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Whatever you make of this, go for it. I have a request for MC x Saizo's sister Yuki. She's been on my list of female voltage NPCs that I desire that we will never have routes of for a while now. So, SFW or NSWF, I just want to see what you do with that pairing. Thank you ♥


here i put my gay lil heart into this it was fun af thank u for this Good Ass Prompt

nsfw under the cut as usualllll

Afternoon Affections

  • Yuki’s just like her brother in that she likes to tease a lot, but she’s a lot less sadist and a lot more sweet because she likes to spoil her sweetheart. Thinks MC is just the cutest thing and would kiss that girl silly if MC would let her–we’re all surprised MC hasn’t passed out from overheating after all of the teasing she gets.
    • Yuki also loves giving her compliments just to see her flush red.
  • MC was pretty self-conscious before she and Yuki were together in any way because 1) Yuki is Gorgeous and Sensual and 2) would Yuki look her way? Maybe? MC thinks she’s so inexperienced and plain in comparison…
    • Joke’s on MC because MC is literally Yuki’s type–cute, easy to fluster, and earnest as they come.
    • Yuki reasons she’s got a lot of time to convince MC otherwise, of course.
  • They talk a lot? Yuki’s not the type to go into something serious unless she can ensure she and her partner are on the same page–secrecy is for casual affairs. Though she doesn’t exactly give out all of the details of the things she does for confidentiality, Yuki is fairly honest with what her job entails–seduction and assassination being two big things–and if MC asks about what happened during her mission, Yuki will tell her. MC has adjusted fairly well to the reality Yuki lives in, and they meet halfway.
  • MC asks Yuki to train her in self-defense. At first Yuki is apprehensive about it, because she doesn’t like the thought–but she’s a realist before she’s ever an opportunist, and in Yuki’s line of work, she knows MC could easily be put in danger should anyone know details about Yuki’s relationship with her. It’s only natural MC should learn the basics, and the art of escape.
    • Yuki’s not exactly a nice teacher, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t take advantage of the situation sometimes to feel MC up LMFAO.
    • MC’s torn because she likes the attention, but Yuki! I need to concentrate, or I’ll never get this right!
  • Sometimes Yuki doesn’t sleep, and MC knows it a little too well. She’ll hear pacing down the hall and then see an ever familiar silhouette come by her door–usually Yuki will walk through the entire castle until morning comes on those nights, and it worries MC a lot. So when MC sees her pass the door, MC stops her and brings her to the kitchen to make tea and talk in quiet, bated whispers–then MC takes Yuki back to her chambers, and they lay like that throughout the night. 
    • Yuki doesn’t always sleep on those nights, but she feels so content having MC in her arms that she can forget a little about how tired she is the next day.

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lovino takes partners out 2 drink with his sibling and horrible german, regrets decision, life, etc.

yoooo @kaitlinliveshere tagged me to share 10 songs i’ve been listening to lately! i just got back from vacation in which much of my listening was limited to what i had downloaded to my phone lol so here’s this i guess!

begin (feat. wales) - shallou

an opening - charlie cunningham

the lily - blanco white

the night we met - lord huron

you know where to find me - imogen heap

the people who raised me - gregory and the hawk

dance anthem of the 80′s - regina spektor (the bridge to this one makes me cry lol idk why)

tam lin (child 39) - anais mitchell

lights (single version) - ellie goulding (look i know this song is old but it makes me cry too for some reason)

love and leave - scattered trees

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