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enjoy your cars.

not driving it hard because you wanna keep it in good condition for the next guy who ends up buying it, it’s like not fucking your girl because you wanna keep her “in good condition” for the next dude. DON’T BE STUPID ! - boostlust

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Namjoon might not know it? But he was born to b a dad. Like have you Seen??? The way he dresses and talks and acts and Just. Jgfjfjrkrjjrjrjrjrhehfgrgfehdhejfhejfhr

Namjoon as a baby:

Namjoon: d-duh-duh
Namjoons dad: say daddy for me namjoon
Namjoons dad: one more time! U almost got it bud!
Namjoon: dy-di-disappointing
Namjoon dad: what did u
Namjoon: u heard me
Namjoons dad: son I don’t-
Namjoon: it’s disappointing how u lived ur life to please others. I wish u followed ur dream instead and lived your life freely. Stop putting people’s opinions of you on a pedestal. You have one life to live one heart to give. Do it without regrets.
Namjoon: d-DadA
Namjoons dad: single tear rolls down cheek

We should get going though. Morning is probably in just a few hours. And if we don’t have Energy runes, we’ll have to get our energy the old-fashioned way.“ย 
Mark looked puzzled. ’‘Drugs?”
“Chocolate,” Emma said. “I brought chocolate. Mark, where do you even come up with these things?”
Mark smiled crookedly, shrugging one shoulder. “Fearie humor?
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
  • Mina: Momo, can you help me with this?
  • Momo: I can only do the toilet paper thing.
  • Jeongyeon, Nayeon, and Jihyo: *instantly breaks out high pitched trap-style singing* I can only do the toilet paper thing. I can only do the toilet paper thing. *insert disc spin noise and other sound effects* I can only do the toilet paper, paper, paper thing!
  • Sana and Dahyun: *jams along plus dabs*
  • Maknae line: *judges*