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Hey guys, I’m back again for another fan account and boy was it like the best day of my life. OMG…if you don’t feel like reading all of this, I’m just going to leave some highlights for you and of course I’ll bold the most relevant parts.



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tbh you (and others) need to stop making such amazing art bc i don't have enough devices to have everyone's stuff as backgrounds. tbh i'm just going to have to start printing things and putting them on my wall at this rate (lol jk, please keep up your amazing work!!)

print them all out anon. make a wallpaper. plaster it on everything u own. if you’re passionate about something u gotta commit sir 

nct127 hogwarts au; johnny

-a gryffindor!!! same
-lemme tell u,,,,,the sorting hat didnt think twice
-he tries to be a good student
-but no
-lmfao he always forgets to make his homework
-u were a gryffindor too
-altho the sorting hat was like :////ur more of a ravenclaw tho
-but u were like nOPE
-so hes like aight
-in year 2 u wanted to pull a prank on your friend
-so u prepared ur friends desk lmfao
-but hecc
-that lil bitch goes to sit with her hufflepuff friends
-aka not on her usual spot
-so u bloody panic cos,,,,,,,,
-the teach already arrived
-the spot stayed empty tho so u were ok
-so yall were like 20 minutes into the lesson
-until seo youngho busted thru the door
-u were praying that he was gon sit next to that red head at the back
-he sat at ur friends desk
-u almost cried
-then the table broke in two pieces
-lmfao johnny looked so terrified
-his ass had to clean the trophy room on saturday
-u felt so bad omfg
-so on saturday while all ur friends went to hogsmeade smh
-u arrived at 11am sharp in the trophy room
-and u saw mr. filch explaining how to properly clean
-u hide bc,,,,,,,,mr filch will whoop ur ass
-so after like 15 minutes of them talking and u almost falling asleep lmfao
-mr filch finally leaves
-and johnny starts cleaning
-so u just walk in and start cleaning too
-and johnny’s like???
-so he taps ur shoulder and u turn around
-and ur cute ass almost gasps bc,,,,woAh
-‘why’re u helping’
-'im the reason ur desk broke’
-'oh lmao cool’
-so yall continue cleaning in silence
-ur so akward but u can see johnny smirking and u lowkey wanna beat his ass
-after a while and yall still havent talked johnny truns around
-and u get so startled jfc
-like u legit shriek and fall on ur butt
-johnny just chuckles
-and u draw ur wand cos ur not about that life man
-'u wanna fite boi’
-and he just picks u up and places u back on ur feet
-'yo thanks for helping me today but i think i’ll be fine now’
-and u lowkey are disspapointed bc maybe he rly hates u now
-so u frown and mumble out an 'ok’
-but before u step outta the trophy room hes like
-'wanna go to hogsmeade next saturday :))))))’
-and u almost shit ur pants wth
-so u just smirk and give a lil nod before dashing to ur bestfriend
-and johnny is smiling rly proudly aww
-he thought u were absolutely adorable
-and u spill everything to ur bestfriend aight
-'get some’
-lmfao theyre ass got beat
-u were actually nervous???
-tryna keep that #tsundere act up was harder than u thought jfc
-finaLLy it was saturday
-and u woke up at 11am
-'lmfao shower hoe u stink’ -ur bestfriend
-so u did
-and put on some cute clothes bc thats what a cute person wears
-so ur frien smack ur but cos yo booty poppin idek anymore 
-after like 10 minutes u arrive at hogsmeade
-and u sit down and wait
-u wait for like 2 minutes bc ur hella impatient
-'istg if he played me like this i will mofokin-’
-'hey sorry im late i bought u some chocoballs :D’
-he won ur heart rite there
-'ahh its no problem’
-yall talk so much!!
-and you find out he isnt as bad as u thought
-and u kinda forget about ur tsundere act bc u just feel so comfortable around him!!
-so yall start heading back around 6pm and kinda dash inside bc yall are late for dinner smh
-ur rite on time hecc
-so u actually sit next to eachother
-and ten is like *insert eyes emoji*
-so after dinner johnny gives u a hug and u kinda scurry of to ur room bc u a shy bby
-and johnny just watches in awe
-'aye fam who dat’ *wink* -ten
-johnny flinches bc hecc man dont interupt his day dreaming rudeass
-'isnt that y/n ?? ’
-and johnny turns his head around so fast he almost breaks his neck
-and hes like 'so thATS HER NAME’
-ten is laughing so hard like he fell on the fucking floor
-ten balasted bc,,,,,,dont fuck with johnny man
-fast forward aight
-in year 4 yall still havent confessed and i swear ten is about to flip some shit oml
-but u two are in the gryffindor common room
-and ur making ur project together
-joking around and laughing ugh cuties
-and suddenly johnny just pecks ur lips
-like tf hoe where did that come from???
-'boi wyd lol’
-he actually becomes shy??
-lmfao ur smirking sm
-so u peck his lips
-'ur my boyfriend now’
-and he just nods rly cute
-ugh ur heart is about to burst
-so ten saw everything happening lmfao
-hes screaming into a pillow
-lmfao same
-yall are like the hogwarts power couple or smth
-everyones like :’)))
-and honestly ur both so whipped for eachother hecc
-omfg you two were walking around the castle at night once
-at like 2am u were getting tired so u headed back
-but the fat lady was asleep
-and yall bloody well now that if u wake her ur ass is gonna get beat
-so u two just kinda curl up before the entrance
-ugh ur so adorable together im gonna have a stroke

