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Happy birthday, Kate Bishop!

And did I mention that Monday (December 15) was Kate Bishop’s MPU birthday? No, I did not, because I am the literal worst at everything. But it was, and as is tradition, I must commemorate this day with a (belated) ficlet!


Tommy tosses her one of the leftover sodas from the snack table (but only after his guard-slash-babysitter confiscates it right out of his pocket). “Happy birthday,” he says. “Next year, I’ll buy you flowers.”

“He won’t buy you flowers,” the guard assures her.

“You don’t know that,” Tommy returns, and the guard rolls his eyes.

It’s only after she cracks open the Pepsi and helps herself to a swig that she realizes the rest of the group is staring at her. “What?” she asks, wiping her mouth.

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Chain of Custody, Chapter 9: "Conversations and Interrogations"

“Chain of Custody”
Marvel fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 9: “Conversations and Interrogations”
Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, Amy Jimenez, Teddy Altman, Dot Barnes
Rated M for language and adult content; 10,452 words

The concept of causation is an easy one: you track events back until you find the one pebble that started the ripple, the event that set off the chain reaction. Bruce can track his life back and back, from Detective Munroe’s appearance in their home, to Jessica Jones’s meddling, to a fire a few miles away, to his settled family life with Tony and Miles.

He’s not sure how the links fit together, or whether the chain might unravel.

But that’s never stopped him and Tony before, now has it?

In this chapter, Bruce discusses the Pierpont case with Jessica Jones and life with just about everyone else. None of these conversations are particularly reassuring..

Trigger warning for a brief reference to homophobia. Also, I know Miles is a bit absent from this chapter, but we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the upcoming chapters. His role becomes very important on many levels. Watch this Morales-related space.

kinthinia  asked:

This summer I was reading Stucky and I stumbled onto the MPU and fell instantly in love with Clint/Phil and Tony/Bruce. I also have to say that as a social worker, I'm so glad Jessica does not get crucified or and is shown to be a good person in difficult positions.

Oh, thank you so much! Welcome down into this rabbit hole that never ends. Because every time I think it will end, nope. Nope, it refuses to go anywhere. (This is in fact a good thing.)

I freaking love social workers. Like, don’t get me wrong, I’ve personally met one or two who had their heart in the right place but lacked the temperament for that particular job (which I don’t necessarily think was either of their faults; I think with child welfare stuff, you don’t really know what you’re getting until you’re in the trenches), but oh man, I admire them so much because it’s a whole skill set I literally will never have. I mean– Nope. I could never step to that side of the child welfare aisle. 

So, yeah, it’s important to me that Jessica is just a person, working as hard as she can and making hard calls. And needing to deal with a lot of ups and downs. We’ll see another social worker in a later story (he popped up in CoC but I’m saving him), and I really hope that I can do the same with him, because– I think it’s easy to sort of blame social service workers for a lot of ills they didn’t cause, and there is something so sensible and practical and smart about Jessica Jones, I knew putting her in that role would help eliminate any chance for that to happen.

Oh, look, Kate’s child welfare feels are showing. What a shocker.

Regardless: thank you for the lovely comment! 

Diversions, Chapter 5: "Instinct"

Marvel fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 5: “Instinct”
Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Jessica Jones, Tony Stark, Peggy Carter, Darcy Lewis, Barney Barton, Derek Bishop, Thor Odinson, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner
Rated M for language and adult content; 10,648 words

Clint’s first year at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office introduced him to friends who became family, to a job he feels passionate about, and to the man he loves. In short, it changed his life in ways he never imagined possible.

But nothing guarantees that the good times will last forever.

In this chapter, two conversations about Kate Bishop leave Clint torn between two masters: his instincts, and the facts of this case.

Thank you for your patience despite my catastrophic calendar fail! Oh, 2014. Three days in, and you’ve spun me right ‘round, baby.

Sunday six.

I continue to be behind on AO3 comments on both AI&OD and now, Diversions. I will try to get those done this weekend. I am going to leave shortly to head home and will try to be productive there. Doubtful, but I will try. 

Diversions, Chapter 5: “ [ no working title ]”

Jones’s eyes narrow. “Do you have a lot of experience watching sixteen-year-olds squirm in court for the first time?” she questions.

Clint thinks back for a couple seconds to the first time the cops picked Barney up for smoking pot. Trick’d been angrier than anybody in the park’d ever seen him, and he’d dragged Clint outta school to sit him in the back of the courtroom while some old prosecutor rattled off the charges. “You and your piece of shit brother are fuckin’ worthless,” he’d grumbled before standing up and explaining how “the juvenile” belonged at home with him.

The Cardboard Hedgehog & Other Stories: “Sushi Night”

“I never said the logic was sound, but we’re bound to follow it until the supreme court says differently and—”

“‘Bound to follow it,’ do you even listen to yourself, you sound like a bloody appellate court judge!”

Leo jumps in again with a complicated child welfare comeback, and Grant glances at the woman next to him. Skye, who’s eaten more sushi than Grant and the two clerks combined and who’s polished off three glasses of sake, shrugs and helps herself to another piece of their dragon roll.

Grant sighs.

MPU One-Shot: “The Adversarial Process”

“Want me to keep looking?” Jasper asks, and she twists to glance back over her shoulder at him. He shrugs, his hands buried in his coat pockets. “I know a lot of places where homeless folks hang out. Somebody’s bound to know where the fuck she ran off to.”

Natasha forces a twitchy, unconvincing half-smile. “The judge won’t delay the trial any further. You know that.”

“Call it a welfare check. Just a guy who likes freezing his balls off for sport making sure whatever hole your witness burrowed in is a warm one.”

I also started an MPU one-shot called “Piercing the Veil” but as of right now, there is too little to share. It is mostly just an outline.

180 Days and Counting will appear at some point today, and trust me: it is gold.