lmfao ide

imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.

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Oh sweet anon, I'm hoping you did it before bleaching/dying or bed to soak it up. But a few things are... letting conditioner set on your hair for several minutes, wash with warm water; egg wash & castile soap; dry shampoo before regular shampoo (1)

(2) and conditioning. Baby powder can be used if desperate. Make sure that no matter what, you rinse your hair in warm water, lather the shampoo very thoroughly, and use your fingers or comb. Oh, and use a t shirt to dry your hair. ~HN♡

HAIR NONNIE HEARD MY CALL I’M SO HAPPY OMG (did you get this tinglying sensation like, ‘404 is calling me i must go’ because that would be sO COOL)


TRUST HAIR NONNIE!!!! THE NAME ISN’T JUST FOR SHOW!! (that and i recommend all of these as well, ive had first hand experience with them) ~Admin 404

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Will you ever open requests at some point? Also, what about art trades?

i’ve taken requests fairly often? especially with prompts memes

if i’m temporarily taking requests, i’ll make a post about it, but otherwise they’re closed

and no i don’t see myself opening art trades, sorry ^^;;

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nyx you're giving your dear old mother a heart attack marrying aranea...

 i  damn  near  fell  into  the  mouth  of  a  behemoth  at  age  six.    SIX  !          and  i  recall  you  and  the  rest  of  the  family  cheering  me  on.  where  was  your  heart attack then?  come  on  mom .


“  i love you.  you’re  having  lunch  with  her  in  ten  minutes.

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the person who complained abt how they're an "actual fucking artist" also reblogs a bunch of disgusting misogynist bullshit so like... not surprised lmfao

tbh id already pretty much made up my mind on tumblr user “rectal justice” from that post alone.