The Thing About ALW

So Andrew Lloyd Webber has been doing this thing where he’ll take music patterns from previous musicals and use them for new music in his new musicals. For example, ‘And the Money Kept Rolling In’ from Evita and ‘Skimbleshanks’ from Cats both have the 5/4 time and similar bass patterns. Another one I noticed is that ‘Dear Old Friends’ from Love Never Dies uses the same music style as ‘Prima Donna’ from Phantom, not to mention all the musical reprises from Phantom brought back for Love Never Dies. My music tutor and I joke that ALW “cheats” when he does this, but it is so convenient for me as a musician when trying to write covers for his songs. It took me about five minutes to figure out the little “beautiful” riff that Gustave sings every five minutes in LND. 

Quick sketch of one of my favorite scenes in LND

(click for better quality)