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I love how you only ever respond in memes of BTS. It's life and I love it so much. I love just scrolling my tumblr and BAM AMAZING MEMES OF THE BOYS. Also have you seen all the votes that BTS has for the BBMA with everyone's reactions who aren't ARMY. Lol makes me laugh a lot.

lmfao i told eveyone i know that bts got 160 million votes and their like who’s bts and i’m like ‘legends’

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It annoys me how everyone who haven't ever read a comic is saying Gotham is the best comic show. Even if it was a good show, that wouldn't automatically make it a good comic show. And it's a shit show

LMFAO ok… maybe a little bit aesthetically i could see it… like i do appreciate the dramatic villain meetings at big long dinner tables in darkened rooms and like, it being all goofy and not taking itself too seriously.. but they have literally changed so much about the characters even down to very basic faucets of their backstories/personalities. it’s shit lol

I have the sweetest and kindest followers omg

Can I just say that I am appalled at the insane amount of kind messages I’ve been receiving because ???? why lol no, but seriously thank you, guys!!!

I’m not an emotional person nor an expressive one, neither are my friends so receiving such nice messages really, really warms my heart. I’m not used to receiving compliments about my writing because no one knows that I write shit here lmfao not even my closest friends who are fans of TWD. Which makes EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU SPECIAL, OKAY???

And I swear, I read EVERY reply, comment and reblog and they make my day! It just feels surreal that some people are reminded of my stories when they come across something. I’m really really grateful to have you guys! I’d love to tag everyone but lol I’m sleepy and I don’t want to flood your notifs.


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Omg i thought i was the only one that hated how everyone talks about jjong as a ~delicate princess~ or something just because he's short, slim and has feminine traits. He's still a man in his late 20s lmfao.

yeah like i honestly can’t read it anymore lol. it just seems like ur talking to a baby in a stroller and not a complex human being. and yeah a lot of it stems from the traditionally feminine things he does which imo is belittling 

Okay, quick (read: long) commu summary. I’ll work on actually translating the story once I’m not too busy… But this is just rough.

Rock the Beat!

  • DariNatsu got called in and told they’d get a unit song
  • Both of them were like, “Oh…great, thanks!” then left the office and then went all, “YEAAAAAAH!!!!” Hilariously cute how they contained themselves until they left the producer’s office. Especially Riina.

Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me

  • Lesson time for DariNatsu! Focus will be on dance and vocals.
  • Both of them are singing really well. Hooray! No problems.
  • Fast-forward to recording day. They meet the guy who wrote their song!
  • They take turns recording, but end up complimenting each other to the songwriter while the other isn’t there.
    • Writer [about Riina]: She looks great while singing, huh? She must love music.
      Natsuki: Right? You should tell her.
      Writer: That’s not my job.
    • Writer [about Natsuki]: She’s got a nice voice.
      Riina: Right? Natsukichi is the rockin’ best.
  • Guitar part was actually a bit tough for Natsuki, but she’s gonna practice and they’re gonna be really rock!!!

