LOVE ME HATE ME - Character Profile (Boys)


Name:Jacob Samuels

Nickname(s): Jake

Birth date: July 01, 1995

Age: 18

Sex: M

This is-: Jacob Samuels or Jake, known for being that arrogant, lazy yet popular kid that likes to skip classes and sleep all day. He grew up in a rich family and was spoiled by his parents, yet none of the presents given to him entertained him.

He’s great in a lot of things, especially sports: basketball, football, soccer and baseball are his major sports. Their school often wins against other schools because of his athletic talents. Because of all the winning, Jake tends to act full of himself which his friends don’t really like.

A lot don’t know, but he’s really sweet and kind. He barely shows it, ‘cause he thinks it will ruin his reputation. If only he knew that, that won’t ever happen.

Love interest: Jasmine

Closer to: Russell



Name: Russell Dean

Nickname(s): Russ, Russlly

Birth date: February 14, 1995

Age: 18

Sex: M

This is-: The rebel of the group, Russell Dean. He thinks life is a joke and everything around him is annoying (apart from his friends). He was raised by his grandmother who died shortly after he turned 6, then was taken care of by his step-mother who loathed him. He was like a Cinderella, only a guy version and not so happy.

Anyway, Russ is often quiet and loves to be around people he’s very close to (even if they’re sometimes too loud). He’s also very charming in his own rebellious way, making girls fawn over him. The most flirtatious guy in the group is him.

Other than that, he’s likes photography and hopes to become a photographer some day.

Love interest: Jasmine (Current)

Closer to: Jake



Name: Mateo Cruz

Nickname(s): Mateo, Matt

Birth date: June 04, 1995

Age: 18

Sex: M

This is-: Mateo, the genius or nerd. In the group or in the entire school campus he’s probably the smartest student there. He likes to read a lot and stay in his lab at home (yes, he has a lab of his own like Dexter) doing experiments and other stuff. He’s an A+ student since kindergarten and he’s never gotten a grade lower than that (maybe in P.E. though).

Mateo is often serious and doesn’t like being disturbed whenever he’s doing something. He’s also too paranoid about a lot of things.

Other than that, he is very cheeky and loves teasing his friends. He doesn’t often get along with Jake, but when the subject is about pranking they’ll get along well.

Love interest: None (Current)

Closer to: Alique



Name: Steven Fox

Nickname(s): Steven

Birth date: August 21, 1995

Age: 17

Sex: M

This is-: Tony Woods Western High’s student body president, Steven Fox. The school he goes to is actually owned by his family for 9 years now. Elections haven’t started yet, he’s already the president due to his father. Steven, among his group of guy friends, is the youngest although the most mature one. He’s responsible, sweet and adorable.

Whenever his friends (usually Jake & Mateo) do something that gets them in trouble, Steven would always be there to clean the mess up. He doesn’t mind at all, he finds it amusing somehow.

Steven is really a sweetheart and would do anything for his loved ones.

Love interest: Crystal

Closer to: Crystal

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