Sound Exchange Introduction

Photo Credit :me, Zulma Aguiar for taking these Drake vs Red Grant; Drake the $50 million dollar man who has never just a woman in his rap songs SHOWED UP as an invited surprise guest, all humble, declined the VIP section, super humble, came on the stage to joke around with #1 Black Comedian #redgrant the ultimate host of #redgrantevents and the leader of #lmos #LaffMobb on Sunset (at The World Famous Comedy Store)


By @redgrant “#Blackouttuesday will be crazy This week at @comedystore 8:30pm ladies free before 9pm 8433 sunset blvd #redgrantevents #lmos http://youtu.be/AxNk4jVj7bM
Leave name and email of all attendees for guest list confirmation at info@redgrant.com” via @PhotoRepost_app


     ‘ whatever it is nia - i don’t want to. not going to do it nor do i care. ‘

kateri didn’t even bother to look up as her step sister walked into her bedroom, would have locked the door had she known ahead of time that the other was coming – because i know it would piss her – but because she was in a comfortable position, reading a book after she was done writing one of her entries down in her journal - she passed on the opportunity to annoy nia.

       ‘ say what it is you want and go play with something - like yourself. ‘

Lmo so I’m playing resident evil archives and I was fighting this big ass snake and I had no amo left and I had little life so I start to fuck him around with a knife so I would die with honour and I KILLED it!!!!
hahahahaha I can’t believe I killed that thing with a shitty knife i feel so great and powerful lol