lmfao i dont know

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JK: ??!!!??????!!

JK: …

JK: I’m sorry, but I’ll need to check your age.

so you mean to tell me that Sheriff Stilinski had to deal with not only his wife’s dementia, but his father’s as well?? and then, the possibility of his son also having it?????

This displeases me very deeply.. Why can’t the Stilinski fam just be happy?


part 4 of hwarang scans~- yeowool ^^ 

You know what I love about RDJ? The guy is a multi-shipper.

He’s the captain of the S.S. ScienceBros

And the captain of the S.S. SuperHusbands

I mean just look at his facebook, guys~

He’s also probably lurking on tumblr 24/7 looking through all our posts about either of those two ships and posts the one he likes best on a daily basis. Also, he’s probably getting a kick out of StArkBucks