get the correct juice when Logan said, “Wait.”

Virgil turned and raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“If you get him the juice you enable this behavior. Let him cry until he’s done and he will learn that by throwing a fit he does not get what he wants,” Logan explained. Virgil put the cup down and watched Patton his heart breaking a little as he watched the boy sob on the ground. He knew that this was stupid and that Patton wasn’t actually really sad or hurt but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t hate it.

Eventually Patton calms down and is too exhausted to even ask for new juice he just reaches up sleepily at Virgil who scoops him up and quickly takes him to his room holding him close, “It’ll be okay little one.”


Virgil was half asleep when he felt someone crawling into his bed. He looked down eyes blurry, “Patton?”

“There are monsters in my closet,” he mumbled blearily.

“There aren’t monsters in your closet,” Virgil said.

Patton immediately began to cry, “Yes there ith I saw them pwease don’t make me go back.”

“No, no, shhh please don’t cry. I’m sorry you can stay here,” Virgil said.

“YAY!” Patton squealed curling closer to Virgil hugging his favorite stuffed animal, a small round pig, close to him, “Wuv you Virgil.”

“I love you too buddy.”


Patton was kneeling in front of the table coloring intently when Roman comes and sits next him, “Hey buddy.”

“Hey,” Patton said smiling.

“I made you something,” Roman said smiling.

“Really?” he squealed.

“Yeah come on,” Roman said picking up.

“WEEEEEE!!!!” Patton squealed causing Roman to laugh.

Roman put him down when they got to Roman’s room and hands him a blanket.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a blanket I made you,” Roman said leaning over and pointing at the swords, “See these little swords will keep the monsters away.”

“Really?” he said excitedly.

“Yeah buddy. Don’t worry the monsters can’t get you now,” Roman said hugging him.

“Okay,” Patton said looking sad.

“What’s wrong buddy?” Roman asked.

“Can I still sleep wif you guys sometimes?” Patton said looking up at him with wide puppy dog eyes.

“Of course, little buddy,” Roman said smiling and picking him up.

“Fank you,” he said burying his face in his neck. Roman smiled.


Patton climbed into Logan’s lap while he was working one day and Logan had learned better than to move him.

They sat in silence before Patton said, “Momma Lo Lo?”

Logan sputtered, “What?”

“I have a question Momma.”

“Are you calling me Momma? Why are you calling me that?”

Patton’s eyes filled with tears, “C-can I not call you that?” he wailed bursting into tears.

“No, no shhh don’t cry. I’m sorry. It’s okay you can call me Momma. Please don’t cry,” Logan said picking him up and bouncing him.

Roman had run into the room as soon as he heard Patton wailing, “What did you do?” he screamed.

“I’m sorry,” Patton sobbed.

“It’s okay. I wasn’t yelling at you I’m sorry please stop crying,” Logan said continuing to bounce him. He winced before adding, “It’s okay Momma Lo Lo is here.”

Roman busted out laughing causing Logan to glare at him. Patton continued to sniffle into Logan’s neck.

“what did you do?” Logan asked.

“I did nothing,” Roman said offended.

“That is a lie,” Logan said. They continued to argue as Virgil snickered slightly from around the corner.


Roman feels a small body crawling into his bed one night.

“Patton?” he asked groggily.

“You said I could still sleep wif you guys sometimes. Can I sleep wif you?” Patton asked.

“Yeah sure buddy,” he said lifting his blanket up. Patton crawled up with the blanket Roman had made him and the tiny pig he went almost no where without. He curled up on Roman’s chest and almost immediately fell asleep.


Virgil took full advantage of how cuddly Patton was. In every situation, he possibly could he would hold him or cuddle him or just pick him up. He was touch starved and he wasn’t going to get affection any time else so yeah, he was going to take every piece of affection he could find.


Logan was working when Patton climbed into his lap and began tracing his face with his tiny hands and at this point Logan just goes with it because at least he’s keeping busy.

That is until Patton says, “Momma Lo Lo so pitty.”

Logan’s eyes widened, “Are you calling me pretty?”

Patton nodded enthusiastically, “Momma Lolo so pitty. I love my momma”

The warmth spreading across his cheeks was not a blush, “Stop laughing Virgil this isn’t funny,” he growled which only caused Virgil to laugh harder.


They were all in Logan’s room, Roman researching in a chair in the corner, Virgil doing his own research on Logan’s bed with a sleeping Patton in his lap, and Logan was working at his desk. Logan is so frustrated and tired and it had been almost two months and they didn’t even have a clue how to return Patton to normal. He didn’t even realize it was him at first when he heard the noise. He hadn’t meant for it to come out but when the other twos heads snap up he knows they heard him.

Roman immediately drops what he’s doing and goes and places a hand on Logan’s shoulder and it’s like a dam breaking, “I’m failing! I’m failing Thomas, Patton, and all of us. this isn’t WORKING and we NEED him!” tears are fogging his vision and glasses so he just takes them off and throws them across the desk.

“what if I can’t fix him? What if he’s like this forever?” Logan’s entire being is trembling. Virgil gently moves Patton off his lap and wraps his arm Logan and Roman wraps his arms around both of them.

“well find a way to get dad back.”

