sword art online [light novel moments 1/?]


It was like a voice from heaven. Shock coursed through my body. Please… please, don’t let this be my imagination - I begged as i slowly turned around.

She stood there with the burning sky behind her. 

Her long hair was drifting softly in the wind. But even though her gentle, smiling face was within my arm’s reach, I could not move in the slightest. It felt as if she would disappear if my gaze left her for even a second, so I simply kept staring at her in silence. She was also semi-transparent, and was the most beautiful thing in the world as she stood there, shining in the light of the setting sun. 


sword art online [light novel moments 3/?] - reunion

Long, flowing, straight hair was hanging down her back. She was wearing the same type of dress as Yui but more diaphanous. Thin wings extended elegantly from her back. Everything was illuminated in the brilliant red light of the setting sun.

I couldn’t see her face. However, I understood. There was no way I wouldn’t know. Like a magnetic force, my soul was drawn to her with a nearly visible flash that sparked between the two of us.

At that moment, the girl - Asuna quickly lifted her face. 


Sword Art Online Volume 9 – Alicization Beginning

“I was surprised that I was at this much of a loss just because it wasn’t possible to contact Asuna, but I also accepted this fact. As
during this past two years, I discussed almost all my decisions with her.

Now, without Asuna’s thinking circuit, my brain was like a CPU with half it’s core disabled.”