100 Days with EXO

I still remember the very first day the news was released that SM would be putting out a new boy group, dubbed back then as M1. And now you guys are EXO, the most extraordinary group that SM has released yet, the best rookies of 2012, the most perfect and crazy mix of energetic and charming boys I have ever seen. You guys have come a long way, releasing teaser after teaser, and after years of hard work, all of it paid off. May you guys carry on to take the kpop industry by storm and sweep up all the rookie awards and charm every girls’ and boys’ hearts in this nation and throughout the world. I hope to see you boys continue on working with your dreams and passions for many years (forever). We will be behind you all the way. Congratulations EXO, We Are One.


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fuck its 4 am i haven t stayed up this late in…


haha yeah i guess i tell you to do that often enough, now it’s my turn lol

man, i miss being in the same timezone as you!!! seems like we can never interact without one of us yelling at the other that it’s way past their bedtime hahaha

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jumps the bandwagon and hands u my url a day later tbh


A WIZARD IS NEVER LATE, NOR IS HE EARLY, HE——Wait a minute. Wrong fandom, lmfao. Liam, you are a total babe. |: First of all, since Luke Skywalker is the collective son of this roleplaying community and of the good part of the fandom in general, I’d like to formally state I consider you my son as well because I totally associate Luke to you. It’s nice to watch you grow and interact with other people and you seem to be such a cool cookie ( I’m saying that a lot lately, watch out for your little limbs ). The Lukam party is the coolest, mkay. Everybody grab your sabers and let us protect our son from the bullshit this fandom produces.