Why the 2015 VMAS was Actually a Mystery Special Instead of an Awards Show

As many of us witnessed, or basically witnessed by just being on Tumblr, The 2015 VMAS were quite an eventful show, but after the ceremony, the articles, and thousands of gifs, it became quite questionable as to whether this was a ceremony or a mystery in one if its finest, most modern forms, and here are the parts that needed to be solved:

Why Miley, who literally looked like a marijuana lollipop, was not asked if she smelt like weed mixed with patchouli oil – especially with that ramen expiring all over her head

Whether Kanye’s decision to run for president was really a decision or just what happens when you have weed mixed with a large ego

Whether Kim was wondering when exactly her husband made the plan to run for president or if he just has a drinking problem

Why Rebel Wilson wasn’t also asked what’s good…

Whether Taylor Swift’s pants were too tight or if her stomach ached

because she knew she had to compete with Kanye

How The Weeknd was able to feel his face after

and whether or not he was able to feel anything after everything was over

which we were never really sure if it ever would be

And then the mystery was never solved. Yay media!