“indeed, if anyone can solve the puzzle it is you,” Roman added.

They sit in silence until riiiip. They all whip around to see a full-sized Patton clutching Logan’s blanket to him.

“well that was a very seamless transition,” Patton says and Logan can’t help it, he laughs so hard he cries.


all credit too @tinysidestrashcaptain

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Spanishskulduggery - Vocabulary List Masterpost #1 (Updated)

Someone asked if I could do a masterpost on vocab lists I’ve done (so far). So, if you’re interested in lots and lots of Spanish vocab, here you go!

This masterpost is designed to help people improve their vocabulary… or as I would put it, how to Spanish with useful or better words.

los últimos (especialmente hoy) han sido días duros y difíciles para mí; por fortuna todo ha salido mejor de lo que yo esperaba y estoy a estas alturas muy feliz. Quiero dar las gracias a todos Vds, queridos amigos que se han preocupado por mí tanto en público como en privado, de manera visible como invisible. Gracias de corazón a todos. Que dios los bendiga.

The latter (especially today) have been hard and difficult days for me; Fortunately everything has gone better than I expected and I am very happy by now. I want to thank all of you, my dear friends, who have cared for me both in public and in private, in a visible and invisible way. Thanks to everyone. God bless you.

Even in a world of heroes Los Santos is too corrupt for any true good to prosper. The Supers who come to fight the good fight soon fall, retreating from an unwinnable battle, being brutally murdered and made public warning or, worse, plunging fast and hard into the ever growing ranks of villainy that rule the city. And really, is there anything more dangerous than a villain with a cause? A baddie with all the self-entitled righteousness of a former hero, the taste for glory, for public deference, for power.

It’s not like there are rules, no handbook for the Powered to follow, checkboxes for being good vs being evil, no set destiny determining that one must be one or the other but things always seem to play out in the same way. Humans aren’t half as complex as they’d like to believe, all follow the same broad paths sooner or later; the ones who hide themselves away, the ones who take what they want, and the ones who think to stand up and protect their idea of justice.

When the Powered came into the public eye there was fear, jealously, there were calls to register, to lock up the powerful, demands to go to any extreme to ensure the protection of the Non-powered. Not all Powers are equal, for every terrifyingly notable gift there are dozens of negligible abilities, little more than party tricks or cosmetic changes, but most Non-powered didn’t care to see the difference. The lack of rhyme or reason scared them, the fact that unknown powers may have manifested in anyone from a childhood friend to a nephew, a nun to a super-max criminal, newfound supremacy with no regard for class or wealth. Many of the Powered were talented beyond belief, some stronger than anyone could deem reasonable, but the Non-powered would always have numbers and the ever reliable quality of hating anyone who was different.

Overall it was handled poorly, even in areas not screaming for imprisonment or execution, places where Powers were seen as gifts, amazing and awe-inspiring, society simply lacked adequate infrastructure to support so many new abilities. Prison cells were no longer adequately applicable to all people, some were now immune to necessary medicines, the limits of human weight and strength had gone out the window and airspace no longer belonged solely to machines. Worse though was the fact that there was nothing in place to protect the Powered from the hateful masses, nothing to help identify and channel the newly Powered into appropriate support and education programs, nothing to mitigate the growing tensions and unease. And, yes, nothing at all which could combat the inevitable pushback, fight off the onslaught of Powered coming for law-enforcement and society alike, not just actual criminals but also mismanaged children and the inescapable furious retribution from regular Powered when it all goes wrong.

It was a dark time, Powered persecuted without cause or mercy and Non-Powered constantly looking over their shoulders lest they be the target of rebel vengeance, a world-wide uproar which eventually gave rise to the Supers. Because there were of course Powered who believed in justice, who wanted to help, who stood up to stand up against their own kind when things got dire and led the charge to bring peace and understanding between Powered and Non.

So things eventually settle, an uneasy truce, but there will always be those who use their Powers for their own benefits, society be damned, just as there will always be the do-gooders using their Powers to police how others behave. It of course takes the general public no time at all to start referring to them as Heroes and Villains, the comparison too close to ignore despite the general lack of spandex, but there was never going to be such a clean division.

Clearly those who think it’s simply black or white have never had to define the Powered who were scouted for shady corporations or government wet work, never had to draw the line between political or military ‘heroes’ and vigilante ‘villains’. Clearly those people had never been to Los Santos, where the heroes could be just as bad, could be far, far worse, than the villains had any hope of being.

It’s all well and good for the villains in Los Santos, at least a while - better to have the heroes get on board than have them chasing you down and ruining your every plan -  but it’s getting a bit crowded to be honest. It’s hard to stretch your wings as a bad guy when there’s no one left to push back against, when on every job you trip over half a dozen bozos running their own gigs. When the levels of depravity some of these assholes stoop to start giving all the regular villains a bad name.

So, something has to be done, and if the good guys can’t hack it, the bad guys are going to have to. Or at least that’s how Ramsey sells it when he’s dragging a pack of semi-reluctant crooks together, cherry picking powers and personalities to build what will be an undeniably formidable crew so long as he can get them all onside. Considering Geoff’s gift of telepathy and thought implantation, limited though it may be, getting everyone to sign up and play nice with one another isn’t quite as difficult as one would expect.

