lmfao dork

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[This is a message to pass onto those rpers that make you smile whenever you see their icon on your dash, the ones you can't wait to respond to, the ones that are talented beyond belief but maybe don't realize it. YOU ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE RP partners. And I never ever want you to leave!]

Hahaha, your Josh is no match for my Drake!

Huuuug me muffin!

never forget that according to new 52 canon the very first thing kal ever said to diana was ‘wow… you’re strong’ lmfao what a dork. and he still some how got the girl. good job kal.

so my best friend (we call her John) had this dream about George Harrison y’know, cause we’re crAzY, ans she was telling me ‘bout it and she was just like, “Well, George, he was drinking a cup of tea y’know, and he was just like, he took a sip, and he’s just like Ahhhh, India….” and I just burst into laughter like wtf George you dork even though it was John’s dream… like bruh…

  • Shabby:osdmfjh
  • Muuuuuuuuurca!:?
  • Shabby:one of the comments on Redneck Crazy is
  • Shabby:"is there a song called Redneck Restraining Order?"
  • Muuuuuuuuurca!:LMFAO
  • Shabby:LOVE IT
  • Muuuuuuuuurca!:that's amaazing
  • Muuuuuuuuurca!:a redneck restraining order is just your daddy sittin' on your front porch with a shotgun
  • Shabby:PFFFT
  • Shabby:TRUE