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I'm kinda new in being her fan but I really wanna start stanning her because she seems really funny on after school show can you give me some more information about her pls

ah ! i’m glad you want to stan, jimin’s amazing. here’s what you need to know to be a full fledged jimin stan:

  • to start with i’ll link you to all of jimin’s social medias: twitter, instagram (she tends to update on ig the most), snapchat: jiminxjamie
  • this is a good twitter fan account to follow if you want updates on jimin
  • jimin’s fans are called baby j’s
  • some basic facts is that she’s 19 international age n 20 korean age, she was born on july 5th 1997 and she goes by the nickname jamie a lot
  • jimin went on the first season of kpopstar when she was 14/15 and won
  • this is the video of her winning (it made me super emotional sdkfj)
  • this performance along with this & this are some of my favourite kpopstar performances she did
  • when she won she had the opportunity to pick between sm, yg & jyp for which company to join
  • she picked jyp
  • the money that she won from she show she donated
  • in 2012 she debuted in the duo, 15&, with baek yerin & the music video ‘i dream’
  • my favourite 15& performances:  x, x, x, x (ft yeeun of wonder girls).
  • this was when 15& were on weekly idol (its so funny i almost pissed myself watching, honestly)
  • 15&’s last comeback was with the single love is madness in 2014 (which they never promoted on music programs)
  • 15& have not had a comeback since then n yes all 15& stans are salty about it
  • jimin became a host of the show after school club, which airs every tuesday
  • she used to have a show on v app with bambam called bammin tv
  • jimin had her solo debut with hopeless love in 2015 though but she didn’t get to promote that on music programs either
  • later on in 2015 the unofficial self made subgroup/side group m.o.l.a that consists of jimin, seungyoun from uniq & their friend nathan released their first original song my way
  • they have a joint soundcloud account here where jimin’s released many covers & seungyoun & nathan have released their own things as well
  • she had a solo comeback this year with try, the title track of her mini album 19 to 20 (which you should listen to because all the songs are Amazing)
  • she didn’t get to promote try on any music programs either but she’s done promotions for it on various radio shows
  • this was the solo countdown she did on v app before the release of her music video with youngk from day6, bambam from got7 & yugyeom from got7
  • she’s made appearances in duet song festival & the most recent season of kpopstar as a guest judge this year
  • (i still want her to go on masked singer bt jyp doesn’t ever like to give baby j’s any gud things so, rip)
  • but to expand on what she’s like as a person i’d say she’s just a giant dork lmFAo
  • she makes everyone she meets feel so comfortable around her, n she’s really gud at making ppl laugh
  • An Angel
  • is bffs w everyone
  • is so funny? has so much variety potential if only jyp would get his head out of his ass long enough to remember that jimin Exists
  • such a talented vocalist honestly, her voice blows me away, hands down the best singer in jyp im ngl
  • everyone in jyp luvs her, got7, 2pm, twice, wonder girls, Everyone
  • bby girl’s got a heart of gold, so pls stan her w all u hav n support her in da future thank

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Queen Annabeth and peasant Percy headcannon?? (Like a forbidden love type of thing?)


  • When Percy first sees Annabeth it’s when they are about ten years old and holy shit Percy thinks she’s the most beautiful girl ever
  • Little Percy tells his mom that one day he’s gonna marry her
  • When Annabeth is young her father is trying to find a suitor for her but she is just super mean to all of them and pours wine on them lmfao
  • She likes to sneak away from the castle sometimes when she’s little and sits by the ocean
  • One night Annabeth’s father tells he she’s is going to be married to some boy very far away so she get upset and runs off to the beach. Percy gets there before her and is skipping rocks into the water, Annabeth is so upset she bumps right into him and they both go tumbling into the water
  • At first Percy doesn’t know what hit him but then realizes it’s a very pretty girl and not just any pretty girl, it’s Annabeth
  • So he starts apologizing and helps he out of the water
  • She’s crying really hard because she doesn’t want to marry a stranger and move away from her home so Percy asks her what’s wrong and she ends up spilling everything to him
  • Percy just sits there and listens to her, telling everything will be alright
  • After awhile they both return to their homes but not before Annabeth gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him to meet her here again tomorrow night
  • So they continue to meet up until she has to go and shit Annabeth really likes his peasant boy even though he smells like fish and probably hasn’t bathed in weeks
  • It comes to the day where Annabeth has to leave to get married and she cries into Percy’s shirt because she doesn’t wanna leave her stinky fisherman
  • Percy desperately wants to say “let’s run away together” but knows it’s a long shot so he keeps his mouth shut but it isn’t long before Annabeth is saying it and they are on their feet, running to Percy’s home to get a few things before running off.

Lol I kinda made Annabeth a princess sorry friend