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Hello! Do you have any artist Tae or artist Kook? Thank you!


Distant Dreams Jungkook is the sun. Taehyung is the moon.

(( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ )( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ ) One of my favourite fics ever, everyone and their mum should read this!)

Color Me Taehyung is an art student, always covered in paint stains, which he leaves all over Jungkook and their apartment.

(Very fluffy, very nice.)

Rich Bitch When you make six figures a year, Valentino isn’t that big of a deal.

(I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING. 10/10 would do again.)

Piece of Art The only masterpiece that has even remotely caught Taehyung’s attention recently is the new, talented (and incredibly gorgeous) junior who just got accepted into his senior art class.

Paint Me Pretty prompt: You’re a street artist and constantly paint on my nice house facade and every time I have it cleaned again you come back and redo it until I finally catch you and oh heck you’re cute and actually talented AU

The Only Lavender in My Life Was Supposed to Be In My Morning Latte  Jungkook is just a young, mildly asocial artist who has finally gotten the opportunity to be the illustrator of an up and coming graphic novel series. Lo and behold, the universe just aches to screw with him by sending him a little surprise in the form of Kim Taehyung; a man who literally embodies Jungkook’s wildest imaginations. 

Artist!Au’s are very precious and must be treasured. Please enjoy these anonnie.

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When I met Darren Criss' Parents

I went to see Hedwig on the 21st June with my sister, my best friend Ainjel and Ainjel’s friend Aleisha. When we walked in, we saw Darren’s parents in the lobby. I pointed them out to my sister and told her who they where. When I got to my seat, lo and behold, and I was sat next to Darren’s Mum (who is the sweetest lady). I sat down, said hi and told them that they have a very talented son. I asked them how many times they’ve seen the show and they said that it was their 8th time seeing the show. I said that it was my first time and I was there for my birthday treat and she said she hoped I enjoyed it. She said that the show was very raunchy and joked that they go to confession after the show. During the show, Cerina was the first to laugh, clap and raise her arms, and Charles kept whooping and cheering. After the show, Cerina asked me if I enjoyed the show and wished me a happy birthday. Then after seeing Darren, his parents came out stage door, Cerina recognised me and waved hi.

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Nickname: E-vay, Eevee, E

Birthday: October 17

Star Sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Height: 5′6″

Sexual Orientation: Straight (but goddamn Amy Rose and nanabriere you can make a lady question herself~ (๑◕ㅂ▰) )

Favorite Color: Aqua/Teal

Favorite Genre of movies/books: Animation! Sci-fi; Action-adventure

Untie shoes before taking them off: Only if they’re new

How many blankets I sleep under: 1

Humorous/Unique story: Last year, right around this time, my friend and I both recently had our hearts broken, and she saw that there were tickets for a charity event where they auction off firefighters to go on dates with you if you bid the most. Even though she and I both aren’t rich, we decided to do it (after all, it’s something to check off the bucket list!). We got all dressed up and looking fierce and I told her “Chels, you and I are getting dates with firefighters and we are not gonna have to spend a dime!” and she just laughed it off. Well, when we got to the event, it turns out she and I were the youngest bidders at the event, BY FAR! And I was wearing a bright red cocktail dress, and she was wearing a  gold/mint cocktail dress so we were very noticeable. And as the night drew to a close and the firefighters were auctioned off to the elderly women, they were released (lol) so they could mingle and LO AND BEHOLD! We got asked out :) NO BIDDING REQUIRED! (and I actually managed to score a FEW “dates” with the guy I really liked even though he was not interested in a relationship with me!)

Special Talent/Interesting Fact: (WARNING THIS IS GROSS) I have two toenails that grow perpendicularly out of the same pinky toe on one foot…

First Fandom Ever: Sailor Moon

Favorite Famous Person: The Hotel Trivago Guy

Favorite T.V show: Sonic Boom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bob’s Burgers, Monster High, Gravity Falls, etc.

Favorite Bands: Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, MCR, Bad Suns, Jared & the Mill, Marina and the Diamonds, Coheed and Cambria, etc.

Last Movie I Watched: The Box Trolls

A Trip: I fell in love with San Francisco last year <3

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Oh god I have some cleaning to do… 

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What I’m wearing: Work polo and capris

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People need to back off Carrie Fisher

Seriously you mother fucking shit sticks.
This woman is not acting for your viewing pleasure. Seriously, if you want to jack off, pull out your magazines, you self-entitled fucks.

Carrie Fisher is a talented actress. Carrie Fisher doesn’t need the approval of bored-ass fake nerd boys. Star Wars is not about “Babes” for you to objectify.

Do you know what I’m sick of? I, as a woman, am damn tired of being picked on and teased by boys and grown ass men for liking “geeky things.” According to them, I watch Star Wars because Harrison Ford was a hunk. I liked the Prequels because Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor were the hottest jedi buddies. This extends to Doctor Who, which I apparently only started watching because “hooooboy that David Tennant and his sexy hair.”

The Cis gendered male population, though– they really like these things. Like, truly, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who– this is man territory because sci-fi is their cup of tea, and no one understands it better than they do. They don’t partake of science fiction for such shallow reasons, such as wet dreams and fantasies.