Stay Together

  • Another lesson today, for dance!
  • Ryo’s all like, man, those two get along well.
  • Trainer’s all like, gosh, those two are doing so well it’s almost scary. FORESHADOWING.
  • TURNS OUT THEY HAD A BIG OL’ FIGHT. Kirari went off to get the Producer for help.
  • Natsuki’s all, “Leave me alone for a while.”
  • Flashback to what happened. Riina really wants to play the guitar for their performance too; she wants to split some of the practice time so she can learn the parts, but Natsuki disagrees. (She wants Natsuki to teach her so it’ll be faster.) Riina really wants to be a rockin’ unit; conversely, Natsuki is focused on being an idol unit as well, so she thinks it’s okay to have Riina not play. Things get heated… The last thing Riina says before storming off is that she wants to play for Natsuki’s sake… Natsuki lets Riina run off.


  • Producer goes off to see Riina and basically helps her realize that there was a big gap in understanding because Natsuki wanted to be more of an idol group together with Riiina. She realizes she was kind of being selfish, not having asked Natsuki how she felt/what she wanted as a unit together. Riina also didn’t wanna lose to Natsuki…but now she’ll go have a proper talk with Natsuki. …Though she’s still not quite sure how to face Natsuki after that.
  • Kirari advises just to apologize, just like she does when she gets in a fight with Anzu. AnKira plug! lmao
  • Producer goes inside to get Natsuki, since Riina was kinda hesitant/didn’t know how to approach Natsuki.

Wish You Were Here

  • Natsuki says they had a fight like kids…how uncool. She knows it’s because Riina wants to play the guitar, meanwhile she wants to be more idol-like…
  • Producer asks why Natsuki thinks they fought. She says it’s probably because she hadn’t thought about Riina’s feelings. Producer asks about how Natsuki feels. She felt like it’d be better to try and be more idol-like than to rely on doing the usual rock gig… She felt like rock was really the only thing she could do; that it was her limit. But then she didn’t give thought to Riina. So the Producer tells Natsuki that Riina just wants to be rock with Natsuki. Natsuki calls herself an idiot when it clicks. Producer takes his leave, and Ryo comes in.
  • Ryo points out that Natsuki really doesn’t like showing her uncool side to everyone lmfao. But she also says it might better like this (having the fight happen, I believe.) She says it’s okay to try and look cool on the surface…but is there a need to do that with Riina? Being open about everything to Riina would make the two of them closer, wouldn’t it? (GO RYO! Counseling…lol.)

Take me with you [Warning: inexplicable levels of ship ahead)

  • Producer takes Natsuki and Riina to the seaside at night so they can talk it out. LMFAO Romantic much.
  • Riina bursts into an apology to Natsuki and says she just wanted to be worthy of performing alongside Natsuki…but Natsuki’s all like whoa, whoa, HOLD IT.
  • And then Natsuki goes into a talk about how she’s not as cool as Riina thinks. A story about her past, and how she nearly gave up on playing once in middle school (I think).
    • “Riina… I’m not really the cool person you look up to. It was just an illusion.” NATSUKI CALLED RIINA BY HER ACTUAL NAMEEEEE
  • Riina vehemently disagrees.
    • “My partner Natsukichi isn’t uncool! Compared to me, who can’t really play the guitar and isn’t rock at all…”
    • She also mentions how Natsuki has a lot of qualities that she herself doesn’t have.
  • Natsuki: Thanks for the compliments. But you know, Riina, you have something that I don’t.
    Riina: ?
    Natsuki: Someone to admire. 
  • Natsuki goes into a talk about how that affords Riina the strength to challenge herself and push forward/fight. It’s something that Natsuki lost at some point, and she didn’t even realize it. If she didn’t challenge herself, it’d be all over, right? But she always made Riina’s eyes sparkle… Natsuki doesn’t believe she’s really all that bright, so she tried not to lose to her image. She didn’t want to show Riina her weaker side.
    • Warning, that’s how I understood it, but grammar might alter something… Need to check with friends.
  • Natsuki: You disappointed?
    Riina: That’s not true! My Natsukichi has been and will always be cool! Besides…
    Natsuki: Besides…?
    Riina: Now we can include trying to look cool as something that’s…us, right?
    Natsuki: Pfft… Hahaha! “Us,” huh? You might just be right.
    • Riina is basically calling both of them posers now. Help, my heart is dying.
  • Natsuki apologizes for taking so long to talk to Riina about her real self.
  • They thank the Producer. Natsuuki says she’ll help Riina with the guitar if she wants, but Riina says it’s okay; she doesn’t need to force it by playing the guitar. As long as it’s the two of them, they’ll be a rockin’ unit. Natsuki says okay, and that she’s counting on Riina to give a performance that only she can do.
  • And here, they start again.