Some of his choices are crooks he’s already worked with, Powers tried and tested, those who Geoff trusts more than anyone else on earth. Most notably of these are his ever faithful right hand, Jack, who manipulates wind and weather, and the ineffable Lindsay with her flaming wings. Then there’s Matt Bragg’s technological genius, Trevor’s ability to defy notice and walk unseen, Steffie’s unearthly level of multi-tasking and information analysis, and the host of loyal Powered friends they bring to the table.

Even the ringers who Geoff’s not actually trialled have been vigorously investigated, carefully selected from the hundreds of possible Powered criminals in Los Santos. He’d built up some rapport with the foreigner, Free, who’s been running with two other Powered, a little crew he won’t leave behind, not that Geoff actually wants him to. He was after Gavin’s power, inherent luck and the manipulation of probabilities an indispensable quality in his endeavour, but he’d be a fool not to snatch up Gavin’s friends while he’s at it. Jones with his control of heat, of fire and ice, and Dooley’s ability to change his own density at will makes the pair near indomitable in a fight, an unquestionably powerful duo to have in your corner. And last, but by no means least, was the terrible Vagabond, the corrupted healer who takes people apart from the inside out, a living nightmare even in Los Santos. Ryan was by far the hardest to win over to the cause, but once he’s in Geoff knows they’re golden.

It’s quite a line-up but even with that security there is no scattergun approach, Geoff’s done his homework, has villains and ex-heroes categorised by the danger their powers pose and the difficulty in taking them down. The first few jobs are so quick and ruthless the targets have no time to see them coming, to prepare proper defences, no chance to combat the array of abilities they’re faced with. From there word gets out, but while they lose the element of surprise they’re still in the unique position of being united; it’s so rare for those who are Powered to truly combine forces, rarer still in a group of more than two or three, and without any backstabbing or infighting Ramsey’s collection have found themselves to be near unstoppable.

Between them they have the best plans, horrifyingly efficient fighters, have infiltration, manipulation and extermination completely covered. Hell they even have a preternaturally skilful wheelman to get them all the hell out of dodge when things take a turn. Perhaps best of all, though, is the fact that to some degree they have the support of the city; law enforcement, struggling Supers and civilians alike, who’ve noticed this new group shaking up the powers that be in the underbelly of the city. Who might not all be actively helping but certainly aren’t hindering, stepping back and giving Geoff and his people free reign to finally fix up the wicked city.

So for a moment they are beacons, a spot of light pushing back the darkness in Los Santos, persevering where others have been crushed, relentless in their quest to take out the worst elements of the city. It is, of course, difficult to be swayed from the right path when you were never on it in the first place, can’t fall from grace when you never had any to start with. Ramsey’s gang seem invulnerable to the filth and corruption of Los Santos simply because the darkness was in them all along, their goals have never been anything close to altruistic.

Some still believe, see only what they have intentionally been shown, think Ramsey’s crew vigilantes, perhaps too harsh, too violent, but only out of necessity, the strong hand of justice the depraved city of sin has been crying out for. They think the attacks will cease once the city has been cleansed, cheer on their counterfeit champions right up until the moment they finally realise that they’ve been played, that Ramsey and his gang of reprobates will never be the good guys.

Because no matter what the idealists would like to believe, no matter what other crooks might sneer and spit, no one who’s paying attention could truly think Ramsey’s crew had gone light side, not by a long shot. They take down other villains, yes, but not in ways the so called good would approve of, not peacefully, not humanely, not even remotely quick, clean or painless. They take down other villains, sure, but for their own benefit, for their own power and greed, their own amusement. They take down other villains but they don’t spare the cops. They take down other villain’s but they aren’t saving civilians, aren’t restoring peace, they don’t return stolen goods or misappropriated funds, don’t seek to inspire children or bring safety back to the streets.

When all the Powered formidable enough to have half a chance of beating them have been overthrown, Ramsey and his crew are right there to see their plan through. They’ve not been cleaning up Los Santos so much as they’ve been claiming it, taking full control over the city that has been thought for so long to be utterly untameable, all the while ensuring there will be no one left to challenge them. An empire built on fallen bodies, tacitly approved by the masses, a violent take over sold under the guise of justice. And in that they have found a whole new way to be devious, a fresh take on villainy, giving hope to those who’d thought themselves hopeless only to dash it all away again. Those false heroes, those reprehensible Fakes.

Main Crew Powers | Support Crew Powers

Taylor Swift para diferentes situaciones con tu crush

Te gusta demasiado - Everything has Changed.
Son amigos - Hey Stephen.
Sabes que le gusta alguien - How to Get the Girl.
Te das cuenta que no eres tu - Teardrops On My Guitar.
Lo odias - Better Than Revenge.
Sabes que eres demasiado para el - Mean.
Es mejor ser soltera - New Romantics.
Sabes que no es cierto - Red.
Él sólo te trae problemas - I Knew You Were Trouble.
Lo detestas - Picture To Burn.
Hace algo que te pone feliz - Sparks Fly.
Sabes que no lo puedes odiar - Fearless.
Le dices lo que sientes - You Belong with Me.
Se siente confundido - You R in Love.
Por fin son algo - Ours
Todo fue un sueño - Today Was a Fairytale.

