lo behold i have a talent

When I met Darren Criss' Parents

I went to see Hedwig on the 21st June with my sister, my best friend Ainjel and Ainjel’s friend Aleisha. When we walked in, we saw Darren’s parents in the lobby. I pointed them out to my sister and told her who they where. When I got to my seat, lo and behold, and I was sat next to Darren’s Mum (who is the sweetest lady). I sat down, said hi and told them that they have a very talented son. I asked them how many times they’ve seen the show and they said that it was their 8th time seeing the show. I said that it was my first time and I was there for my birthday treat and she said she hoped I enjoyed it. She said that the show was very raunchy and joked that they go to confession after the show. During the show, Cerina was the first to laugh, clap and raise her arms, and Charles kept whooping and cheering. After the show, Cerina asked me if I enjoyed the show and wished me a happy birthday. Then after seeing Darren, his parents came out stage door, Cerina recognised me and waved hi.

[NETIZENS] 9muses comeback with “Hurt Locker”

1. [+1,318, -84] I’m still upset that Sera’s gone since she was the perfect center balance for the team in both visuals and talents. And media playing them as ‘model-dols’ doesn’t give enough credit to the high quality songs that they’ve been consistently releasing. 'Dolls’, 'Glue’, and 'Wild’ are all memorable songs ㅠㅠ Their new song really sounds like one that’ll stick to your ears so I really hope the best for them… There’s no other girl group that’s gone through as much as they have… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their comeback seems great visually and talent wise! Please let’s do well this time ㅠㅠ

2. [+1,047, -70] They look way sexier than those that try to show as much skin as cheaply as possible. I remember going to a late night movie once and seeing a bunch of girls with hot bodies sitting in the back and lo and behold, they ended up being the Nine Muses members when we got up to leave ㅋㅋ I said I was a fine and they were so happy. Kyungri especially loves her fans so much. They gave us autographs and hugs, best fan service ever. By the way, they’re super sexy…

3. [+814, -54] All of Nine Muses songs have been so good, it’s a shame they never got popular ㅜㅜ Their new song sounds good too so I hope they win #1, fighting!

4. [+517, -51] Wow, they look good!!!!!

5. [+476, -58] So classy looking

6. [+115, -4] Compared to other girl groups who just rely on using a popular composer for their songs, Nine Muses has always delivered quality wise. Let’s do well!

7. [+95, -4] Kyungri’s hard carry ㅠㅠ so sexy and pretty, this song sounds good so let’s do well

8. [+87, -3] I feel bad for saying making fun of all the stupid fanboys because I became one after seeing Hyemi…… sorry, parents.