lmfao this dude is my hero

Okay but, imagine the text interactions between them… like

Deku would probably reply straight away. He is really responsible with his phone. If any of the class a kids are in trouble. They usually text him first because they know he’ll see it

Meanwhile Ochako has nicknames for everyone in her phone, never their actual name. “You just got a text from… sonic… the hedgehog???” “Oh! That’s just Iida-kun!” Everyone “hates” the nicknames she gives but they actually love it

Iida tries to be good about answering his phone but he tends to forget. There is never a typo insight… he does love to use commas tho

Bakugou sucks at responding. He’ll read the message and be like “okay” but never send anything back. He read it, that’s enough

Kirishima is the best person to text for advice. He is a happy boy who uses text lingo. Once, he called All Might “loml”… Deku had to google what it meant

Momo is prompt to respond. Doesn’t beat around the bush which can come across and confrontational. Sends “K” a lot, that really pissed everyone off at first

Todoroki loves using ellipsis. Mainly because he uses them to fill the gaps while he thinking of what to respond. Tends to type really fast and has a lot of typos because of this

Tsuyu isn’t a big texter, unless she really likes you. Aka Ochako or Deku. You hardly hear back unless you’re those two

Kaminari uses a lot of text lingo. “Ttyl. Lol k. Oo y tho. lmfao rip dude” Stuff like that. If he doesn’t know what to say back, he just sends a picture of pepe

Jirou is actually a big texter if you’re one of the girls. She sets up group chats with the class a girls and always responds. She’s the one who always listens to the music the girls drop in the chat

Mina would rather talk on the phone because typing is “hard”. The girl has a lot to say. (she’s bad to get excited when she sees a text and has accidentally ruined 3 phones bc of this)


i dont ship nico di angelo with anyone and its not like i dont want him to be happy or whatever its because he is too good for literally every dude in the entire pjo/hoo universe (especially for white protagonist trash guys percy and jason lmfao). what i want for nico di angelo is for him to ollie out of this godforsaken childrens book series and run around in a black/white detective noir universe where he solves murders by talking to the ghosts of victims or whatever.

before shippers jump me, i think solangelo is ok. i mean i dont ship it ofc but im glad my homeboy is getting some ass.