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Dolores solves the maze with William the first time around, and they escape. Now free and on the run, William shows a newly sentient Dolores the outside world.


get to know me meme [6/30 male characters]: Ryan Atwood

“He’s very anti-establishment. He enjoys sunset walks on the beach, punching people and not smiling.”


some quick sketchos for character backstory stuff

Nera’s super thick fur and large size had been the cause of all the teasing she suffered throughout her cubhood. After all, not even male charr begin to grow anything resembling a mane until puberty, and females are an entirely different matter. Yet here was this abnormally large marshmallow of a cub – too many times she tried to cut it all off, to burn it off. It was a long journey before she eventually embraced her thick mane - a confidence that came hand in hand with her ass-kicking skills.

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