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Liberosis (Jungkook, Angst)

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Liberosis (n) - The desire to care less about things

hi, Idk if this will be more than one part. for right now it’s 1, and I will decide whether or not there will be more parts. please don’t ask me when/if I’ll be posting part 2. hope you enjoy!!  ❤

Words: 2,700

It was always you plus Jungkook and her. Never just you and him, and never him without his girlfriend. You’d known him for years, considered him a best friend and him the same with you.

So just why exactly did it have to turn out this way?

You used to see Jungkook almost everyday, and you understood adulthood getting in the way. Yet, that wasn’t it. Having a life still didn’t get in the way of not having time for Jungkook. She did.

You hated it, but also couldn’t help it. Of course, every little thing you and Jungkook talked about had to suddenly include her. If you’re joking around with him, teasing him, anything that may bring a goofy grin to his face, it would all be shut down because of her jealousy.

So you suddenly were no longer allowed to make Jungkook smile.

It was annoying at first, sure, but you couldn’t help it. Jungkook had begged and begged for you to just get along. Don’t snap back at her like you would to a drunken college student trying to stick his hand up your skirt. You’d always listened. Jungkook was your most important friend, you would do anything to see him happy, even if it made you ache physically at the sight of someone else being his happiness.

There were times Jungkook would show up at your place, late into the night as you scrolled across the internet carelessly. He would appear at the door, your spare house key dangling in the knob because he always forgot which way to turn it to unlock the door.

Tonight was one of those nights.

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Palace Skateboards Announces Collaboration with Bronze 56k

Shortly after having successfully launched its most recent collaboration with adidas Originals, Palace Skateboards has announced its upcoming team-up with New York skate brand Bronze 56k. Both known for their 90s lo-fi and low-brow iconography, the collaboration completely makes sense to us and we cannot wait to see what the two have cooked up. It looks like the Palace Skateboards x Bronze 56k collaboration will release on June 15. Soon we should be able to show you more.


Brow tutorial
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Brow tutorial using brow powder 🌸
Products Used:
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LASHES: @opvlashes Princess lashes.

SONG: Moments By Tove Lo 🎶

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Watch the Tide Rise: Father's Day

These are just quick glimpses into Liza and Harry’s life post-Sink. Feedback is lovely! <3

Just Anchor and Hope & When We Sink, We Float


Burnt toast wasn’t a pleasant smell, but it was the one I woke up to. I considered throwing the duvet over my head and going back to sleep, but the second I rolled over I heard the sound of shattering that a mug makes when it hits the floor. That was enough for me to swing my legs over the side of the bed and yawn. I was still half asleep, eyes barely open as I searched blindly for the joggers I took off last night.

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