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soulmate au with park jihoon?😉

thanks for requesting!!

- in this universe, whatever you write on your skin will show up on your soul mates skin as well

- the first time jihoon saw the ink on his skin, he almost fainted

- because one; after all these years, his soulmate finally communicated with him??? and two; you were a damn good artist 

- small doodles would litter on his arms or hands 

- and jihoon would get super excited about it!! even though he couldn’t draw well, he left compliments besides his soul mates drawing and hoped that was enough 

- but soon enough, there would be pretty portraits of flowers or little chibi cats that encourage him to get through the day(which jihoon diES for because it was so cute!!)

- even when he’s been practicing for hours, he sees the small encouragement from you and he’s like 

- ‘’where have you been all my life’’  

- and as much as he admired your drawings,,,jihoon felt like a sucky soulmate because he just jotted down random little notes or chores that he had to do 

- (okay but low-key jihoon seems like the person to be struggling during a test and would ask his soulmate for help lMFAO ) 

- ( ‘’hey,,,what’s the formula for quadratic equation again,’’

- ‘’aren’t you in the middle of an exam right now?” 

- ‘’,,,ple ase’’ 

- ‘’… ax2 + bx + c = 0′’ 

- ‘’thANK U,,i owe u my life’’ 

- ‘’how could you forget? please pass math u dummy’’)

- !! ok anyways, the two of you would communicate like that for a while 

- and while jihoon knows that all he has to do is ask to meet up for the first time 

- he’s?? scared?? 

- like what if you realize that he’s just a loser after all this time and someone who isn’t worth your time??

- but after some pep talk from jinyoung, he manages to scribble down wanting to meet you on his arm and just waits 

- (even tho we both know he probably almost fainted asking to meet them)

- and you know he almost screamed once he saw the words forming on his arm 

- ‘’yes!! lets meet tomorrow at carat cafe?? here’s my number,,,’’ 

- lets just say even the neighbors could hear jihoon screaming with delight at the thought of finally meeting you!!

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sooooo how rfa members and saeran and v (let's say he's not blind for this one lol) would react and what would they do if they were in a club and mc started to do a sexy/provocative dance for them in the middle of the dancefloor and they're just like, sitting at the bar watching her??? please give me life with this one 😍😂

~Oh man. Alright, here we go Coyote Ugly lmfao

◉ Yoosung

  • Of course he is blushing when he sees you
  • Almost falls off of the bar stool
  • Low-key glancing around making sure no guys are staring at you
  • While also taking pleasure in the fact that you’re looking at him
  • He feels so special!
  • But also…should he look away?
  • He’s never been in this situation before!
  • It’s flustering him, honestly
  • And you’re making him feel hot omg
  • His pants are a little tighter
  • Already imagining what he is going to tell the guild back in LOLOL
  • Taking mental pictures of you while it’s happening
  • He’s definitely going to remember this moment
  • When you finally walk up to him he doesn’t even give you a chance to say anything
  • Pulls you into a long deep kiss to try and get some of that built up passion out of himself

◉ Jumin

  • He is smirking
  • Just letting you do your thing
  • Took some blurry photos tbh
  • Enjoying every god damn second of it
  • Giving out those ‘yeah, she’s mine’ eyes
  • “the smolder” look (sry I HAD TO…HE WOULD)
  • Confident as shit about this
  • Nodding at everyone in visual range
    • “You wish you had that,” he tells a guy who has been staring as well
  • Alright though
  • You made a big mistake
  • Guess who is asking you to dance for him now on a regular basis
  • He’s already thinking of songs in his head
  • And outfits…

◉ Zen

  • His eyes are about to pop out of his head!
  • Cheeks are immediately flush
  • He’s taking pictures
  • Taking short videos
  • Taking selfies of him smirking with you in the background dancing
  • Enjoying the show for a moment until he remembers that you’re in public
  • And other MEN CAN SEE YOU
  • One is sitting right next to him, staring
  • Omg and two others are getting awfully close to you on the dance floor
  • Okay, now he is in protector mode
  • Leaves his drink at the bar and jumps up to dance with you
  • That way everyone knows you belong to him
  • Plus
  • He’s got some moves of his own he’d like to show you ;)

◉ Jaehee

  • She turns around to see you dancing out there, looking at her
  • OMG
  • She chokes on her drink a bit, honestly
  • It’s suddenly hot in this club
  • You look so amazing
  • She can’t take her eyes off of you
  • Had no idea you could move like this
  • Okay…
  • Some idea… ;)
  • Is she smiling a little bit?
  • Yes she is
  • Trying to keep a straight face, though
  • Hears some guys at the bar talking to each other about approaching you
  • Then you make your way over to her and give her a big kiss
  • The guys are now cheering you both on
    • “Maybe we should make our way home,” she suggests with a smirk

◉ Saeyoung

  • Wow
  • He did not expect to see you out there dancing like that when he turned around with his drink
  • Chewing on his bottom lip while watching you
  • You were looking good af
  • He was honestly fine sitting back and enjoying the show tbh
  • But some guy got behind you and started to dance with you
  • Oh hell no
  • Chugged his drink and made his way over to you
  • Wedges himself between the two of you to kind of give him the hint that he should scram
  • He actually likes this song
  • So he starts to dance, too
  • And you guys have a little sexy dance-off out on the floor haha
  • He’s actually not being goofy?? It’s actually pretty hot and like a Chippendale’s level of moves
  • But then he had started to remove clothing and the bouncers put an end to it
    • “Sir, put your clothing back on or I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