Mi nombre es Enzo, tengo 21 años. Vivo en Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Me gusta el mate en cualquier estación y dormir más que nada.
Amo el arte, soy fotógrafo y escribo cuando algo me duele, me mueve o incomoda.
La música me gusta en todos sus géneros así que no tengo problema en hablar de pala ancha, Lali, La Renga o Drake, Cerati, NTVG o Ariana Grande. (Y si tus limitaciones mentales son “si escucha -tal género- no es persona”, mejor, nunca me escribas por lo demás: Acá estoy para compartir un poco de lo que me deja expresarme, podré aconsejarte, leerte o simplemente charlar un rato con vos.

¿Recomiendo blogs? No, los que me gustan seguro los reblogueo así que te invito a que los veas e investigues por vos mismx. 


Hi. My name is Enzo, I’m 21 years old. I am currently in Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like mate in any season and sleep more than anything. I love art, I’m a photographer and I write when something hurts, moves or bothers me. The music I like in all its genres so I have no problem in speaking of wide spade, Lali, La Renga or Drake, Cerati, NTVG or Ariana Grande. (And if your mental limitations are “if you listen - gender is not a person”, better, never write me otherwise: Here I am to share a little of what lets me express myself, I can advise you, read you or just chat for a while with you. Do I recommend blogs? No, los que me gustan seguro I like you so I invite you to see them and investigate for yourselves.

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Number 9, mavin pls??

9. Distracting Kiss

Michael loved Los Santos.

He knew Los Santos better than most, and he reveled in it–the dirt, the unapologetic corruption, the scum of the earth all gathered together in a united thirst for blood and depravity. It was home.

And, listening to the laughs that echoed through his comms, he knew his crew felt the same way.

“Alright, assholes,” Geoff called, the sound of sirens intermixing with his call to attention. “Ten minutes before pickup; get what you can and get the fuck out.”

Michael verbalized his agreement, already zipping up his duffel bag full of money, when a voice rang out behind him.

“Michael, boi?” He turned, smiling when he caught sight of Gavin in the entrance to the vault, his own bag slung over his shoulder.

“Ready to get the fuck outta here?” He asked. He looked at his partner with confusion when Gavin merely grinned at him.

“Fancy a wager, boi? We got plenty of time.”

“Greatest number of cop kills wins?”

“Winner chooses how to celebrate tonight,” Gavin grinned, wagging his eyebrows beneath his golden glasses.

“Your ass is mine tonight, bitch,” Michael laughed, cocking his gun. “Count it down.”

“Go!” Gavin yelped, ignoring Michael’s spluttered cry of “Cheater!”

The next few minutes were a cacophony of bullets and screams, a symphony against the crescendo of police sirens wailing and helicopter blades whirling outside. Michael couldn’t suppress the manic grin that stretched across his face.

“Die, you bitch,” he snapped, unloading an entire clip into the corpse of a particularly troublesome officer of the law. “That’s nine!“

He paused behind a destroyed counter to reload his pistol, expertly exchanging one clip for another. He gasped when blood sprayed across the right side of his body, a cop’s corpse landing inches from him with a neat hole through the center of his head.

“That’s eight.”

Michael turned from where he was crouched, pistol raised. Gavin smirked down at him, green eyes dark and glittering with adrenaline. He pulled Michael up and grabbed ahold of his jacket, pulling him flush against Gavin’s chest as Gavin kissed him.

“If you could see how you look right now,” Gavin muttered, placing aggressive, biting kisses all over Michael’s skin. Michael stuffed his pistol behind his back and pushed Gavin up against the wall, returning the favor.

Gavin broke the kiss and wrapped his arms around Michael’s waist, pressing his lips to Michael’s nose, his cheeks, his lips. The mixture of adrenaline and lust pumped through Michael’s blood, spurring him to pushGavin further into the wall and bite Gavin’s lip, feeling a burst of pride at the sound the other man made. Suddenly, there was a movement behind him, and two shots went off right next to Michael’s ear. He startled badly, nearly falling to the floor.

“Nine. Ten.”

Michael gawped, his head flitting back and forth between the two cops dead on the ground a foot next to him, and the smug Brit against the wall, spinning Michael’s gun around his finger.

“Hey, idiots! Pick up’s here! Get the fuck out, now!”

“Look’s like I win, Michael,” Gavin grinned, fixing his hair.

“You son of a bitch,” Michael whispered, absolutely dumbstruck by the turn of events. Gavin pressed a smacking kiss to his cheek, dancing out of the way when Michael growled and swiped at him.

“Don’t be like that, love! We still have to celebrate tonight!” He hefted his duffel back up, sending Michael a shit-eating grin.

“I fucking hate you, you know that?” He called after him, trying to be angry, but mostly coming off as fondly exasperated. Gavin blew him a kiss and ran outside.

Michael smiled, shaking his head. Yeah, Los Santos was definitely home.

