Helena backed her fourteenth shot of the night. She’d been driving through Vegas after running away from home and she figured why not stop and blow half of the cash she’d stolen from her folks? The booze was provided from a number of girls–one in particular had caught her attention. Had her drunk enough that the redhead was rambling and laughing for hours. And then, she was making a decision she’d never have made in a sober state. Especially to a complete stranger. “Oh my fuckin’ god–y’know, y’know what we should do? We should totally go an’ get married.” Her tone was filled with laughter and hardly serious, but she meant it. 

khroma replied to your post: this inquisitor is literally too beaut…

what is this sudden change of heart you are CONSIDERING the black wall why. we are talking about the fictional man who inspired #replacestraightpeoplewithrocks2k15

heY blackwall does his best. he’s just a dad. a weird smelly dad who sometimes asks other people if they fuck ghosts

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♦ Stevo and Klaudia

Werewolves AU (i was like.. 80% sure you will ask me this one lmfao)

I took the very boring classic normal eh werewolf route with this because putting them into the shoes of my concept of werewolves would require way too much development lmfao

This doesn’t really go anywhere, but the meme said to just write an intro or something lmao so anyway;

(story below the cut, i’m sorry it’s terrible)

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ok i got bored today and decided to do a résumé workshop with a fuckton of my guys and holy shit i am ridiculously overqualified i could be the ceo of something
i am fluent in three fucking languages and know the basics of a handful others and i am fucking exceptional at supervising large groups of people and making huge, vital shipments and LETS NOT EVEN GET STARTED ON MY STATISTICAL AND FINANCIAL SKILLS