Happy Together 161020 ~ lmfao…I can’t tell whether Jjong dives off the couch or Key pushes him…or if it’s a bit of both

  • ichi////rukis:kubo never showed ichigo falling in love with orihime!!!
  • kubo:100% never showed ichigo falling in love with rukia

#lmfao here you go! 😳💕🍉 tag someone who should try! ⬇️ #jeepwatermelonchallenge 😆💪🏼 I guess #gymlife pays off! 😜#imsupersteph #icantbelieveididit #holyshit #jeepher #damseldivision #bg #unicornpower #pink #dar #kcco #chivette #jeepgirlsdoitbetter #watermelon #🍉

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What did you do?😂 #Jhope #jungkook #HOPEKOOK #kookhope

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masun  asked:

I DIDN'T FORGET TO SEND THE PROMPT YOU FORGOT TO SEND THE PROMPT DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. ( vamp!rhys wants to bite popular and untouchable handsome jack but it's handsome goddamn jack and nothing gets past him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) or something yes ilu hi i hope you slept well )

*stares at whatever the hell she just wrote* So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not know how to write a SHORT one shot so ENJOY THIS INSTEAD :D. Pretend they all have sexy ass British accents, you’re welcome. I was going to write sin but THAT WOULD HAVE MADE IT EVEN LONGER, I’M SORRY OKAY!? *hides* I hope you love it, pumpkin!

Bite Your Feelings Out

In the late 1800’s, in a booming city just outside of London, a peculiar thing was happening. Vampires were rising up from their coffins and joining the human world. These undead beauties had grown tired of living in secret just to keep humans happy and feeling safe. They of course had been around much longer and were far more powerful than these fragile, delicious creatures, so why should they be the ones locked away?

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isla & luna join their dad to answer fan questions