In the rain, the sea foams.
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(presso Plage de la Coudoulière)

My Contribution to the Natural Sciences

There’s this thing. You’re born with it. You see it everywhere. You hear it. Everyone’s got it. Contagious. Soldiers on the front line bleed it. When you eat your favorite food you breathe it. It’s that last sip of your favorite drink. That moment when your favorite sports team wins. It is the strongest most powerful essence. Without it, everything would cease to exist.

I’m here to establish the fact that I have not created this element. I have not discovered it. But I am claiming to the first. The first to state the periodic table is wrong. I am not so naive to think that all life as we know it can be narrowed down to a couple hundred chemically individual atoms. No. You see our very existence goes beyond the physical world.

I know of something that can form bonds between to beings stronger than any ionic or covalent. It is both shared and given away. Every one can have it at once. It keeps us all in flow as people. Animals keep it too. It is limitless in expanse and in power. This mysterious element of nature (because it is natural) is not recognized by science.

It is the common factor among everything. People ask, what is the meaning of life? People ask, why this? Why that? We waste millions trying to fix problems of war, of poverty of anything. We research. We find trends and societal patterns. Looking for the commonality of it all. But the truth is this unrecognized element is the answer to it all.

Of course it can easily be tampered with. Human nature corrupts it. This element can become unstable, radioactive, but only because of impurity. Any attempt to alter it and disaster strikes. Nuclear fallout could happen. How could something so powerful ever be controlled? That’s easy. It can’t! It is attempts to control it that result in disaster. Attempts to recreate it out of our own selfish human desire which alter it. It must remain pure in it’s perfection. What is this element of eternal complexity, and yet general simplicity?