Thank you so much for the ask! <3

The types as Spanish TV shows

I’ve seen so many Spanish TV shows in my life and few people know them outside of Spain so I decided to do this to give them some credit. Some are better than others but I’ve enjoyed them all. I include a trailer (if possible in english) so you can see. My personal favorites are ENTP, ESTP and INTJ but I recommend all of them

ENTJ: Isabel 

ENTP: Los hombres de Paco

INTJ: El Internado

INTP: El Barco

ESTJ: Sé quien eres

ISTJ: El corazón del océano

ENFJ: Águila Roja

ENFP: Lo que escondían sus ojos

INFJ: Tierra de lobos

INFP: El tiempo entre costuras

ESFJ: Velvet

ISFJ: Pulseras Rojas

ESTP: El Príncipe

ISTP: Mar de plástico


ISFP: Gran Hotel

@cassandraclare PLEASE don’t make Kieran/Mark/Cristina a poly ship…. Kieran deserves better than that!! He loves Mark so much and deserves more than half of his heart! You already cheated your way out of resolving one love triangle… sometimes people have to pick!!

SMTM6 Ep.1 Commentary/Highlights

Nucksal telling the kid next to him about Tiger JK lol

Kinda feels like too much time spent on the producers right out the gate. We can get to know them as the season goes on. Well, we already know them to be honest. That’s my little problem straight out the gate.

Ok see, THAT car? That’s dope. The one from SMTM4 was trash.

The irony of Dok2 asking why Young B came back after winning HSR. I’m just gonna assume that was edited out of context.

People scared of JK but he’s a big ass Teddy bear. Pretty much the exact opposite situation of Sean on SMTM4 lol

Good lord, Punchnello’s eye brows…

uhhh,genius might be a little…let’s wait and see if he can convince me I guess

Awww, I think that was Nodizine that Bizzy failed 3rd. But he had to REALLY think about it. It’s all good though. 

Yeah, he should have passed Nodizine if he had to think THAT hard about it. He was too critical. It’s all good though.

Awww Choiza!

Awww Gaeko!

Awww Microdot!

Why is everybody so adorable this season? So sweet and supportive!

I like Woochan. I see qualities in him that I see in other rappers who are in their teens that are doing real big things right now. So I’m excited to watch out for him in the future.

I don’t like people who come again? So much irony from the Jay/Dok2 team lol

I think Junoflo and Hash are at a distinct advantage though going off what Jay said (”I can already predict how they will act” or something similar) because we actually haven’t seen as much from them. Both went home really early and Juno was on like 2 episodes I think.

Come on Juno!

It’s so fucking IRRITATING to choke when you know you shit. I’ve done it before so I really feel for these people  (not in rapping, public speaking at a competition lol)

Awww Junoflo! The way you see his confidence just grow all in a span of about 15 seconds while rapping. Heartwarming.

“I think if you’re handsome you should be better at rapping”. So much irony lol

Here they go with THIS shit again. The showing women prominently when a handsome male is onscreen but not much before.

Why Daeil be walking away from the person he rapping to? lol

His laugh is hella cute.

And he damn near snatched it out of Bizzy’s hand. I like him already.

I promised myself I was gonna be relatively nice unless necessary so I’m gonna be nice and think twice before I type lol

I’m actually not very familiar with MC Hansai so this should be interesting

I….guess not.

DinDin would have been nice. Thanks for that unintentional shoutout Haesan!

You know it’s real when you got Gaeko, the judge here, shook. lol

It’s still kinda old school…had Dean judged him he probably would have gotten failed. But as an older rapper (and someone who knows Digili) I think he got passed cause of the respect for old school from Gaeko

Awww Zico! (probably the last time I’ll say that lol)

(on to part 2)

Young B is wearing the cross earrings but GD (and others before Young B) wore them too so I’m not too sure how much of the influence is actually Young B but it is at least some of it so good for him!

Wow so much irony form Dok2/Jay team. Like how can y’all come for Young B and call him greedy for coming out so much but? like?…anyway…

Young B that outfit is a whole mess honey. Never again! You still my little homie though lol

Hmmm…B easily outclasses No:el but it’s all good. I’d rather see No:el face Hash Swan or Junoflo. Young B overpowers anyone with a laid back style. We already saw that with Osshun Gum on HSR. Not that he’s necessarily better, it’s just that his style is so strong and in your face. In the case on No:el I think he is just better overall though. 

I mean…as long as none of those bitches pull out a gun though.

So we know that in real life Dok2 would never pass The Quiett lol

Like I said for that clip of episode 2, at least they are actually eliminating people for big mistakes now. It’s a double edged sword but I can’t say I don’t support it. Sorry Geegooin

Now we go to New York. Can’t wait to see Heesun!

LOL Swizz beats be waiting for subs too? 

LOL “close”

He (jerry) lowkey looks like PaloAlto hahahaha if you look closely you can see it in there. Annnnd they’re doing that shit again with the women…good god.

Sangwook looks like Khundi Panda.

Heesun is my GIRL!

Awwwwwwwww get this cute shit off my screen because I can’t lol

She won’t win though. the Korean is gonna fuck with her just like it did Junoflo. It’s all good though. Just her being here and representing while being AWESOME is enough.