And now I’m in my grave. Thanks a lot, Starlight Stage.

Also, I’m sure all the commu titles except the intro were references to rock songs. Possibly, but not definitely (since the titles are pretty generic for some):

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me - David Bowie
  • Stay Together - Suede
  • Wonderwall - Oasis
  • Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
  • Take Me With You - Prince

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okay so i'd talk about my crush but i have multiple crushes?? and each person i have a crush on knows im crushing on them because im like ... always super open about my feelings??? like "oh shit just saying ur really cute and i'd totally be down for dating you,,, except im a total mess who has commitment issues" and they're like "i know same" because everyone i crush on are usually just my friends

alskdjafjl iF THIS AINT ME THO??? although usually i’m like “i would totally date u,, except i’m a mess” and the other person is like “lol i have commitment issues so no goodbye” and then that’s usually the end of that..  or they try to force themselves into a relationship with me and try to make it work and then end up running for the hills like a week or two into the relationship LMFAO DID THIS GET TO REAL? ajlskdjfadj i applaud u for being so open about ur feelings though it usually takes me awhile to get up the courage to admit to someone how i feel

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i liked your descriptions of being a hyungwon stan and a wonho stan lol, so what are the aesthetics of the other monsta x members stans? :P

lmFAo ok here i go

shownu stans - u guys are like super cool and intimidating and like everyone thinks ur mean but ur actually soft little tarts on the inside who wanna like make other people smile. u probably donate to the girl scouts or something

wonho stans - like i said, u guys like sports like soccer or swimming or basketball. u like wearing sweatpants. u drink smoothies and get salads when u eat outside

hyungwon stans - hot chic goths who cover up their true meme selves by wearing sunglasses indoors and sipping orange juice out of wine glasses

minhyuk stans - yall are soft. like small puppies. u guys like wearing flowers in ur hair and laughing a lot and just u know being human sunshine 

kihyun stans - u like a little sass in ur lives. u guys probably rolls ur eyes like 500 times a day and sing into ur hairbrushes pretending that it’s a microphone 

i.m stans - u still watch cartoons in your pajamas and eat cereal out of the box with ur hands and think santa is real and read manga on public transit 

jooheon stans - u own a buckethat and/or snapback and u r always the people throwing up double peace signs in group photos. u like…eating french fries with ice cream probably 

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Hello! Can you introduce me to Aqours seiyuus?

Of course Anon! Since it’ll be a looong rambling with lots of screenshot, I’ve put everything under cut. Everything is from what I’ve learned so far through the Nico Production Extracurricular Activities ~It’s A Trio! One, Two, Sunshine!! & Aqours Uranohoshi Girls’ High School Radio!!! + my own opinions + from fellow fans, so please do correct me if I’m wrong about some facts XD

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s1 Legends groupchat tho. Maybe it starts out as a nice idea for quick silent communication between everyone at once, but then the tone of it shifts and somehow ends up as “Being Rip is Suffering.” The chat ends up full of dumb pointless chatter between them all and they keep changing the name of it to weird shit like, "gays in space", "seaweedies", "gideon's wifi sucks", " and "sNArt & fRiEnDs"


