lmcfly  asked:

Just for fun: If the Zelda Ocarina of Time storyline were turned into a novel with Grrm's style chapters, which PoV's would you like to see at any point in the story?

I love fun!

I’m assuming a Zelda PoV would be too like… Ya know, the reason Martin won’t give us the PoV of kings. But holy shit she destroys me with her time as Sheik. Ditto there can’t really be a Ganondorf or Rauru. Alright, so:

  • Malon
  • Ruto
  • Impa
  • Aveil (frankly, I wouldn’t sneeze at Nabooru at all, but I’m worried about including too many sages)
  • Mido
  • Link of the Gorons
  • Joelle (Poe Sister)
  • Flat (Composer Brother)
  • Ichiro (carpenter) 
  • Happy Mask Salesman as the epilogue character

Obviously the epilogue feeds into the best game in history.