But lo and behold! Here we have more GROWN ASS MEN telling a perfectly talented and REVERED actress that she is physically unappealing and therefore should quit the big screen because she can no longer satisfy the fantastical needs of nerd boys throughout the galaxy that only watch Star Wars because Princess Leia was a hot piece of ass.

The double standard is sick. The way you are treating this woman is sick. The way you would talk to another human individual is pathetic. Please, do us all a favor and suspend your online activity while you sit back and think about the way you treat people.

Lay off Carrie Fisher, and while you’re at it, re-evaluate the way you view all the other women in the media, because without them, most of the stories and genres you hold dear wouldn’t even exist in the same capacity that they do now.

Pretty Neat!

So, I don’t think I’ve ever shared about the connection that @nandan11 and I have….well, its Outlander related of course, but it’s pretty neat how it all happened.

Back when I was a new fan and didn’t really know the difference between shippers and non-shippers, I joined a lot of the facebook groups.  And at Christmas time one of them was holding a fan gift exchange.  I joined in, all excited.  It was one of those where you don’t share gifts with each other…so I would send a gift to a person but someone else sends a gift to me, and it was all supposed to be secret, so you don’t contact each other.  All I knew was the person’s name, and what their favorite book was and favorite character.

I struggled,  wanting to send knitted things because I’m a knitter, but didn’t know what the person receiving would like.  I finally decided to just go with my heart and send her a shawl, some mitts, a little project bag (with hedgehogs even!) and I think some peanut butter cups because her favorite book is Voyager and I was thinking of Claire’s pb&j sandwiches ;)  

I was thrilled when I heard from this lovely Outlander fan that she was indeed a knitter and was thrilled with her gifts.  I was so, so happy!!!  And then this dear woman sent me a lovely little gift in the mail, the most amazing Outlander bookmarks that she makes!!!  Time went on, I became a tumblr blogger, a shipper and in all of my tumblr shipper friends, I chatted and laughed and talked about a shared love of knitting with @nandan11  One day, I saw a post from @weencounterednowildbeasts of beautiful bookmarks she’s received from @nandan11 …. lo and behold, it was my gift exchange friend!  What a small world Outlander really is!

So anyway, that is my story of how I made a dear friend…one who is creative and talented and must be a great person because she loves Jamie and Claire. And those bookmarks are so special to me.  If you ever have the chance, check out her lovely things…they make me happy on sad days, or when I just want to sigh over Sam and Caitriona’s beauty


Ok ok ok TIME FOR AN ARTIST APPRECIATION POST! I got home today from having a lovely gift-wrapping extravaganza with the fam and LO AND BEHOLD my Christmas present to myself had arrived in the mail!!! The pictures above are of me being a doofus full of happiness and a more grown-up presentation of the art & parcel that said art came in.

Sha'an d'Anthes a.k.a. furrylittlepeach is one of my all-time fave artists and I’m a repeat offender of ordering every print she makes available in her Etsy store. Whoops. Anyways, she’s hecka talented and the artwork comes in packaging that’s SO NEATO. like she carves her own stamps from rubber??? and they’re beautiful?¿ and her handwriting is magical??¿?

And as if getting an order from her in the mail isn’t great enough, she was kind enough this time to include a print that I hadn’t even ordered. I mean WOW Sha'an thanks for being an Awesome Human <3 It made me really really happy and I look forward to continuing to add to my furrylittlepeach collection. I hope you have a lovely & wonderful holiday season!!

Everyone, go check her out.

[NETIZENS] 9muses comeback with “Hurt Locker”

1. [+1,318, -84] I’m still upset that Sera’s gone since she was the perfect center balance for the team in both visuals and talents. And media playing them as ‘model-dols’ doesn’t give enough credit to the high quality songs that they’ve been consistently releasing. 'Dolls’, 'Glue’, and 'Wild’ are all memorable songs ㅠㅠ Their new song really sounds like one that’ll stick to your ears so I really hope the best for them… There’s no other girl group that’s gone through as much as they have… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their comeback seems great visually and talent wise! Please let’s do well this time ㅠㅠ

2. [+1,047, -70] They look way sexier than those that try to show as much skin as cheaply as possible. I remember going to a late night movie once and seeing a bunch of girls with hot bodies sitting in the back and lo and behold, they ended up being the Nine Muses members when we got up to leave ㅋㅋ I said I was a fine and they were so happy. Kyungri especially loves her fans so much. They gave us autographs and hugs, best fan service ever. By the way, they’re super sexy…

3. [+814, -54] All of Nine Muses songs have been so good, it’s a shame they never got popular ㅜㅜ Their new song sounds good too so I hope they win #1, fighting!

4. [+517, -51] Wow, they look good!!!!!

5. [+476, -58] So classy looking

6. [+115, -4] Compared to other girl groups who just rely on using a popular composer for their songs, Nine Muses has always delivered quality wise. Let’s do well!

7. [+95, -4] Kyungri’s hard carry ㅠㅠ so sexy and pretty, this song sounds good so let’s do well

8. [+87, -3] I feel bad for saying making fun of all the stupid fanboys because I became one after seeing Hyemi…… sorry, parents.