The group chat name changes like, hourly First it’s all serious and simple like “Legends” but then someone makes a stupid typo and Len changed to chat name to that typo like

Ray: So I’m looking for a fuck?
Ray: I meant duck! Lol whoops! 😅
[SNART HAS CHANGED THE CHAT NAME TO “Raymond is looking for a fuck”]
Mick: If that’s serious meet me in the cargo bay
Sara: 😂😂
Sara: leave poor Ray alone guys
Ray: No!! It’s not serious!! Wtf!!
Rip: I’m turning off my notifications for this chat. I have to listen to you all and your nonsense in person already. This is too much.
Ray: Wait! What about the duck?! 😱

Then it goes downhill from there
“Raymond is looking for a fuck” to “Mick’s missing cheetos”, “Captain Cold and Co.”, “Sara’s Gucci flip flops” and a bunch of other random ass shit, then comes the memes
“Does Rip Hunter is gay?” “…..slime man 2: electric boogaloo” “what the heck is a sal-lad” “approximately 27 tiny horses”
Nobody uses it for missions anymore it’s just a big meme that they use to pick on each other

why is everyone hyping up taylor swift lol..are we just going to forget how she literally treated black women as accessories…and how she’s slut shamed so much in the past…can we not make every white celebrity a ‘feminist icon’ after they say like ONE empowering thing lmfao

So That Finale Was ...

Since there were so many people in my inbox, I basically know the gist of what happens in this finale but still, people asked for my thoughts and so I’m watching the show now and writing them down. As you know, it’s in real time which means if anything is mistaken then it may be corrected later on. This review will most definitely include anti-Damon/anti-Bamon/anti-Delena/anti-Steroline sentiments, it will also more likely than not discuss anti-blackness and misogynoir, there will probably be a reference to another pop culture TV show or movie. OK, you’ve been warned. Let’s. Get. This. Done.

1. “When she wakes up, she’ll be just like me. Full of hatred for you and your kind.” Rayna, where was this hatred, tho? Because all I remember seeing is Rayna The Sympathetic Vampire Huntress.

2. Paul’s voice is SO monotonous. “Do you love him?” DO YOU CARE?

3. “… which means, surprise, Donovan failed and now Bonnie is huntressing in the wild.” Damon, where do you get off shading Matt for “failing” when none of your plans actually just work? Like you’re a bigger fuck up than Matt is, though!

3. Already the show is being petty and taunting SE shippers with the fact that SE won’t be endgame by having Damon talk about the worst case scenario of their plan not working, “Worst case scenario, we all die and Stefan lives to tell the tale to the lovely Elena.” Like honestly, Julie.

4. Also if Bonnie was in fact a true fucking vampire huntress who really was full of hate for Damon and his kind then the worst case scenario should be that all of them die period whether or not Stefan is marked. Like do the writers really not understand the concept of a vampire huntress who lives to KILL vampires?

5. I like how the show has Damon, Enzo, Stefan and Caroline talk to each other on the phone about a plan to reverse the huntress effect on Bonnie and then think they’re smart by making Damon point out that Bonnie is linked to all of them and can hear what they’re saying (which she can) because “see we know the plot holes of our own scenes” when all they needed to do is fucking text or go on Gchat, facebook messaging, like it may be slower than talking on the phone but it’s also a better alternative than Bonnie listening in to your plans.

6. Y’all can hate me but Calaric + twins are adorable and they have chemistry. I already know what happens, hell I knew what was going to happen since the beginning of the pregnancy plot line but I still find Calaric family adorable even with the inherently problematic nature of the entire thing. They work. There’s effortless compatibility among all of them. Steroline is just painful for me to watch, I’m sorry.

7. “It’s … your decision.Period.” Stefan, you are not comforting.

8. Even their whole, “This doesn’t let you off the hook.” “Not even a little bit? I felt a thaw…” feels so very platonic. I miss Stefan and Caroline as friends. They were great as friends.

