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puppy--vomit  asked:

Is there any other fabric you like to use besides Aida? I'm super lost with what to use and thin cotton really sucks lol

thin cotton suuuuuucks for detailed embroidery

so I know I KNOW that other embroidery fabrics exist, I’m just very happy using aida because it works for me and what i want to do. though I can’t name a specific fabric/brand (i guar-run-teeeee my followers can – lmk guys), you are going to want a fabric that has little-to-no stretch (that’s why cotton and cotton jersey are out**) and a high thread count. Look for a fabric that doesn’t budge from the tension in your stitches, rather than a fabric that stretches to accommodate them. 

**and if you’re thinking, “but rebecca! i want to stitch on a t-shirt!” then i’d respond: use some felt backing

wikdsushi  asked:

I reblogged your post asking for money. I understand feeling trapped by disability, caught between debt and abuse. However, you would probably call me a TERF--I hate that term with every cell, btw--so if you want me to take it down, LMK. (This isn't passive-aggression or sarcasm. I just thought I'd give you the option.)

what are you hoping to accomplish with this ask exactly?