femcombeferre  asked:

Oh my god there are nine amid and a cluster is made of eight people which ami wouldn't be a part of the cluster? Or alternatively maybe Marius is a part of the cluster he's just not really all that interested in Sensate things and two members of the Amis aren't in the cluster??? Idk I'm just really excited by a Les Mis Sense8 au

the way i see it not all of them have to be part of the cluster? like hernando and amanita and felix and daniela aren’t sensates but they’re all so important and then it gives you the opportunity to really consider who would be in a cluster

like enjolras talking back to one too many bigots and he’s In Trouble before bahorel’s just like. please sit this one out before you hurt yourself oh my god. and takes over

(naked grantaire appearing to enjolras at an Important Family Event and enjolras just. goes down.)

courfeyrac excitedly showing combeferre around his city, the two of them reliving his favorite memories

combeferre’s friends are concerned that he’s making out with the air. should this be happening? should they say something? maybe it’s a science experiment best leave him to it

and i really like the idea of the triumvirate being internationally brain-connected but what if only one of them is a sensate? and the other two just are like ‘you’re in moscow right now experiencing the life of another human being? huh. how’s the weather? (insert enjolras excitedly muttering about networking opportunities) 

marius wondering why the love of his life is having tea with no one but honestly just going with it because if she’s getting a visit from new dehli then he should probably clean up a bit, can’t have company like this