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round two of trc tattoo flash sheets: adam and ronan! i know i said i’d be posting one a day, but these boys’ looked too good together to post them separately…

if you are interested in seeing more, you see more on my tattoo instagram, needlef0x! and if you’re in los angeles and interested in getting one of these designs inked on your beautiful bod - i would be stoked to tattoo you! don’t hesitate to message me so we can set something up!

(please keep in mind that these are all my original designs and i am a working tattoo artist at an existing shop. please do not take these images to a different tattoo artist to trace or copy. i would like to be the only one who tattoos my designs if i can help it! thank you for understanding!)

All We Know

Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3


The boy was buried under two duvets, only half asleep. He could hear Mike’s soft snores from the bed next to his, he couldn’t see anything but the dim light of the fireplace projecting under the door.


He frowned sleepily, propping himself up on his elbow and glancing at Mike’s sleeping figure. He could hear the wind blowing outside, the muffled clattering from the kitchens. Maybe the elves were already up cooking breakfast? He couldn’t tell what time it was. It could have been midnight or 4am.


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