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Just another Friday, just another bar and a bad habit she’d been slowly picking up on the past few years. Sometimes she found herself with a glass of whiskey before her on a bar for no reason other than just wanting to drink for the act of it rather than the escape from life. She found herself in bars more often than not when she couldn’t find company or didn’t one the company of anyone she knew. Having recently rediscovered the fun in making new friends and the newfound ability to tease and joke with men, these nights were kind of fun, even f slightly out of character. Not that she ever did a thing. She was as responsible as always, just… A bit more tipsy at times that she would want to. She was sipping a small sip, letting the liquid fire burn her throat in the familiar and sweet way, picking her eyes up from the bottles before her as she heard a tud acompanying someone’s steps. The man sat a stool from her and she smiled at his gloomy expression. “Tough day at work or bad year this far?” She asked with a cheerfully with gleaming eyes.


One of my favourite moments during the LMEY tour last year!