lo day 9

“Andrew. Forgive me. I had to do it. I had—too many thoughts. Dreams. Their voices are carried to me on blood, you see. When I spill the blood, I stop hearing them.”
Character: Arthur Blackthorn
The Dark Artifices

9 days till Los


This Day in Spacey History features Kevin on the cover of Los Angeles Times Magazine: “Dressing Kevin Spacey.”

[Excerpt] He confesses that his real talent is an uncanny aptitude for natural selection–in this case shopping. “I recently went shopping with Judi Dench, a little vacation from The Shipping News. And we both realized that we can do something that most people can’t. We can walk onto a floor; at Barneys or at any store, and know immediately whether there’s anything on that floor that will work.”

That’s right, Kevin Spacey does his own shopping–sometimes, at least. He says he also cleans his own house, does his own laundry and picks up after his dogs, Mini and Legacy, on their walks around his West Village neighborhood in New York. “I don’t want to live in a world where someone buys my clothes and lays them out and tells me what to wear. I do most things myself. I take my dry cleaning to the dry cleaners, and I enjoy doing it. I think that part of it is just the way I am, and another part of it is very calculated in the sense that I don’t want to lose contact with the very thing that I should be in touch with all the time, which is life.”


one gifset per appearance → north american tour: day 9, los angeles [6/6] (08/07/2011)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrapped up a very busy day when they attended a reception hosted by British Consul-General Dame Barbara Hay at her Hancock Park residence, where they met California politicians and other high-profile figures such as David Beckham.