lmfao high school


based on this post … because I thoroughly enjoy @badhpideas

high school au headcanon 1

- dirk gently is…strange. he wears bright colors (not even regular jeans, for godssake) and always looks like he’s about to launch into a long-winded explanation of something no one understands, not to mention he has a shoulder-bag instead of a backpack and that british accent, and todd has no clue what to think about him.
- todd’s mostly preoccupied with helping his sister amanda through freshman year - making sure she doesn’t fall in with the wrong crowd, worrying about her hallucinations, waiting for her after school, etc. he’s Tired
- and then there’s farah, the more-than-a-little intimidating girl of todd’s affection who sits in front of him in english…oh, man. she could roundhouse kick him in the face and he would thank her. he has no earthly idea why she and amanda are suddenly hanging out between classes - amanda’s the farthest thing from a jock - but it doesn’t stop him from being unreasonably salty about it.
- things start to go south around second quarter, when amanda meets a group of kids who call themselves “the rowdy 3” (there are four of them??) and starts wearing todd’s leather jackets and going out after school and coming back exhausted and happy and covered in spray paint. todd has a panic attack in front of the sink during second period when he finds out she’s been vandalizing shit and going with the guys in their van (do they have drugs?? they probably made her do drugs) and that she actually likes it.
- dirk happens to walk into the bathroom when todd’s crying, holding his wrist like a splint, and even though todd can see the dark purple beginnings of a bruise appearing along dirk’s wrist, dirk still looks at todd and asks if HE’S okay
- dirk is awkward when he tries to hug todd, all slender limbs and sharp elbows and floppy auburn hair, but todd is just flustered enough to forget to flinch away and that’s how 11th grade dirk and todd ended up meeting in the 3rd floor bathroom on the worst days of both of their years.