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Yoonmin -- 69 (P.S.: I love your blog!!!)

Pairing: yoonmin

wordcount: 577

Genre: fluff, coffee shop!au (kiiiiind of lmao)

Summary: Jimin may or may not be flirting with Min Yoongi

Note: Thank you!!! I’m so sorry this is really extremely long overdue ahhh h!! ;A; it’s kind of short too but I hope you’ll like it anyways,,, if u even remember that u requested this OTL

- admin Vaseline

69 - “Quit flirting.” - “I didn’t mean to-”

There were certain habits that Jimin had which he couldn’t help. 

One was the way he scrunched his nose up “cutely”, like his friends so fondly put it- He wouldn’t even have known that he did that had it not been for his friends pointing it out, cooing about how he looked like an adorable kitten whenever he did that.

Another one was the way he absentmindedly nibbled at his own fingers, Taehyung mentioning something about oral fixation- Or the way he put his heels together when he was standing, or the way he hid his huge smile behind a hand, or the way he apparently sits like a child with his hands on his knees-

Simply put, Jimin had many habits he was unaware of. Which often landed him in awkward and embarrassing situations.

So it wasn’t a surprise when he leaned against the counter and propped his chin up on one hand, an easy smile on his lips as he gazed at Min Yoongi, his newest friend, while fluttering his eyelashes, unknowingly coming off as coy. 

Jimin was working at the coffee shop on campus and there weren’t any customers he needed to attend to, so Jimin took the liberty to start a conversation with the older man that was there to work while having easy access to coffee. 

Jimin came off as flirtatious when in fact it was just his own way of giving someone attention, his body automatically adapting a certian pose and open demeanor to show that he was listening and noticing the person.

Obviously people always misunderstood and Jimin was left clueless whenever they tried to flirt back, not understanding why they started doing that all of a sudden when Jimin was just being friendly. 

Fluttering his eyelashes with a sweet smile on his lips like the cute dongsaeng he is, Jimin says, “So what brings you here today, hyungie?” 

Letting out a grunt while his deft fingers typed across the keyboard, Yoongi only spared the barista one glance before focusing his gaze back on the screen of his laptop again. “You know I’m only here for my beloved Americano, Park Jiminie.”

Jimin giggled and tilted his head to the side in curiosity, “What are you working on?” 

Yoongi hummed and this time looked up to watch Jimin’s face, seeing the way the younger man bit down on his plump bottom lip before a tongue peeked out and swept over it. 

Jimin thought that he had something stuck to his lip and tried to lick it off. 

Yoongi thought otherwise.

Jimin blinked innocently when the older man in front of him frowned.

“Quit flirting,” Yoongi grumbled out as he watched Jimin startle in surprise, his frown deepening when he noticed the flush spreading across the younger man’s face. 

Jimin blinked in bewilderment as he spluttered out a “W-what? I-I don’t, I didn’t mean to-”

Yoongi only sighed deeply as he stared into Jimin’s wide eyes with an easy smile playing on his lips. 

“I don’t like playing games so quit flirting. If you want to go on a date with me then just ask me, I won’t say no to you.”

Jimin’s cheeks heated up even more and embarrassement bubbled inside of him- but the way Yoongi was smiling softly at him along with his dark, gentle eyes that looked at him made it all less awkward. Jimin also realised that Yoongi was being playful.

While Jimin didn’t normally flirt, Jimin had kind of flirted with Yoongi this time around.

A/N: flirting doesn’t mean that you’re playing games I just realised that what I wrote is bs lmao but yeah lets pretend yoongi is just playfully saying it lolol

(this whole fic is a plothole)

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How about Lotor fighting Pidge for the privilege of being the #1 Klance shipper?(ofc Pidge wins)

(this argument is probs still happening to this day)

pidge for #1 klance trash 2k17