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Mouth Fingers Ankles

Mouth: Do you want to kiss anyone right now? 

  “As a matter of fact, I don’t at the moment. A strange occurrence, I’ll admit, but I’ve been under the weather lately and thus, not feeling up to being romantic with anyone in particular.”          

Fingers: Do you play an instrument?  

“No longer, but I was once adept at the piano forte, and I attempted to learn guitar during my rebellious phase in my late teens, though that went nowhere rather quickly.”            

Ankles: Have you ever been arrested?  

“By civilian police, no. Not in any country I’ve ever visited. By military police, yes. Once in Sarajevo and twice in Berlin. One time of each was ruse-based, and meant to happen in order to put me inside the prison I was tasked with infiltrating. The third time, the second in Berlin, was entirely by accident, after I celebrated far too heartily after a successful mission, and found myself on a once-thought-deserted base, partially undressed and covered in chocolate sauce. The MP’s were surprisingly lenient. Arthur was less so.”        

Preference #12: Meeting the Family

Niall: Confidence is key. Just be confident and be nice and they’ll love you. You can do it, Y/N. You repeated this in your head over and over during the flight to Ireland and during the drive to Niall’s mother’s house. Niall was constantly telling you that there was absolutely nothing to be worried about. He couldn’t understand why you would ever feel nervous to meet his family; He knew he was biased, but he thought his family was amazing. “I’ve told my mom so much about you already, Y/N. I know that she is well aware of how happy you make me, so I know she’ll love you.” He took your hand in his while the other hand was placed on the steering wheel. As you pulled up to the house that you recognized from photos he had shown you, you gathered up all the courage you could find, grabbed Niall’s hand into your clammy one, picked up the bouquet of roses you bought for his mother, and made your way up to the door. Before Niall even had a moment to knock on the door, Niall’s mother Maura opened the door and pulled her son into the biggest hug you’ve ever seen. “My boy, i’ve missed you so much,” she said as tears filled in her eyes and Niall’s smile reaching his ears. “Missed you too, Mum,” he started, “I’ve got someone for you to meet.” Without hesitation, Maura released her tight grip on her son and moved to you and gave you the same giant hug that she gave Niall. “I’ve heard so much about you, Y/N, I am so happy to have you here! I just know you’re going to fit in perfectly with all of us.” As you swayed back in forth in Maura’s embrace, you looked at Niall and how happy he was, and all of your nerves evaporated. “Come inside you two, Bobby is here and Greg is as well. Little Theo growing so fast! Wait until you see how big he’s gotten, come inside, come!” She said as she motioned us inside. Niall grabbed your hand quickly as his mother walked quickly into the house and gave you a quick kiss. “What was that for?” You asked, smiling up at him. “I just love you so much,” he answered, catching up to his mother with you by his side.

Louis: You had met Louis’ mom plenty of times before, yet you had never met any of his siblings. It made you so nervous to think about what would happen if one of them didn’t like you. You couldn’t imagine not being with Louis, but he had told you so many times before how much he loved his sisters and brother. What if you have nothing in common with them? What if they all find something wrong with you? While on a short break, he invited you to spend the break with him and his family. Although you were a nervous wreck, you knew this day would come eventually. Louis had heard you talking on the phone with your mother the morning of the day you were supposed to meet the rest of his family. You were asking her what you should do to make them like you, and that’s when Louis stepped in. Once you were off the phone, he came up from behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “The only way you’ll get the kids to like you is if you be yourself. The twins will love you because they’ll see I love you, Fizzy will love you because of how funny you are, and Lottie with love you because you guys have so much in common. Don’t worry, love. I’ll be right there with you.” So with that being said, you took the flight and the drive to his house, and was greeted by his twin sisters and his mother coming outside to greet you while the two oldest sisters remained at the door. “Dearies, I am so happy to have you both! Oh Lou, I missed you, come inside now, come inside,” his mother rambled on. You looked at all the people with warm and welcoming smiles on their faces and you knew that you were so lucky to be here. Daisy and Phoebe grabbed each of your hands and pulled you inside and Louis spoke to Fizzy while keeping his eye on you, admiring how your love is already radiating onto everyone else.