9. So a car pileup is the big roadblock for Stefan and Caroline because Bonnie is gaining on them in Matt’s police cars? There’s a scene in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone where Ron, Hermione and Harry are choking in Devil’s Snare and Hermione realizes that Devil’s Snare needs to be introduced to light for it to be defeated but she laments, “I don’t have any matches” and Ron howls something along the lines of, “ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?” STEFAN. CAROLINE. Y’ALL ARE VAMPIRES. VAMP-SPEED THAT SHIT. JUMP ON BUILDINGS. CLIMB UP TREES. SWIM ULTRA FAST THROUGH RIVERS. LIKE WHAT IN ALL THE FUCKS.

10. So Stefan taking Ripper-esque Control and driving haphazardly down the street to the potential demise of himself and Caroline to call Bonnie’s bluff feels somewhat familiar. Why is that? Oh right because of when he took Ripper-esque Control and drove haphazardly down Wickery Bridge with Elena to call Klaus’ bluff. These parallels. Like writers:

11. I love Stefan’s shade of Damon, knowing that Damon has a plan but it doesn’t involve Stefan or Caroline so “it must not be a good one. I should go handle it.” Yes, Stefan, you should. Even though the show likes to make it seem like Stefan always fails and Damon always wins at planning things.

12. LOL Damon you were legit about to kidnap Caroline’s three year old daughters? Lmfao. I don’t know why I find that so funny. It’s terrible.

13. Honestly, Calaric work so well as a functioning couple.

14. “What about you, are you OK?” “Of course I am because if I were dead, this will all be over and everyone could go back to their lives. But we’re not that lucky.” Are you fucking kidding me? Even when Bonnie is Dark Bonnie, she can’t be resentful, she can’t feel and remember her getting the short end of the stick every single time because of her association with vampires, buried/repressed indignations and hurts and pain can’t be brought up to give her fuel, we can’t at least see it from her viewpoint why the world should be free of vampires even if they’re people she knows? WE JUST HAVE TO GET MARTYR BONNIE, SACRIFICIAL BONNIE, IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE OTHER PEOPLE EVEN WHEN IT SHOULD BE ABOUT HER? Like I’m tired of this. Is the TVD writing room allergic to creating complex characters?

15. Oh, Matt. Just die.

16. “You made the right choice, you pulled a Damon, to hell with the consequences” Damon, bruh, your the “to hell with the consequences” is the reason why you’re a trash person and why you stay putting people in danger. Bonnie being a huntress is a fucking consequence of the plan you created to keep her alive. Like I can’t with his ridiculous ass logic.

17. Stefan to Damon: “I refuse to be you.” Me:

18. I can’t find it romantic that Bonnie is literally chasing Enzo considering that in their romantic relationship, she makes the first moves, she puts herself out there and he … just lets her, it’s like a physical representation of their relationship.

19. This Defan scene didn’t suck, it’s probably going to be the most genuine moment of the entire episode because Damon, I mean, he hasn’t grown, I’ve given up any thought that he would be he at least approaches a point where he can tell Stefan to live his life and actually mean it.

20. Yeah, that was a sweet Bonenzo moment, Enzo finally just said, “I love you” and Kat played tortured and conflicted really well, crying as she’s killing him and the gentle melody in the background was nice.

21. But of course Enzo doesn’t die. Eh.

22. And lol, Bonnie rushes forward to kiss him again.

23. Like I just don’t get any history between Stefan and Caroline, or memory, or romance, it isn’t heavy with things unsaid, things they’re trying so hard to contain in an effort to put the bigger picture before them, I don’t get longing or yearning or even anger or grief, everything is so muted so when Alaric lets her go the way Stefan let Elena go in season 4 (parallels, guys) I’m just like it would make more sense to me if he let her go because she didn’t love him the way that was needed, which is fine, but her going to Stefan instead just doesn’t feel natural to me.

24. I am so unmoved by this kiss. Wow.

25. Wow, Bonnie and Damon literally had no scenes together. Like … I’m just saying, they literally had no scenes together.

26. So that Delena montage scene … I mean … OK let me rewatch it. Yeah, it really is just three flashes of them not having sex and one of those flashes is him violating her privacy by stroking her face while she slept when he had no permission to be in her room. Just like how Elena’s montage scene in season 6 was their sex scenes and the inserted rain kiss moment. But they’re apparently more than sex? OK. Just. OK.

