Hello, Flint Family! Hope you all are doing well today. I’m currently sitting on my couch, post-banana consumption, enjoying the sound of a quiet house. Lately I’ve come to appreciate the feeling of intentionally doing nothing. As a self-proclaimed extroverted, semi-workaholic, I’ve been trying to set aside a time each day to just sit. No phone. No computer. No books. No movement. Just the sound of the earth existing. Some may label what I am describing as meditation, but I like to call it ‘nothing time’. To me calling it meditation still feels like I’m doing something - like it’s yet another obligation to fulfill when in reality they are both basically the same occurrence. It’s always been interesting to me how titles can dictate something’s element. Like when a song has the word “two” or “you” but instead of writing the word out they use “2” or “u”. It changes everything.  During this time of silence it’s given me a moment to think about all the good things that have happened on the Flint front this summer. The most important being the milestone accomplishment of releasing our first EP, “Late Nights In Bolo Ties”, on Tuesday, August 6th (it’s available on iTunes in case you haven’t grabbed it yet!). This EP means so much to us as a band. Not only was it the first project we’ve worked on collectively as a four-piece unit, but it was the first release that I personally have ever had - and I’ve been regularly writing music for over 5 years now. It’s crazy how quickly time can pass. LNBT took years to make, yet It feels like last week that I was angrily sipping coffee, extremely disgruntled with my boss, & penning “Secretary” between arguments about whether or not camera footage got dumped onto hard drives properly. It feels like last week that I was having a conversation with a fearful American about how everyone should own a gun, causing me to lay awake that night writing sarcastic lines in my mind that would eventually become the lyrics to “Shotgun”. All 4 of us have grown with these songs - they’ve become threads of memories consisting of sweaty nights in bars hammering away at our instruments trying our hardest to make a room full of strangers feel comfortable enough to move. Lucky for us those strangers have become friends and for that I am forever grateful. This past year hasn’t been easy, but being able to dance  with what are now familiar faces all across the state has made every frustration worth it. Life is an incredible journey. Thank so you all so much for choosing to share a little part of it with us. Now that the EP is finished and out (Again! iTunes! get on it!!!), we’ve already begun planning our next project which we will be announcing soon. It’s gonna be big, friends. Like biggest thing we’ve ever done, big. Can’t wait to share it with you all! In the meantime, check the Facebook for some awesome shows that we have coming up - we’ve got one in pretty much every major Michigan city so there’s no excuse to miss out on Flint Family time.  Hope you’re all doing well and attempting to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. I recently spent some time hiking and fell in love with the feeling of being around trees. If you’re not into nature-esque activities, just remember: we shed about 1,000,000,000 skins cells per DAY - which means next week you’ll basically be a completely different human. I dare you to try something you’ve always thought you’ve hated. The new you may love it! Take care, remember that we’re all equal, and always talk to strangers (unless they appear dangerous). Love, Jax  (& Clay & Bryan & Mark) Flint Eastwood