Wait…he didn’t give them out at first because people were too good and there might be someone better later? Good lord, that’s annoying as shit. Like I’m gonna have to not be nice right now because that can really fuck things up. He more than likely didn’t pass people who were better than him. Jesus give me a break…

Los look like he might beat yo ass. I’m not saying shit mean about him. He might come find me, we don’t live that far away from each other lol

I think the same thing with Heesun is gonna hurt Los. That Korean will ALWAYS kill you. Because rappers who aren’t as good as you lyrically will still kill you when you can’t even speak the language. Especially if they are already a good lyricist.

AWWWW Wonjae (talking about how he learned to rap by reciting Drunken Tiger songs and now it’s turned around like this being judged and passed by JK)

I’d rather see Nucksal go with the older teams, which I think he will anyway.

Can’t say I agree with Double K coming. Especially when he’s already won as producer. Like you can talk about Young B but he won a different show to me so that’s different. Plus, HSR is smaller, no cash prize, not as much notoriety. But when you’ve already WON AND as a producer? That’s kinda…yeah.

I’ll give him a chance though obviously. I like him.

This isn’t even Nucksal’s best by the way. He’s on like a 5 out of 10 in that rap he did. So that right there should tell you we’re in for a treat once he really starts trying lol

That’s all for now…see you for ep.2!

Spanish Expression of the Day #39

Más vale ser cabeza de ratón que cola de león

It’s better to be the head of a more modest group than to hang by a thread with the big dogs.

Lit.: Better to be a mouse’s head than a lion’s tail

E.g.: Oí que Mario echaba de menos a sus viejos amigos, sabes, los que abandonó para estar con los chicos populares. Creo que se dio cuenta que más vale ser cabeza de ratón que cola de león. – I Heard that Mario missed his old Friends, you know, the one he ditched to hang out with the popular kids. I think he’s realized it’s better to be the head of a smaller group than tag along with the big dogs.

Halloween fake ah crew x child!reader

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Michael merely shrugged his shoulders. “ it’s no big deal geoff, it’s not that scary anyways. the kid held up better than gavin did anyways.” he pointed out and then gestured to gavin who was hugging the 5 year old tightly.

 “ Besides, little y/n here’s gotta toughen up if she’s going trick-or-treating tonight. right kid?” he asked and the young girl grinned and nodded. 

“ you got it mikey!” you said and geoff sighed.

yes, this was little y/n’s first year trick or treating. to say he was a little worried would be an understatement. los santos at night isn’t the safest place. but los santos at night on HALLOWEEN? Well let’s just say him and the others will be prepared if somebody tries to hurt their baby girl.

but there’s was one thing they didn’t know.

“ are you ever gonna tell us what you’re costume is sweetie?” jack asked and y/n shook her head, her hair tickling gavin’s nose.

“ nope, you’ll find out on Halloween momma!” she said and jack pouted. 

“ i think i know of a way we can make her confess.” gavin said with a grin, jack mirroring the same expression.

“ oh?and what would that be?”

“ we bring out the   TICKLE MONSTER!!!” Gavin shouted and attacked her sides as she laughed loudly.

“ gavvy no please!” she squealed and he shook his head. 

“ sorry love, only if you tell me what your costume is.” he said and continued to mercilessly tickle her. 

“ HAHAHAHHANO PLEASE!!! MICHAEL, DADDY, HELP ME.” Y/N pleaded but to no avail.

“ Sorry princess, no can do.” geoff said with an amused smile as he took a sip of his beer. 

“ same goes for me kiddo. just answer the question and he’ll stop.” michael added in. 

“ RYAN HELP ME!” And as soon as those words passed her lips  Ryan walked into the room and grabbed gavin by the scruff of his neck and pushed him back. y/n laughing in triumph and scurrying off to her room.

“ lay off the damn kid gavin.” he grumbled and sat down on the couch. 

“ please, you just want to be her hero like normal.she kid bloody loves you.” gavin said as he got up and rubbed his jaw, though he wont admit it, ryan was extremely protective over the young girl. he nearly got in a fist fight  with a suburban mother because her son was being rude. ( fuCKING FIGHT ME HELEN)

Ryan merely scoffed and took a sip of his beer. “ i highly doubt that.” he said and began to read the book in front of him while everyone else shared knowing looks.

 even though y/n was basically the crew’s kid, Ryan still acted like he didn’t have feelings for the kid. whenever he did something for her it was always accompanied with a stale voice and a shit-ton of grumbling. Which sucked for him cause the kid absolutely loved him. always staring up at him with a big smile and wide eyes, which she did to everyone. but she seemed to have a bigger respect for him than anyone else, which made geoff pretty pissed. 

“ yeah whatever, so what will you guys be doing while i’m taking y/n trick or treating?” geoff asked and jack froze.

“ excuse me? while YOU’RE taking her trick or treating? uh uh, hell no. im taking her.” she said and ray stood up. 

“ dudes im not missing her first trick or treat either. “ 

“ yeah neither am i ya plebs, right micoo?”

“ yeah, besides i wanna see how many old ladies i can scare with my jason costume.” michael said as he put on his hockey mask.

“ but im practically her dad!” geoff groaned, “ therefore i take her!” jack merely rolled her eyes. 

“ im practically her mom! motherhood trumps fatherhood so suck on that bitch!”

“ but im the cool uncle!” 

“ no youre not dumbass, that obviously me. the kickass puerto rican.”



