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Famous musicians talk about Queen and Freddie Mercury.

this took WAAAAY too long to do but anyway can you guess who my favorite paladin is i bet you can’t

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So what's this about Simon Says being episode 10? Doesn't seem that big of a deal. Only ones out of place are the Origins on Netflix and those were always all over the place to begin with. That said, it shouldn't be too hard to navigate for any casual new viewer.

Well i mean… they’re not the only ones. i’ve only watched the first two eps, and already it’s got a pretty obvious error.

Ep1 is Stormy Weather, which is cool. It’s a good intro point cos it spells out a lot of things and the duo are still kinda clumsy/feeling out their dynamic. A+++ intro ep, 5 fists of the north star.

 But then… ep 2 is Evillustrator? For some reason??? Evillustrator opens with Nathanael drawing/daydreaming about saving Marinette from Stormy Weather and…what’s this, Alya as a villain? Does he not like Alya? what is this?

Now, as a person who has seen the show, I know it’s Lady Wifi. Cool for me, who knows why he pictures her this way, but for someone who has never seen it, it’s a bit confusing…like, gosh, what does he have against Alya??? But when the Lady Wifi ep rolls around, what? I guess he’s clairevoyant? lmao no, anyone with half a brain is immediately going to realize it’s just completely out of order, that’s all. and it’s off putting when that happens. [note: it happens on netflix with other shows sometimes too (usually an ep or two) and it’s always, always annoying]… all the other versions at least have some semblance of an order. Lady Wifi is before Evillustrator in every other country, for obvious reasons. 

and mind you i have only watched the first two eps, i’m sure there’s more and i’m justggfdjghdk

Okay sorry for that tangent lol. onward to your actual question… you asked about Jackady (Simon Says). And the thing with this episode, is that is heavily implies that Gabe has figured out his son is Chat Noir. 

[gifs from this post]


Very, very heavily.

There is no way around that. He knows. Hawkmoth or not, Gabriel at least suspects it’s the ring [which he knows about because he has a book on the miraculous]. 

Now…the problem with this being episode 10? It’s because after this, the rest of the season, he’s just gone. He’s not seen again until the final episode lol. Bubbler is episode 9 [so right before this one]. And Mr Pigeon [the only other ep he really appears in] is episode…5? 6? I forget. 

Again…Hawkmoth or not, it seems really…odd??? for it to be so early on lol. For him to know for all that time and do literally nothing about it. And don’t pull the “lol but he doesn’t care what Adrien does” cos i will fight you. He’s distant and yes totally neglectful and downright emotionally abusive [tho unintentionally i imagine] but he’s not a heartless monster. He cares about his kid.  

But yea, originally it was episode …18?? for the english version [according to the wiki], which is a bit better. French version was directly before Volpina, the ep in which he is studying the book with the miraculous in it [probably researching whether or not he was correct about the ring lol]…it’s just like, the further away from Volpina the ep is, the less sense it makes to me??? It loses it’s relevance the further away it gets, so it just really fuckin baffles me. 

Also, as a personal note, i could honestly ramble and rant about the Agreste family drama for days, cos it’s literally my favourite aspect of the show… i love it more than the love square, i love it more than fuckin adrino and chloenette, i love it more than butts i love it more than air. so just… mashing it all together right in the beginning, instead of spreading it out and letting it breathe a little…. idk it just fuckin gets to me ok? it bothers me a lot.

But maybe that’s just me tho.

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my favorite mansplaining experience is that time I made a post expressing hope about future cures for type1 diabetes and some elitist dude from the depths of tumblr tried to mansplain insulin usage to me even though I’m a type1 diabetic

because of that one vine

cranes in the sky | vylad and cadenza

summary: i gave myself 20 minutes to write a quick character study between vylad and cadenza based on a random song on spotify– and i wish i could write more but i love how this came out

a/n: anyways i love writing cadenza being able to yank people’s chains but never can push vylad’s buttons lmao. it’s never mean spirited tho. 

“You look absolutely dreadful.”

Pulling her scarf away from her head, he watches as fiery curls fall out from under and a dazzling smile that sparkles, toothy and wide. Cadenza didn’t even bother asking to come in— though she angles her limbs with poise and grace, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t drop the act when it suits her. Like now.

He makes a noncommittal sound, acknowledging her presence but nothing more, eyeing her carefully as she shuts the door behind.

“This place is filthy,” she comments, bending down and in her hands, a tunic crumple and desperate need of washing. She cringes at the smell that hits her, tossing it to a corner, continuing to inspect the room, “how do you live like this?” Truthfully, I don’t do much living. But he doesn’t answer, because she only speaks in rhetorical when she judges—and the way her blue eyes look around distastefully, she’s doing a critical job as well.

Maybe that’s why he never bothers kicking her out when she comes. He couldn’t care more if she’s Irene, much less a Lord—his personal space is his personal space, a statement he makes when somebody overstays their visit. As she picks her away through the room, touching his belongings and… the belongings that weren’t his but might as well be at this point, he never could bring himself to say “Go” in the soft tone that make most hesitate and abide his simple dismissal of their presence.

Frankly, even if he tries, she would probably regard him for only but a moment and shakes her head, replying “No.”

Rubbing the dust off her fingers, she gives a sigh as she delicate sits on the bed edge, neatly folding her hands in her lap and she quirks a smile.

“Passivity bores me, Vylad.”

He notes how dark the bags under her eyes is. “Does it now?” he considers her a moment, before shutting his eyes, “I don’t usually respond to childish jabs.”

She huffs out a laugh. “Humor me, for a moment; we do this every time.”

“No, you do. I simply sit and either listen you fret,” he sticks up one finger, “nag” another finger, “or, as you are doing now, says statements both true but meant to get a rise,” he says bluntly, holding up the last finger.

“Okay, okay. You made your point,” she pushes the hand back down, and he could hear the scowl as she talks, however good-naturedly she actually takes it, “but I’m actually not here to bother you.”


“I’m here to talk.”

His eyes flutter open again, a grimace already on his lips. “News reaches you fast.”

She laughs again, though hollower than normal and a tinge of annoyance to it as she turns more to him, “Matters of my brother and his love ones are one of top priority to me, as you’re aware.”

“Not a proper thing to have as a lord,” he lightly chides.

She shrugs, “A criticism I often hear but I take it over being cruel and power craving, should I not?” she smiles momentarily. “Now, will you humor me?”

He inclines his head to the side, looking her in the eyes with feign half-interest; but what little she knows of his body language, she knows this means he’s considering what she says.

“Good,” she smiles bitterly. 

He sighs, already regretting the choice. “Is it now?”

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you know … we’re halfway through season 2 so i don’t want to give thex Too much credit at this point, but over two seasons we’ve had 5 named lgb characters and only one of them is dead? and one of them is literally one of the main characters? that’s not bad, so far, for a genre show