Let's Make This Last {Camren}

Lauren sighed as she went into her bedroom to change her outfit. Lauren walked into her closet and went into one of her drawers and pulled out a pair of soffe shorts, a cami and a hoodie. She slipped the hoodie over her cami and changed out of her leather shorts. She grabbed a pair of regular flip flops and slipped them on as she tied her long hair into a high pony-tail. Lauren looked over to her right and smiled a bit as she saw a picture of her and Camila on her end table. Lauren frowned a bit and she flopped on her bed and rolled over on her stomach as she leaned over and grabbed her phone.

A million thoughts ran through the brunette’s head as she scrolled through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and every other app she had. She felt like she was a completely different person now that her best friend knew her deepest secret that has been hiding since as long as she could remember. She suddenly felt weird and embarrassed. Lauren sighed. She always knew she was into girls but saying it and now having somebody else know, scared her. But she missed Camila more than anything and the fact that school was coming made her stomach turn so a movie night was just what the brunette needed. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud bell and she ran down the Jauregui’s staircase and ran to the door. “Hi!” She smiled a bit as she saw her best friend standing by the door. She shut the door behind her and moved over. “We haven’t had a movie night in months!” Lauren frowned as she looked over at Camila.