As the crew began to scream and yell over who got to take their child trick or treating, the said girl walked out of her room in her costume and plopped down in ryan’s lap. who was the only one not partaking int he argument.

“ im ready to go trick-or-treating!” she shouted happily as ryan stared down at her with an awestruck look on his face. as did the other when they stopped arguing and stared at the young girl’s costume.

her h/c hair put up in a pony tail and her face completely painted with the colors orange, black, and white. She wore a plain white shirt and a blue and black leather jacket, a pair of black jeans to match. she had a big smile on her face and everybody just couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 

 She dressed up as Ryann for Halloween.

“ your’e…your’e…” ryan stuttered and she laughed, poking his nose.

“ I’m you silly!” y/n said happily, but a frown appeared on her face. “ you’re not angry……are you?”

Ryan’s eyes went wide and he shook his head. “ oh nonononono sweetie of course not! i absolutely love it,” he said with a chuckle. “ but why did you choose me?”

“ yeah why’d you choose that asshole instead of me! i mean id be a great halloween costume!” geoff whined, earning himself a slap in the back of the head. 

“ because youre always so silent and grumpy, like michael-”


“ sorry mikey.” y/n giggled. “ but you always seem so bummed, and you never hang out with me, or any of us really. ” she mumbled and the assassin’s heart dropped. “ but you’re apart of our family! so i need to make you happy!” she said and looked up at him with a feared look. “ did i do a good job.”

“ no sweetie,” ryan said.” you did an amazing job.” her face lit up like a thousand Christmas trees.

“ really!?!” she squealed and he nodded. 

“ yup, now, im gonna go get dressed in my costume and then i’ll take you trick or treating, okay?” he said and the young girl smiled and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

“okey dokey ryan!” she said as he walked back to his room with a sweet smile.

“ i would’ve been an awesome costume.” geoff mumbled and jack patted him on the back.

“ dude, just get dressed and save it for next year. “ jack said as she too walked to her room and got dressed. 

once everybody was dressed in their “Halloween” costumes. ( their heist uniforms) they all went out to take the beloved baby of the crew for her first trick or treating. 

it was hard at first, since she was such a shy child. not to mention many people were very concerned about her costume, or the dangerous looking adults standing right behind her with scary smiles and their own candy bags. but it was fun. 

even though the night came to a stop rather quickly. a concerned elderly couple recognized the groups and called the police. Causing ryan to throw little y/n over is shoulder and the crew to haul ass back home. 

but geoff went out the next day and bought a shit ton of twix and skittles. it’s awesome to be rich. 

but mostly, it was the day that ryan truly became somebody in y/n’s life. even though it wasn’t always easy. (puberty was a rough time for them all.) he wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Maid in Manhattan (USA, 2002)

Predictions: Kat could not make a prediction, as she remembered the basic plot of this movie from suffering through its trailer in 2002. Alex predicted that J-Lo was a maid who fell in love with her employer, Ralph Fiennes, presumably in Manhattan. Both Kat and Alex predicted that this movie would be bad, because it starred J-Lo.

Plot: Kat knew that the actual premise of this movie was rather better than the one Alex predicted. However, the execution of Alex’s really bad prediction might still have been less painful than this actual film. DEAR LORD.

J-Lo plays a down-to-earth maid living in the Bronx and working at a fancy Manhattan hotel. She has a son, Tyler Posey, who is ten and very interested in Richard Nixon, among other things. Also a deadbeat ex, but he’s not relevant to the story. She has a mom, also very down-to-earth, and some down-to-earth blue-collar pals. Meanwhile, American Ralph Fiennes is a Kennedyesque Republican New York City assemblyman, who is inexplicably interested in causes pertaining to the environment and poor people???? Where’s THIS Republican????

One day, fancy lady Natasha Richardson checks into the hotel, and, long story short, one of J-Lo’s blue-collar pals encourages her to try on Natasha Richardson’s clothes. Simultaneously – giant coincidence – American Ralph Fiennes and his dog run into Tyler Posey in the elevator. Tyler Posey charms American Ralph Fiennes and brings him upstairs to Natasha Richardson’s suite, where American Ralph Fiennes sees J-Lo in Natasha Richardson’s clothes and mistakes her for a hotel guest instead of, you know, a maid.

Even more inexplicably than American Ralph Fiennes’s “Republican” politics, J-Lo somehow finds herself forced to impersonate Natasha Richardson and go on, essentially, an impromptu date with American Ralph Fiennes and Tyler Posey, and then is like, OH MY GOSH GOLLY GEE, how did I get myself into this situation?! Really, J-Lo? We feel like you brought this upon yourself with a series of uncharacteristically bizarre choices, considering the beginning of the movie presented you as a reasonable, practical single mom. It just seems like, when he stumbled upon you, there were so many other, more reasonable courses of action. :|

Obviously, many shenanigans ensue, and J-Lo eventually gets busted. But not before going to a ball at the Met and sleeping with American Ralph Fiennes. They have such a connection, you guys. She is not like other girls. She couldn’t help it. It wasn’t her fault. She totally went there intending to break things off with him, but then he kissed her before she could say anything, and her mouth was paralyzed for the rest of the evening. Once a person kisses you, you just can’t possibly go through with your previously planned reasonable statement.

