Let Me Console You || Alex & Rupert
Alex hadn’t been feeling too “up” about herself. If anything, she felt down. Unfortunately, though, she didn’t feel anything. The blonde felt numb. She has learned how to numb herself a wlong time ago, and used the same method now. Alex knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t help it. He’d messed things up more than usual and it wasn’t with any regular person; she’d messed things up with Zach. Now, Alex liked Zach-of course she did, or she would not have kissed him or gone of a first date with him-but she didn’t love him. She hadn’t loved anyone in so long.  The blonde waited for Rupert to arrive. She needed advice and someone to talk to and console her. Alex was in a  really bad place. She knew she didn’t want to be there, though.

“NOBODY BUILT LIKE YOU U DESIGNED YASELF” my next 18 looks. already ironed and hung on my stylist rack. this ain’t a game. this is my life. everything is new. i haven’t repeated an outfit since freshman year of college. been pre-arranging my outfits since grade school. ask my momma #LMCY

On Monday my Aunt saw the belt I posted. She had been looking for it online but couldn’t find it anywhere so I mailed her one. I can do the same for you (if you’re stylish). I admit that errrrrrrythang I wear be one-of-a-kind a shit but I’m not selfish, so going forward, if I ever wear anything and you want it too (and you’re stylish), just email me at the address above and I’ll look for you one and send it. I just ask that when you wear it, you rock the shit out of it. Don’t make me look bad. Or I’ll never send you anything again. Not kidding. #LMCY