Harry: Harry was always talking about his family. He was constantly telling stories of his childhood and embarrassing stories of Gemma, and his family’s traditions. It was obvious to everyone that he loved them to pieces. You had spoken to both Gemma and Anne through video chats and phone calls, but it was the first time you were finally meeting them in person. Harry had gotten you all a reservation at one of his favorite restaurants in Holmes Chapel. You were nervously picking at your nails while Harry chuckled beside you. “I’m nervous, Harry,” you whined. “There is no reason to, you already know they love you; they say it all the time, Y/N!” I know, but what if they change their minds,” you countered with a frown on your face. “I’ll make a bet with you; if they love you, because I know they will, you have to buy me take out for dinner tomorrow. If they end up not liking you, I’ll have to pay. Deal?” he asked, putting his hand out. “No Harry, I don’t want to! I’m freaking out I really just want to impress them, you know?” he smirked at your response which annoyed to more than it should have. “Stop making that face Harry!” he laughed at your paranoia and pulled you into a tight embrace. “You don’t need to do anything to impress them, I promise.” His tight hug started to help your muscles relax from the tension you felt, until you heard someone shout Harry’s name from across the street. “Gemma,” he said as one of his hands was holding your and one was being held out for Gemma. She ignored the hand once she and Anne crossed the street and gave him a hug. “Missed you, little brother.” You smiled at their reunion, while Anne came to you and gave you a hug much like the one Harry had gotten from Gemma. “It is so nice to finally get to see you in person, Y/N. You are absolutely beautiful, Dear.” You gave her a warm smile and thanked her, and she switched positions with Gemma so that now Harry’s sister was hugging you. “I’m so glad I can finally embarrass my brother with stories when he was a little kid instead of it being the other way around!” You all laughed except Harry, who pretended to be hurt by his sister’s mean plan. “Hey…,” he said as you all walked to enter the restaurant. By the end of the night, it was like you had known Anne and Gemma for ages, which made Harry very happy.

Zayn: “Y/N? Y/N, please wake up, I have some important news…,” Zayn coaxed as you stirred awake. “What could be so important that you are awake at…,” you glanced over to the digital clock on the hotel room desk’s surface, which read seven o’clock. “I know its really early but my mom is flying in to see tonight’s show and I completely forgot that I had given these tickets to her as a part of her mother’s day present.” To say you launched yourself out of the hotel bed was an understatement. “Zayn! I need to get ready! What time is she going to be here?” He looked down to his feet and then back up at you before finally speaking. “She’s actually in the elevator right now…,” he said slowly. “Zayn!” You shrieked. “I need to take a shower! You’re mother can not meet me looking like this. You need to stall her, I –” The knock at the door interrupted your sentence and you and Zayn both just stood staring at each other in complete shock. Dressed in pajamas with messy bedhead was not how you wanted Zayn’s mother to meet you for the first time. “It’s fine, it’s fine, you look lovely, I’m going to open the door, alright? It’s just my mom, no biggie.” Your eyes went wide at his statement. “Just your mother!?” He ignored you and opened the door to a brightly smiling woman who jumped into her son’s arms. “Oh, my boy, I missed you so much, let me look at you,” she placed her hand on her son’s face examining him to make sure he looked the same as he did when she last saw him. “Mom, there is someone I want you to meet,” He looked over at you in the corner of the room, dressed in only his shirt and a pair of pajama shorts which did not match the shirt whatsoever. “Y/N, this is my mom,” Although you felt all kinds of awkward, it seemed as if she was the happiest person in the world. “I had no idea you were seeing anyone Zayn! You should have told me,” she scolded her son. “It is an absolute pleasure to meet you, Y/N. Will I be seeing you for breakfast, love?” she asked you. “Yes, uh, i’m sure we will! We will be down in a few minutes, we just need to get ready for the day,” She nodded. “Sounds perfect. I still can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this beautiful girl, Zayn! You, my son, are in loads of trouble. I’ll see you two soon,” she said as she gave the two of you hugs and left. As soon as the door clicked shut, both you and Zayn released the breaths that you felt like you had been holding for ages. “She is quite lovely, Zayn,” you said, smiling. “Yeah, yeah. She’s not bad.”

Liam: The first time you had met Liam’s family was when you were their waitress at a local restaurant in Wolverhampton. Regardless of that one time, you had never gotten to know them. That day was the also the first time that you met Liam, and after they had all left, you had noticed that Liam wrote his cell phone number at the bottom of their check. Now that you guys have been together for a while now, Liam was excited for you to meet his family officially. “My dad is so excited to meet you, Y/N. So is everyone else, obviously, but he won’t stop talking about it. I think you really hit it off with him the other day when we were talking to him on the phone,” You smiled, thinking back at the memory; You had been on the phone with his mother and father when Liam had returned from the bakery where he was getting you breakfast and the four of you were on the phone for hours. “I have to admit, Li, I’m kind of worried,” He looked at you confused before taking your hands. “What? Why? They’ve already said that we’re perfect for eachother.” You nodded, “I know, I know, I just really want them all to like me, especially Ruth and Nicola.” He kissed your lips a few times before finally replying. “Y/N, every single person in my family has been begging me to invite them over so they could finally really meet you. They are so excited, I know they’ll love you even more than they already do.” The conversation ended there, and a few minutes later, you heard car doors slam, indicating that your guests have arrived. They knocked quickly on the door, but before either of you were able to open it, the four of them had trotted through the door and threw themselves at the two of you. The whole night was filled with amazing food, a lot of laughs, and some great memories. When Liam’s family was leaving at two o’clock in the morning, Liam’s mother hugged you once more on the front porch. “You are so wonderful, Y/N. Thank you for being so perfect for my boy.” you blushed, and hugged her back. “Thank you for helping Liam be the amazing person he is today. I love him so much.” And that one sentence made all heads turn towards you, all with beaming smiles on their faces, including Liam’s.