◉ V

  • Where’s that gif of him Viktor

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  • Ah yes, there it is
  • That’s exactly what happens when he sees you out there dancing like that
  • He had no idea???
  • How did he not know this?
  • He was not prepared ok
  • Once he gets over the initial shock he is really into this, honestly
  • He actually chuckles and gets a sideways smirk while watching you
  • Crosses his legs and slowly sips his drink while you dance
  • Beaming every time someone at the bar makes a comment about you
  • Looks over at them all cocky
  • Eventually joins you when he finishes his drink
  • Grinds up behind you and pulls you close
    • “I’m so lucky that you’re all mine,” he whispers in your ear
  • You don’t make it all the way home before he has to pull the car over because he is thinking about it so much

◉ Saeran

  • Well, shit.
    • “This is interesting,” he mutters
  • Cocks his eyebrow and is now chewing on his drink straw while watching you
  • Low-key making sure no one tries to grind up on you or he’s going to punch them
  • Trying his best to look nonchalant about it but inside he is sweatin’ tbh
  • Tapping his foot to try and keep chill
  • How dare you do this to him
  • Puts his drink down and just gets up and leaves through the crowd
  • You’re confused?? Where is he going?
  • You end up going after him
  • Moving through the crowds of people when a hand grabs your arm and yanks you
  • Saeran has pulled you into the bathroom and locks the door
  • And…well you know lolol
If V was your boyfriend...
  • alien couple
  • him playing with your hair a lot
  • “jagiya, can i do your hair? pleaaasseee?”
  • him singing the most random things
  • he’ll walk around the house singing “i really love eating candy~~” for like no reason at all
  • you guys get really cute couple bracelets
  • like they have your anniversary and then each other’s initials aW
  • you guys always babysit your younger siblings/cousins/nieces/whatever cause he thinks that they’re the cutest things ever and always volunteers for the job
  • whenever you’rer on the phone with your mom he’ll take the phone and be like “hey mom.” and just have a whole conversation about her neighbor or something lmfao
  • “y/n did you know that your mom’s neighbor keeps throwing things into her  garden? yeah i know it’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.”
  • he lets you put makeup on him when you’re bored
  • once you contoured his face so much that he looked like he had a serious disease because his features were so hollow
  • if you’re napping, he’ll wake you up and ask you to play a game or something with him. 
  • “there’s this thing called night for a reason. so you can sleep.”
  • him trying to make a joke, but laughing so hard that he can’t say it
  • and you end up rolling on the floor just laughing at him laughing.
  • the two of you acting weird together
  • and all of bts just sitting there like “wtf is going on”
  • him trying to teach you how to sing like a pro and you’re singing totally off key on purpose just to see him laugh 
  • once jungkook walked in while you were trying to sing and it physically pained him
  • • long ass cuddle sessions on the couch where you watch movies and laugh your asses off
  • if you’re waiting somewhere you guys will look up pictures on google and do the “that’s you” thing (don’t act like u don’t know what i’m talkin about. u know u nd ur bestfriend flippd through that textbook and pointed and said “that’s you”)
  • “no, no, that’s not me. that’s yoongi.” when u see a pic of a sloth lmfao
  • “i hear you guys talking about me…” - yoongi
  • “hey y/n have you seen my-”
  • “it’s in the third drawer, tae.”
  • “no its not! i’ve alread- wait, there it is.” 
  • basically you guys being cute nerds together ok
Jinki sexts the other members
  • Jinki: Fuck, I'm so hard right now
  • Jonghyun: ????!!
  • Jinki: wow oops not for you guys..
  • Jonghyun: he means slut in a good way, hyung. :D
  • Key: was this really an accident or were you just trying to see if there were any takers?
  • Taemin: I don't even sext and I'm like slut royalty lmfao
  • Key: I volunteer Minho as tribute
  • Minho: tribute for what?
  • Jonghyun: slut royalty ㅋㅋㅋ you are a prince *tremble tremble*
  • Key: Minho bae Jinki is having a HARD TIME sleeping you should go cuddle him
  • Minho: you guys I DO know what "I'm hard" means....
  • Jinki: you guys have literally ruined my entire night I'm deleting you all from my phone
  • Taemin: slut
  • Jonghyun: ㅋㅋㅋ

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I like the lyrics too but hate the sound of the song. Honestly the lyrics are kinda sad, I feel like it really would have worked as a slow song like "honey I rose from the dead I do it all the time" "maybe I got mine but you'll all get yours" give me an acoustic version of this song asap

the lyrics are pretty good which is why im mad that she didnt take production a bit more seriously lmfao… like…. i liked a good chunk of the lyrics tbh 

But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time

I don’t like your kingdom keys
They once belonged to me
You ask me for a place to sleep
Locked me out and threw a feast (what?)

I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams

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Lmfao that is so true. Taylor is impatient. She adores her bae she can't handle one more minute without her. You can tell the security guard was shitting bricks. I'm guessing this is not the first time she does this with Karlie Lol.

not the first time and she probably got mad at her security one time they brought her wife late lmao i’m sorry but this is what you do when you’re high key dating someone everyone knows she’s dating karlie lmao