azsaszin  asked:

❛ You wear too much eye makeup. My sister wears too much. People think she’s a whore. ❜

Bitch, where???

“I’m not open to taking fashion tips from Mr. Bolo-Tie-With-A-Snake-Skin-Vest. Mr. Black-On-Black-On-Black. Mr. Must-Shave-Every-Morning-To-Attain-Perfect-Head-Smoothness.”

But, if I were, I’d tell you that mascara is the least of my existential problems right now.”

He’s definitely still going to throw away the tube when he gets home, though. 

If you don’t love languages, hear me out: my telugu friend had been affectionately calling me, a hindi speaker, “gundi” for 7 months. We didn’t realize until recently that the word has two completely different meanings in Telugu and Hindi, and that we both had completely different interpretations of her affection.

In Telugu, “gundi” means “smol/button/round/cute”.

In Hindi, “gundi” means “female thug”