27. This is exactly like when Silas called to Bonnie on the Nova Scotian island and Jeremy had to pull her out so she wouldn’t be sucked in.

28. I think it’s appropriate that the “thing” calling to Damon as Elena is saying “help me. please help me” because that’s really what it came down to with Delena, sex and Elena being the damsel in distress for Damon to constantly save because that somehow made him redemptive.

29. Stefan. The Delena Energizer Bunny. The main force behind them staying together. At least his journal entry to Elena isn’t as bad as some anons had me thinking. It’s just typical. And boring. Like this episode.

Final thoughts: This is definitely one of the worst seasons finales I have ever, ever seen. And I resisted being so petty in this post because I will save that for elsewhere.

Hey, guys. This is my first ever follow forever. ;; i have never thought that i’d be making one of these tbh. But yeah, I recently reached a certain number of followers and i’m just like  "aldsfjalsdkjf???“ seriously.  Plus, I’ve met new people through tumblr. I’ve been here on tumblr for 4 years ( since october 2010 ) but, it’s only this year where i actually started talking to people and continued making edits/gifs/graphics lmfao. I’ve been a quiet blogger ever since..and i still am (kind of lol).  So, i’m taking this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you. ^^ I’ve been quite inactive the past few days because i was busy making a video for you guys. Here’s the video: {x} please do read the description first before watching. <3 I apologize since, the video is out of sync. I’ve been trying to figure it out on how to sync the video with the audio but i just can’t. So, i’m just going to show it to you guys first before publicly posting it. ^^ I hope you guys enjoyed it even if the video’s out of sync. T_T Oh, it’s a chanyeol edit btw lmao. i might open up a request for videos or smthing but idk ^^; 

anyways, thank you  everyone.. for making my dash beautiful. The edits/graphics/pictures.gifs that i see on my dash everyday can literally make my frown into a smile. <3 plus, the tags can also make my day, too. I read tags okay. I enjoy reading them. HAHA. ok ok, i’m going to end my message here. /showers you all with love/ <3

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i finally got nagasone this morning, i just stared in shock at my screen for a whole minute before starting crying… i have every single sword now… this is the greatest accomplishment of my entire life…

i figured i would share a few tips so everyone can also make this happen ♡

drops have always been the way to go for me! unlike smithing, which relies heavily on luck & waste of ressources, farming maps for drops is just patience & hard work at no cost! it definitely takes a lot of time, but playing on one half of the screen while watching TV shows, movies or even visual novels proved productive for me LMFAO

5-4. just. 5-4. i’ve probably done ten times more sorties on this map than all the others combined LOL every single rare-ish sword other than kogitsunemaru drops on several nodes here, there are 0 nakigitsune, and unlike 5-3, you’ll rarely take the wrong path to the boss node! this is where i got jijii, kosetsu, uguisu, hotaru, ichigo & half a dozen of iwatooshi, each oodachi and each yari. my nagasone also dropped here, altho i doubt that is related!

speed training new or low leveled swords! while i am all for Who Needs Stats When You’ve Got Love ((see: ookurikara and mitsutada being on my LV90+ main team besides rarer swords)) training rare, strong swords is extremely useful, especially for KBC fights. if you’re impatient like me, making a LV1 sword the leader of your main high leveled team and tackling world 5 maps works wonders. i get swords to LV30+ within a few hours thanks to this LOL

you get 500 FREE DMM coins simply from inputting your credit card number on your DMM profile. i used said coins to buy a bunch of ema, and finally managed to forge kogitsunemaru thanks to a fuji ema! …the only good forge of my entire tourabu career LMFAO but kogi is hell to get to drop, so!!

an oodachi filled team is the way to go to destroy the KBC! if you have at least two oodachi at the level of your KBC team, there is nothing to fear!! and with today’s update that makes the kotetsu brothers drop 10 times more frequently after KBC fights, i’m sure everyone can get their own hot shinsengumi dad sword~