Many sad montages ensue in oddly close succession. J-Lo, obviously fired from that first hotel (whaaaat? why?) by Digger Stiles – best known for being Lorelai Gilmore’s worst and worst-named boyfriend – goes to work in another hotel. One day, American Ralph Fiennes gives a speech there, Tyler Posey speaks up asking him to forgive his mom, and a romantic reunion ensues. J-Lo goes on to get promoted to manager, her dream of which was an earlier subplot we neglected to mention, and they all live happily ever after, perhaps chatting about Richard Nixon.

Best Scene: Good heavens, this movie was bad. Natasha Richardson, however, was a delight. Not her character so much, mind, but her performance. At one point, she weeps upon the concierge, and it is HILARIOUS. Also, in contrast to the rest of the movie, the scenes between J-Lo and Tyler Posey were least abhorrent (of the scenes J-Lo was in).

Worst Scene: It’s a tie, dear readers! How could we possibly choose between the scene where J-Lo blows up at her well-meaning friend for submitting her for a job that she claimed to want and the scene where Amy Sedaris, friend of Natasha Richardson, says a ton of racist shit for no reason?? What a horse race.

Best Line: “You can Google it at school.” – J-Lo, in response to Tyler Posey’s asking why Simon & Garfunkel broke up. This line was good because it allowed us to briefly talk over the movie, speculating about exactly when Google became ubiquitous, and trying to remember what search engines we were using before that. Also, it was very early in the movie, so we were still feeling hopeful that the movie wasn’t going to be that bad. Oh, how wrong we were.

Worst Line: IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE. At first we were jotting down Worst Line candidates, but, as the movie progressed, the list grew prohibitively long (and quickly!). Several lines in one scene would be solid contenders for Worst Line, thanks in part to J-Lo’s truly abysmal acting! Lines we’d previously thought were terrible started to rise to the top of the pile! For example, at one point, J-Lo’s deadbeat ex said on the phone, “I’m in Miami with Mugsy!” This was early on, so we were both curious about who Mugsy was (a friend? a girlfriend? a mafioso associate?!), and also thought it might be a Worst Line contender. Now, looking back, it’s really a Best Line contender. We, too, wish we were in Miami with Mugsy.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: WHO IS MUGSY????????

How Many POC in the Film: So many POC, you guys! You know why?? BECAUSE J-LO IS A SERVANT. SHE AND ALL HER SERVANT PALS ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR, OBVIOUSLY. (Well, okay. There were some white servants. BUT NOT MANY.) Looks like Hollywood totally can find actors of color, when they need a whole hotel full of servants!!!!!!!!

Alternate Scenes: Perhaps… Um… You know what, guys? There’s no improving this movie.

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Better. The poster is some sort of bizarre fever-dream, erotic-fantasy, “Somewhere Ballet” situation…but it is still better than this movie.

Score: 2 out of 10 professional-misconduct smooches. We know J-Lo is the protagonist of this film, but like…come on. Really?? While you’re angling for a promotion????

Ranking: 87, out of the 94 movies we’ve seen so far. Apparently, we would rather rewatch Aloha than suffer through this movie again. ALOHA.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm having a hard time understanding sentence structure and adding a que. also, how do you suggest learning phrases "whatever" in Spanish. I seem to understand Spain Spanish a lot more than the Spanish used in Columbia because they use more colonial phrases. How do I get use to Spanish being spoken really fast?

Hi! Okay I’ll try to answer as clear as possible 😊

  • Que” as a nexus is basically used in compound sentences, which have more than one verb. (It also has other uses but I’ll stick to this one)

The “que” creates a dependency between sentence 1 and sentence 2. It usually translates to “that” or also “who/which..”. In English you can sometimes ommit the “that”, but not in Spanish.

“Dice que te quiere”. He/She says that he/she loves you. 
“No me importa que se vaya.” I don’t care he/she leaves.
“Me gusta que me adoren.” I like being adored.
“Es raro que llueva.” It’s weird it’s raining.
“Estoy segura de que lo conseguirás.” I’m sure you’ll make it.
“Hazlo antes de que lleguen aquí.” Do it before they get here.

One other use worth mentioning is using “que” to add information. 
“Los zapatos que me diste son rojos”. The shoes you gave to me are red.

Note that this is very summarised and lacks some explaining but I hope this information helps somehow. 

  • Some people understand specific accents better than another so if you understand a specific accent then I’d tell you to go with it and try to learn from there. You’ll see that when you learn that one it won’t hard to understand the others. 

I’d recommend watching shows to pick the spoken Spanish. I’d also recommend to watch shows/movies in English or the language you speak and right after watch the same show but in Spanish (so you’ll have to get it dubbed or dual) without subtitles. 

I don’t really watch Spanish spoken tv shows/films that much (I know haha) but I can recommend some I/my friends liked: (also 99% of things are dubbed so you can even watch harry potter in spanish if you want) 

- tv shows: Narcos, velvet, vis a vis
- Movies: tesis, celda 211, el secreto de sus ojos, y tu mamá también (starring mexican and spanish actors so you’ll see the difference between accents), los amantes del círculo polar, volver, amores perros

Also I’m not sure of what you mean by phrases “whatever” sorry haha