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embryos can’t talk. or think. they have no concept of existence, let alone death. they have no fears, no desires. if chairs could talk, they’d ask us not to put our sweaty asses on them, but they can’t talk, or even register their situations. abortions are made when in the womb is not even anything formed so you want to force women by the government to carry a rape child, child that will be born in poverty and miscarriage? how does it feel to be woman hater? you are not pro "life" u are profetus

Chairs are not alive. They are not living organisms.

Human fetuses are alive, they grow, they develop as a member of their species (homo sapiens). 

Newborns don’t talk either, nor do people with disabilities that prevent them from speaking.

You are proposing setting a bar for inclusion in the human family that would exclude newborns and people with disabilities. You are also proposing that you or some particular person or group should have the right to determine who is or is not a person. This is incredibly dangerous, as all of human history has shown us.

If you can say that a human needs to be able to talk and have a certain level of cognitive ability in order to be a person, then why can’t I say that a human has to be a 5′8″ woman with brown hair in order to be a person? That would include me, I’d be safe, but it would exclude a lot of other people. I don’t have the right to say that (nor do I want to), but you claim that you have the right to set arbitrary requirements for personhood based on ability and physical characteristics.

I propose that all members of the human species are members of the human family. 

You say that abortions occur when “not even anything is formed.” I highly recommend doing some research on prenatal development before taking this line of reasoning any further. The Endowment for Human Development has some great scientific resources for learning more. Keep in mind that abortions generally occur after the woman discovers she is pregnant. Most women don’t know they’re pregnant until 4-6 weeks after LMP (2-4 weeks after fertilization). After that point, most women take some time to consider their decision and possibly talk with their partner or other friends and family members before deciding to abort. Therefore, most abortions happen around 7 weeks LMP (5 weeks from fertilization) and later (7 weeks LMP is the earliest I’ve seen in four years of speaking with abortion-minded women). Abortion is legal in the United States until the moment of birth. Even in Texas, where I live, it is legal until 22 weeks LMP (20 weeks post-fertilization). I recommend checking out what a fetus looks like at 20 weeks post-fertilization

As far as someone giving birth to a “rape child”, meet Patti

Patti is a friend of mine (we worked together with pro-life efforts in California a couple years ago), and she was conceived in rape. This does not make her a “rape child,” “devil spawn,” or any of the other offensive names she has been called by pro-choice people trying to argue that she should have been aborted. 

Please stop calling people like my friend Patti “rape children.” It is extremely offensive and hurtful, and diminishes their value as human beings. 

Also, please look up the definition of miscarriage, I’m not sure that’s the word you meant to use. 

Hurting- part 2

Hurting - part 2  

 Hey guys- so sorry for the long interval in between the updates- I’ve been really busy lately - preparing for my clinic opening and also the arrival of my new nephew.

 So here is the second part of ‘Hurting.’

 You can read part 1 here:


Thank you lovely Sandra @omeliashipper for helping to proofread!


Owen winced as April wrapped his wrist in a bandage. It was sprained, and there were a few bruises and abrasions, but thankfully the xrays showed that his wrist wasn’t broken.

They were both in the currently unoccupied trauma room 4.

‘Care to tell me what happened exactly?’ April asked, intrigued.

‘ I fell down the stairs.’ Owen lied. ‘ I was looking at my phone when walking down the stairs- bad move on my part.’

April wasn’t convinced by Owen’s story. She had been working with Owen long enough to detect when he was lying. The guilty look on his face gave it away.

She didn’t want to pry though- so she played along with the lie.

‘ Oh? Did you hurt yourself anywhere else?’ she asked.

‘ No. Only the wrist.’ Owen replied.

‘ You sure?’

‘ Yes’

‘ Well- if you say so.’ April conceded as she finished bandaging Owen’s wrist.

Owen didn’t reply, pretending to seem interested in the tiles of the trauma room floor, which were still stained with the blood from the previous patient who occupied the room.

‘ You need to rest your wrist.’ she said. ‘ You can take the rest of the day off, Hunt, I’ve got this.’

April walked out of the trauma room, leaving Owen alone in the room, sitting on the bed with his hands covering his face.

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