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hi may! anyways i was wondering about your views on the whole homosexuality issue, just out of curiosity. ALSO HOW DID THE PHOTO CONTEST GO I FORGOT TO ASK OMG OMG OMG

Hi Asya! First off, I feel like you should know about my religious background. I was a Buddhist by birth but I stopped being religious because some people contradict my habits and beliefs with religious rules, like pre-marital sex and wearing provocative clothing, etc. Also, I went to a catholic high school so I have a good knowledge on Christianity/Catholism. In fact, I was going to convert to Christianity but then there are also things that I don’t agree with, like, of course, gay marriage. And I don’t want to completely believe in science and atheism, and say god doesn’t exist. I mean I do love science, but you can't genuinely prove that there is no god. It’s a 50 - 50. So, I don’t belong to any religions, but I do respect them to some extent, I just don’t want to blindly follow a faith. Because it upsets me when there’s something that I don’t agree with (homosexuality) and religion just shuts me down, like no it’s wrong, you can’t do that. I am that person that goes “but why?!?!” , and a lot of people hate me for that. I want to believe in my conscience and empathy, not a set of rules. 

Going back to Buddhist people first, I don’t like how people blindly say that pre-marital sex is wrong because that’s what the religion said. What if I don’t intend to get married? Your partner might not be the first one that you have sex with but that doesn’t mean you don’t love him or you’re being disloyal to him. Basically, I agree with John Green’s opinions on that. Like, I know some people are against it but I don’t like their reason being “religion said so”. They don’t think twice about it. They haven’t even tried hooking up, how do they know they won’t enjoy it? I’m aware one night stands sound morally wrong but people should know that I have my own reasons and issues (my parents broke up so I am paranoid that boyfriend will leave me in the end, also made me see no point in getting married, I have trust issues and disorders, I can’t commit, etc) People should also listen to my issues, not just say, “hey, religion said that it’s wrong and you’re wrong”.

Provocative clothing? I know it’s against the “religious” rules but I do love wearing short dresses and low-cut shirts. They make me feel better about my self-image. People should know that it’s not entirely my fault that I turn other people on. If they get boners, then that’s their problem, not mine. Basically, I don’t appreciate how religious people are taking over my rights with their reason being “hey yo, religion”.

Okay so now, homosexuality. It makes me sad how a lot of people are against it just because the bible said so. Even so, it’s okay to go against it because you’re religious. But taking their rights away is not okay. What the westboro church doing completely disgust me. Like I said to Anna, if there was a god, he would be a loving and caring one. He would say, “Alright you guise, I think homosexuals are sinners, but it’s what you are, and I forgive you.” He would not call them fags, he would not bully them and he would not take away their rights to get married. If you think of it, we’re all sinners, and he would forgive every one of us, like a caring father does to his naive son. 

I don’t like how some people are throwing the bible at gay people and saying gays are wrong. I used conscience and empathy on this one. If I loved a woman and if I wanted to commit to her, then I’d be devastated if someone said “hey no you can’t get married to her, that’s wrong, the bible said so.” Like oh my god, I am  in love, do you think I care about the bible? I don’t mean it in an offensive way. Do you know that feeling when you love something, you just don’t care about what others think? Like my whole family hates my industrial piercing and tattoo, but I didn’t get them because the society thinks it’s the “new cool” but because I genuinely love tattoos and piercings. I know it upsets my mum but they make me happy. And she knows that. Other people look down on me, but it’s their problem. They can’t take my right away to do whatever I want with my body.

Similarly, with the homosexuality issue, I understand it’s sinful according to the bible. You have the right to say, “hey, it’s not cool. That’s not what I believe in.” But why take their rights away? Why pick on them? They need to put themselves in other people’s point of view sigh. They shouldn’t just say, “hey it won’t be my problem. Gays are wrong. I won’t be gay. And other people shouldn’t be gay. EH”. Get a little bit of conscience. It’s like my little cousin telling me he hates tomato sauce because it’s red before he tries it. Too vain. But my cousin is 4. People who are against gay marriage are adults. That scares me.

Sorry woman, it’s quite long. I just have a lot of feels. Gay marriage should be as common as the “normal marriage”. People are feeling a bit strange because it’s a new thing. I hope they stop throwing the bible around and get over it. 

EDIT: I also don’t like how people are unfollowing Anna because she said she’s against gay marriage. I definitely don’t agree on it. But people should put their feet in her shoes as well. I imagine she has a strong religious background and faith, not like me. It’s her opinion based on her conscience. oh my god people I can't 

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