lmfao ashley


Let us all take a moment to acknowledge that we are Ashley and Ashley is us. You know, when I was watching this series as a kid, I never thought I’d turn into Ashley, but here I am. This is my life. These are my choices. 

Baby!Jesse Lee Soffer and his backstreet boy hair and terrible 90′s attire. I can’t lmffaooo. 

anonymous asked:

What if the Matsubros find out their crush is part mermaid?! (Like they can be human on land and mermaid in the water--they're at a beach and in the water and when diving under, the Matsu sees their s/o's tail and everything) (Sorry it this is silly)

Hoooly shit I live for mermaid aus… 

Oh hot DAMN did I get carried away with this. I’m putting it under the cut omg I’m so sorry -Mod Ashley

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  • Q: If you had to switch moms with anyone on the show, which mom would you want?
  • Troian Bellisario: I’d wanna make Nolan North play my mom.
  • Ashley Benson: Shay wants Nolan to play her boyfriend because she thinks he’s hot.
  • Shay Mitchell: Yeah.
  • Troian Bellisario: Yeah, you need to stop hitting on my dad. It’s unprofessional, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s been happening for two years.