lmfao idk how to tag


Sobs I had a lot of fun drawing this?? I drew @cosmiipu ’s monstersona and my sona Rolo from like 16764134 years ago havin a lil chat™ together. Honestly poor Mint cause like,,, Rolo is so annoying im dead
There’s only iCE LEFT stOP SLURPINg Hfhsbsb

lovino takes partners out 2 drink with his sibling and horrible german, regrets decision, life, etc.


In the name of asexuals, I will punish you!

An anon asked me what my favorite colors are (purple, white, and black) and itstimetodrew was like “you should be the ace magical girl” so that’s what I became B^)

not 2 be fake deep but the whole “if we create AI it’ll turn against us and kill/enslave/destroy humanity” trope is so funny to me bc like we as a species literally associate “being really smart and strong” with “will destroy everything in our path and thoughtlessly hurt and kill and enslave others” and its like…… hmm ok…

not to mention like 9/10 times the setup is “humans treat AI badly so it turns against us” like ur fear is literally that we will be so shitty to robots that… robots get mad at us for being shitty and treat us like we were treating them…

like no matter how u spin it that trope is literally “human beings are scared that the things we create would be as terrible as we are” jfc